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This game has a hidden developer message. This game has unused graphics. This game has unused models. This game has unused items. This game has unused sounds. This game has unused text.

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Wand minecraft 1-3 2-4 betting system

Horseman — A major boss in the Celsian Isles. Has no prerequisite. Warrior changes self 2 points 3 points 4 points submitted 6 months ago by enzosoEPIC. All descriptions are taken directly from the info stations in Mistport. Level 2 — The damage per spell on cooldown is increased to 2. The last hit causes knockback. This spell can trigger Spellshock. Cooldown: 10s.

Level 2 — You instead do 7 damage 3 times. Upon using a spell, the spirit will rush towards the nearest enemy hit with the spell. The effects differ between types of spells. Cooldown: 8s. Fire: the spirit will rush towards that enemy dealing 5 damage to every enemy it passes through. Upon reaching its target it continues for 2 seconds. Ice: The spirit rushes to the enemy and deals 7 damage when it arrives.

It then does 2 extra damage every second there for 3 seconds. Arcane: The spirit warps to the enemy dealing 4 damage to the target and gives all enemies within 3 blocks of that target Slowness 2 and lights them on fire for 3 seconds. Level 2 — Fire: Now does 10 damage to each enemy hit. Ice: Now does 10 damage to the target and does 3 damage every second for 3 seconds.

Arcane: Now does 8 damage to its target. Starfall Level 1 — Triple left-clicking makes a star fall where the player is looking. It deals 18 damage and has a 5 block radius. Enemies hit are set on fire for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 16s. Level 2 — Damage is increased to Cooldown is reduced to 12s. Blizzard Level 1 — Right-clicking while shifted while looking up creates an aura of ice and snow in a radius of 5 blocks around you that lasts 10s and stays centered on you. Enemies that enter the aura get Slowness 1. After three seconds in the aura they get Slowness 2.

After six seconds in the aura enemies are frozen bosses remain at Slowness 2. Enemies take 4 damage a second while in the aura. Entities that are on fire within the aura are extinguished. Cooldown: 18s. Level 2 — The radius is increased to 6 blocks around the player.

Enemies take 6 damage a second instead. Cooldown is reduced to 14s. This buff can stack up to three times and the cooldown refreshes every time you are hit. Meteor Slam Level 1 — Hitting an enemy with an axe or sword while falling removes fall damage and does 3 extra damage for each block fallen up to eight blocks and 2 extra damage for each block fallen after that to all mobs within 3 blocks. Right-clicking twice quickly grants you 4s of Jump Boost 4.

Jump Boost Cooldown: 10s. Level 2 — Damage increases to 4 per block for the first eight blocks and 2. Right-clicking twice quickly now gives 4s of Jump Boost 5. The cooldown of the Jump Boost application is reduced to 7 seconds. Rampage Level 1 — For each enemy you kill, gain 1 stack of rampage.

Stacks decay by 1 after 5 seconds and max out at Gain 1 armor and 1 damage for every 4 stacks you have. Level 2 - Stack decay time increases to 6 seconds. You earn Regeneration 1 above 5 stacks and Regeneration 2 above 10 stacks. Guardian Warrior Challenge Level 1 — Left-clicking while shifted makes all enemies within 12 blocks target you. You gain Absorption 1 and one armor toughness per affected mob max: 8 for 10s.

Cooldown: 30s. Level 2 — You gain Absorption II instead. Cooldown reduced to 20s. Bodyguard Level 1 — Blocking while looking directly at another player makes you charge to them max range: 25 blocks. You are immune to damage and knockback during the charge.

Upon arriving you knockback all mobs within 4 blocks. Additionally affected mobs are stunned for 3s. Shield Wall Level 1 — Blocking and then blocking again within. This blocks all enemy projectiles Ghast fireballs explode on the wall and deals 6 damage to enemies that pass through the wall. The shield lasts 8 seconds. Level 2 — The shield lasts 10 seconds instead. Additionally, the shield knocks back enemies that try to go through it.

Cooldown is reduced to 20s. Paladin Cleric : Holy Javelin Level 1 — Sprint left-clicking while not holding a pickaxe throws a piercing spear of light 12 blocks dealing 10 damage to undead and 5 damage to all others. All hit enemies are set on fire for 5s.

Level 2 — Damage is increased to 15 to undead and 10 to all others. Cooldown is reduced to 8s. Choir Bells Level 1 — Left-clicking while shifted while airborne causes the Cleric to become the target of any undead within a ten-block-long cone in front of them. Affected Undead gain Slowness 2 for 20s. Right-clicking while shifted while looking at the ground charges your weapon with holy light. If this skill kills an undead, it explodes, dealing 10 damage to all mobs within 4 blocks.

Cooldown: 25s. Cooldown on the active component is reduced to 18s. Hierophant Cleric Hallowed Beam Level 1 — Firing a fully-drawn bow while shifted, while pointing directly at a non-boss undead, will instantly deal 42 damage to the undead instead of consuming an arrow. Cooldown: 20s. Level 2 — The targeted undead explodes dealing 22 damage to undead within a 5 block radius. All affected enemies gain slowness 4 for 3s.

Thurible Procession Level 1 — Blocking with a shield two times in a row and holding the second block procedurally builds up passive buffs, which are applied to all other players within 20 blocks for as long as the block is held. Cooldown: 5 seconds starting after you release block. Progression - Speed 1 2s of blocking , Strength 1 4s of blocking , Resistance 1 6s of blocking.

These buffs wear off once you stop blocking. After blocking for 15 seconds, all players including yourself in a 20 block range are given 15 seconds of Speed 1, Resistance 1, and Strength 1. Level 2 — The radius of the buffs increases to You move at normal walk speed while blocking and using this ability.

After blocking for 10 seconds all players within 30 blocks including yourself are given 20 seconds of Speed 1, Strength 1, and Resistance 1. Enchanted Prayer Level 1 — Right-clicking in the air while shifted enchants the weapons of all players in a 15 block radius with holy magic. Their next melee attack deals an additional 7 damage while healing the player for 2 hp. Healing is increased to 4 hp. Swordsage Rogue Wind Walk Level 1 — Sprinting and left-clicking three times in quick succession makes you rush forward on a gale of air.

Regular mobs within 3 blocks of you during the rush are knocked into the air and levitated for 2 seconds. Elites remain on the ground and are stunned for 2 seconds. Blade Dance Level 1 — Sprint right-clicking while looking down begins a blade dance. For 2 seconds, you are invincible and can't be inflicted with negative debuffs, but still take knockback and can't attack.

Cooldown: 40s. Deadly Ronde Level 1 — After using a skill, your next sword attack deals 4 extra damage. Half the bonus damage is added to sweeping attacks. Level 2 — Damage is increased to 6 and all of it is applied to sweeping attacks. In addition the mob you hit directly is given Slowness 2 for 4s. Elite kills give you three stacks. Stacks are capped at 8. When you shift right click while looking up with dual wielded swords, you lose your cloak stacks and gain X seconds of invisibility Mobs won't target you and 1.

You must have at least 5 stacks to activate this. Attacking with a sword or switching to any weapon that is not a sword cancels invisibility. If invisibility expires without attacking, you suffer from Mining Fatigue 2 for 5 seconds. Level 2 — Cloak stacks are now capped at 12 and bonus damage is increased to 2. Preparation Level 1 — Right click twice while looking up to make your next ability within 5 seconds have additional effects.

By My Blade: Deals an additional 12 damage. Advancing Shadows: Deals 6 damage in a 4 block radius. Dagger Throw: Stuns hit enemies for 1s. Smokescreen: Slowness and Weakness duration increased by 5s. Escape Death: Gain 3 seconds of invulnerability. Level 2 — Cooldown is reduced to 20s. By My Blade: Deals an additional 18 damage. Advancing Shadows: Deals 9 damage in a 4 block radius. Dagger Throw: Stuns hit enemies for 1. Smokescreen: Slowness and Weakness duration increased by 8 seconds.

Escape Death gain 5 seconds of invulnerability. Upon killing an enemy with this ability, enemies within 8 blocks of you gain Weakness 1 and Slowness 1 for 8 seconds. Harbinger Alchemist Purple Haze Level 1 — When you kill an enemy they give off a noxious cloud dealing 4 damage and giving 6s of Weakness to all enemies within 5 blocks.

Mobs dying from this cloud can also trigger Purple Haze. Level 2 — Damage increases to 8 and Weakness's duration is increased to 12s. Adrenal Serum Level 1 — Throwing an Alchemist Potion while shifted instead consumes a potion to buff yourself. You gain 15s of Regeneration 2, Strength 1, and Speed 1, but when the effect ends you take 2 hearts of damage.

This damage will not kill you. Level 2 — You also gain Resistance 1 and Haste 2. Apothecary Alchemist Alchemical Amalgam Level 1 — Left-clicking while shifted with a bow in hand causes you to launch an orb of positive and negative concoctions. This slow moving projectile gives allies within 5 blocks of it Regeneration 2 and Resistance 1 and gives enemies Slowness 2 and Weakness 1 for 3 seconds. When the projectile hits a block it heals all allies within 5 blocks of it for 2 hp.

Level 2 — Players are given Regeneration 3 and enemies are given Slowness 3 instead. The projectile will deal 10 damage in a 5 block radius upon collision and the healing is increased to 4 hp. In addition they do 2 more damage. Level 2 — They also provide Resistance 1 for 10 seconds and damage is increased by 3 instead. Bezoar Level 1 — Every 5 mob kills an enemy will drop a Bezoar on the ground that lingers for 4 seconds. The kill counter is incremented whenever a mob dies near you, but this skill will only activate when you kill a mob.

Any player walking over the Bezoarstone consumes it, healing 4 hp and ending non-infinite Poison and Wither. If a mob walks over the Bezoar it explodes dealing 4 damage in a 3 block radius. Level 2 — This ability will activate every 3 kills instead. The Bezoar will linger for 6 seconds and heal 6 hp. Damage from the Bezoar exploding is increased to 6.

Ranger Scout Quickdraw Level 1 — Left-clicking, while not sneaking, with a bow instantly fires an arrow that deals 12 damage Skill bonuses apply and inflicts Slowness 3 for 2 seconds. This skill can trigger Volley if you have skill points in Volley.

Level 2 — Damage increases to 20 and cooldown is reduced to 8s. Disengage Level 1 — Right-clicking while shifted while not holding a bow, food, trident, potion, compass, or block causes you to leap backwards 6 blocks. If you land after being propelled by this skill's effect fall damage is calculated as if you fell for half as many blocks as you actually fell for.

Cooldown: 12s. Level 2 — Enemies in melee range when you activate this skill take 10 damage. Precision Strike Level 1 — Sprint right-clicking while not holding a bow, food, trident, potion, or block executes a fast dash that launches the player a short distance. The hit enemy is also stunned for 1 second. If the ground is hit before an enemy nothing happens.

Cooldown: 6s. In addition all mobs in a 3 block radius from the enemy you hit are stunned for 1 second. Hunter Scout Pinning Shot Level 1 - When you shoot an non-boss enemy with a bow you automatically inflict Slowness 7 for 5s. Shooting a pinned enemy removes the slowness. This can only affect each enemy once.

Level 2 - Slowness 7 is applied for 10s instead. Enchanted Arrow Level 1 - Left-clicking with a bow, while not shifted, will prime an enchanted arrow that unprimes after 5 seconds. When you next fire an arrow it will instantaneously travel in a straight line for up to 30 blocks or until it hits a block. All targets hit take 25 damage.

Level 2 - Every enemy hit takes 40 damage instead. Cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds. Split Arrow Level 1 — When you hit an enemy with a bow, the next nearest enemy within 5 blocks takes 8 damage. Any effects the arrows might have are also applied. Cooldown: 7s. Level 2 - Damage to the second target is increased to 10 and cooldown is reduced to 4s. Reaper Warlock Hungering Vortex Level 1 — Right-clicking while shifted while looking down pulls all mobs in a 7 block radius towards you, afflicting them with Slowness 1 for 8s.

This draws the aggro of all mobs pulled and increases your melee damage by. In addition you gain Resistance 1 for 4 seconds on activation. This skill only goes on cooldown if at least one mob is affected. Level 2 — You afflict enemies with Slowness 2 for 8s instead. In addition your melee damage increases by 1 for each affected enemy up to a maximum of 8 bonus damage for 8s.

You also gain Resistance 2 for 4 seconds on activation. Death's Touch Level 1 — Sprint right-clicking marks the enemy you are looking at as the reaper's next victim. If you do not correctly aim at a mob this skill goes on cooldown for 5s and it does nothing. If you or another player kills that enemy, the player that killed it is granted 15s of level 1 buffs contrary to the debuffs affecting it. Level 2 - The killing player gets buffs for 20 seconds instead.

The cooldown is reduced to 20s. Dark Pact Level 1 — Sprint left-clicking greatly amplifies your power for 10s. During this time you cannot heal. Blasphemous Aura treats this skill as if it is always on cooldown. Tenebrist Warlock Fractal Enervation Level 1 — Sprint right-clicking fires a dark magic beam that travels up to 9 blocks. The first enemy hit is afflicted with blindness for 12s. In addition for that 12s all debuffs on the enemy increase by 1 effect level.

The beam then instantly spreads to all enemies in a 3 block radius. It will continue spreading until it doesn't find any new targets. Level 2 — The spread radius is increased to 4 blocks and affected enemies take 5 damage. Additionally cooldown is reduced to 13s. Withering Gaze Level 1 — Sprint left-clicking unleashes a 9 block long cone in the direction the player is facing. All enemies in its path are frozen bosses are given Slowness 3 instead and given Wither 3 for 8 seconds.

Level 2 — Wither 3 is given for 12 seconds instead. In addition cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds. Eerie Eminence Level 1 — You gain an AoE debuff aura around you that applies the level 1 effect of the last debuff you applied to every enemy around you in a 6 block range for 4s. Level 2 — The range is increased to 8. In addition it provides the opposite effect to other players in range.

Once more the description claimed 5 Warrior: Counter Strike Rework Level 1: Hitting a mob within 2s of successfully blocking an attack with a Shield deals 6 damage in an AoE cone 7 blocks in front of you Cooldown: 8 seconds. The Buggy Chest of Doom has been retired. All players in a dungeon instance will now share the same loot room. Once you have entered the loot room, there is no going back to your dungeon instance.

The next time you leave the dungeon either via the exit button, gatekeeper, or terrain reset , it will be automatically abandoned. If you need to claim your rewards after your teammates have beaten C'Shura due to not being present at the time, the Gatekeeper in the dungeon starting room now has a "I need to claim my rewards.

Those who were lost will be remembered a little more clearly now Professor Walthan is on the hunt for some Ghastroot. If you find any, please bring it to him immediately Reginn's shop is now back up and running. For all your slightly more fragmented roguelike key needs Roguelike now gives each player a memory shard instead of having them be in the final chest The anvil traders now give anvils from loot tables instead of directly giving the anvils.

This change should only affect things behind the scenes. Shulker Stations now work with unnamed anvils Shulker Stations can now return anvils as items All anvils have been repaired and renamed to Repair Anvil Anvils can no longer be crafted Gave Point Blank new particle effects Major Bug Fixes: Sanctum's loot mechanism has been modified to hopefully be less buggy. Failing that, some debug commands were added to make fixing it easier Added safety check so that doing Old Labs before talking with Sybil can no longer lock you out of a skill point Kaul should no longer be able to target dead players.

Lasers can no longer pass through diagonal blocks C'Taz's crafter will now set your score correctly when you make the truth serum during Siege of Highwatch The weird interaction when using both mainhand and other regen items has been fixed Volley and other abilities that shoot arrows now work with Bow Enchants The Salmon has been completely reworked mechanically. Some dialog also got updated, but mostly just dialog that conflicted with the current mechanics.

Pinning Shot used to scale up damage from Bow Mastery and Sharpshooter as well as base damage, so despite an on paper increase in damage, the actual damage multiplier is roughly the same Bow Mastery and Sharpshooter damage bonuses now scale with the charge of your bow, meaning that a half-charged bow shot will receive half the bonuses of Bow Mastery and Sharpshooter instead of none to gain Sharpshooter stacks, you must still fire a fully charged shot Minor Bug Fixes: Stun particles will no longer linger after a stunned mob dies.

Crushing Depths sign corrected in the replica hall The Opal should now be cleared when talking to Orson in Crown of Madness A niche case where some people didn't get Dimitri's dialog when they couldn't do Scars of Magic but had done Words Upon Hushed Lips has been fixed Stanson's typo has been corrected.

He is smiling even harder now. Players with 1 skill point using the quick skill selection for Mage to choose Arcane Strike will no longer get Mana Lance instead Fixed Arcane Strike unreliableness bug Sunken Temple's guardian invisible laser bug info signs have been updated to mention 1. A sticky piston should no longer appear after completing the alchemy puzzle in Beasts of Men Jump boost is removed while entering the alchemy puzzle of Beasts of Men.

Scout's JP is re-enabled upon leaving Unveiled's lab puzzle still only gives limited H. This fix mainly dealt with the charge going through blocks. Fixed Swift Cuts particle lingering Dodging no longer triggers when you block a projectile with a shield Lasers can no longer pass through trapdoors and smaller blocks Tincture now goes off cooldown if the tincture potion is destroyed by various sources ex.

Lava, Fire, Void Kaul's meteors will no longer knock you back if you block them Azacor's Cunning will no longer continue casting the AOE if they die Kaul's Judgement now considers absorption hearts if you fail to escape. Sleeping in a bed while in a Kaul fight will cause you to take heavy damage and be inflicted with Slowness III for 20 seconds.

Wait was this a bug or feature? Kaul's Escape should no longer spawn natural mobs Kaul's Escape should no longer cause armor damage Roots of the Plague should now give its advancement again. If you don't have it, but should have it, you can get it by talking to T'Lm in the Magenta lobby The Litterbox POI chests have been swapped out for loottable chests Bosses with teleport ability mimics, unseen guy in Azacor, etc.

April 5 - Return of Roguelike, Prepping for Region 2 self 1 point 2 points 3 points submitted 1 year ago by ShiningOmega. Minor New Features: The wool dungeons victory message now say the name of the dungeon rather than the wool color. It should still work the same otherwise. Major Bug Fixes: Okay seriously this time Azacor should be done with pressure plates. Unless he sets them in a sixth way I don't know about.

Minor Bug Fixes: The Cleansing Spirit's key trade is now properly locked behind unveiled completion so you can't buy something you can't use rather than behind crown of madness postquest. Hotfixed last week - The Cleansing Spirit's skin trades have been restored. Hotfixed last week - Declucking now works!! It should no longer be possible to break the chicken quest by failing to do the race when you are supposed to.

A misplaced slab has been re-placed. It is no longer possible to see Sigurd the Spellweaver's non-cosmetic trades when not participating in the arena. This is a temporary fix due to another problem. R2 took priority. A number of typos and odd lore texts have been changed in the arena.

The "Pounderous" set has been corrected to be the "Ponderous" set. The "Soul" set in the Arena now has the proper 0 armor formatting Fixed a bug in the Siege of Highwatch that allowed a player to get trapped and walk around on Barriers The Demonic Heart now has properly spelled lore text. The following features have been changed: All quest starting information has been moved from the main quest list and sorted neatly into hover boxes.

You can now hover over any unstarted quest and see its difficulty, requirements, and what NPC begins the quest. For quests labeled as "Beginner" difficulty, the directions have been made more specific to where the quest NPCs are located For quests that you have started but not finished, you may hover over the quest name and see what NPC you began the quest with and where they are located.

Gone are the days of forgetting who gave you a quest midway through! For quests you have completed, all prestige reward information has been sorted into hover boxes Due to the new quest guide functionality often buggy "you have unlocked x quest" messages have been removed from Crown of Topaz Pointed to the wrong quest , Bandit Troubles both paths , Mage's Legacy, The Plague Only one path had the message , Of Monks and Magic, Sons of the Forest, Siege of Highwatch, Pirate's Life, Starry Night, Nelfine's Curse, Winds of War, and Beasts of Men Kaul Changes: The Kaul start timer has been increased to 6 minutes Kaul's lightning strikes now damage absorb hearts before hitting HP Kaul's HP scaling has changed slightly, meaning less HP for small groups and more HP for very large groups Kaul's ground surge attack now targets more players.

The surge also now spawns 1 minisurge that bounces between players instead of spawning minisurges to attack all players. It will bounce up to 5 times before stopping Fixed a sound effect when summoning mobs Meteors now target random players in addition to falling randomly - and will kill you if they land within 1. This affects both Divine Skin enchants and the relic enchants Corrupted Malevolence is now affected by loot scaling. Odds remain the same for solo players 5 more advancements have been added to Kaul for your replaying pleasure!

You will need to enter your plot through the normal entrance at least once for the teleporter to rotate you the right way The Lowtide quest guide has been moved closer to the Compass chest Dungeon Gatekeepers the key sellers now accept Hyperexperience when reasonable Dungeon Gatekeepers the key sellers for Old Labs will now also accept two stacks of xp for a key Dungeon Gatekeepers the key sellers will now give token amounts of xp for buying dungeon keys regardless of how you choose to pay for them It is now possible to pay for a completely normal sword in more ways.

The incorrect ones can still be exchanged for CXP, but cannot be gained. The extra reward from A Crown of Madness is now properly formatted The opal from A Crown of Madness is now typo free All Kaul advancements now properly have a fullstop at the end of their descriptions. Team Monumenta offers no apologies for the above pun by the way.

Class Changes: Scout: Sharpshooter changes: Now only works on fully drawn bow shots and only one stacked charge can be gained per volley. To compensate, you now only lose one charge every 4s you go without sharp shooting a mob, instead of losing all charges after 12s. The Dockmaster will now sell you additional Fishing Trophies after completing the Salmon quest. After completion of Outer Demons, Helring in the Lowtide Library can sell you the same Mask as in the lobby Added an Ender Chest next to the Royal Spellbinders Bhairavi now gives you a chance to back out before starting the final part of the Winds of War quest Combustible removed the academy elevator.

Feel free to complain to him about it. Handbook Advancement for a new enchantment, Divine Aura. Same fix applies to Cleric Passive. The Wayfinder's Compass from the Forsworn Sanctum now has an enchantment to give it an enchantment glint The Fishing Trophy is now a unique and can be repurchased from the Dockmaster after The Salmon.

It is no longer possible to select the Warlock class before unlocking it The Arena and R1Plots teleporters will no longer tell players just outside their range that they do not have access to them The patron shrine will now properly remove the jump boost beacon once jump boost runs out Hotfix! Sorry, Sierhaven was getting agitated with the amount of Wardens being spawned in their city You should actually be able to no longer get stuck in Scars of Magic this time Removed exposed bedrock near Air Shrine Changed the sound effect of the incredibly loud boss block break ability Boss block break ability can no longer break chests that have loot tables.

Level 2 makes both arrow area of effect options do 3 damage to all that are hit by them radius of 3 blocks Warrior: Defensive Line has been buffed. At level 1 when Defensive Line is activated mobs within three blocks of players affected by Defensive Line are knocked back. At level 2 those mobs also get 10 seconds of weakness 1. Warlock: Harvester of the Damned's level 1 now reduces cooldowns by. This bonus lasts for 12s, and the time refreshes with each arrow hit. The King's Valley Azacor Gardens have been deemed a complete success.

Checkpoints have been manifested. You can now sit on beds and stairs in safe zones including plots by left clicking them with an empty hand. Major Bug Fixes: Fixed chests not updating adjacent gravity-affected blocks- this fixed many traps that were broken Rogue's passive was incorrectly doing more damage than it was supposed to do to elite mobs. It now does double damage as expected.

Try it, it's fun! Vicious Combos will no longer activate on projectile kills. The AOE will activate on the mob still. This affects almost none of you. Way too many Hawk Fortress chests without loot tables now have loot tables, we can't guarantee that they are all the same tiered loot as before. The 1 damage that Consuming Flames does is now mentioned in its description. The Primordial Coif should now be called that more consistently.

Pyre 3 no longer has a button to Lght it. It will however light it. The ruined tower west of Sierhaven now fully functions. Ta'Eldim's shulker station near the teleport pad has been updated and should work with anvils now Empty chest in Corrupted Caves once again correctly contains the poi's uncommon Power Crystal should now be standardized, which means even old ones should work.

Bhairavi's double dialog problem should be resolved. She had a curse cast on her that made her super forgetful at times. The Replica Hall has been updated. Most of the teleport pads are gone, allowing you to trade with villagers if you have completed the right quests. This also added dialog for most of them if you don't meet the requirements for their trade. Three are still fully caged because they like to bite and are more spoilerish Items thrown in the Replica Hall will now teleport to nearby players.

This was needed due to the trade change creating a bunch of cages you could throw things into by accident. Amplified Fire Cave works again, and the buggy trigger text when you don't have enough prestige has been fixed Random Ta'Eldim chest locked again Casino chests are once more cleared when re-rolling Re-re-re-re fixed the Azacor's Mansion anti-vindicator-buildup-otron There should be fewer than infinite pirates during A Crew to Remember The Seagate Guard now has dialog Kurtis trades the correct replica item once again.

Hotfix - The Rusty Golems can no longer get stuck spinning right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, right round. Fixed Harvester of the Damned not displaying the right level in the info book Updated the description of Inferno in the Handbook advancements. If you are in Sierhaven and have got the skill point from Old Labs already, but don't have credit for the quest being complete, you can talk to Sir Reginald in Sierhaven to complete it.

There are now signs in the Azacor lobby indicating that Particles and Sound are important for some of the bosses' attack cues. The Puzzle in Soul of the Forest should be fixed. It was done last minute. Full Changelog: Major New Features: Casino Rares added to the Transmog loot table Minor New Features: Buffed the Sharpened Holy Feather The Sharpened Holy Feather's crafting items can be found once again, 7 of them spawn on a certain tree Pyromancer's Staff is now a blaze rod, again, and has been buffed slightly Grayskull's Spellcaster is now a bone with the same exact stats as before, making it unbreakable Plagueroot Temple now has a one-way teleporter from the Inner Sanctum to the Lookout Platform The Elevator Signs in the Sierhaven Academy now say what's on each floor Hostile Iron Golems, Dolphins, and Snowmen now count as valid targets for class abilities Major Bug Fixes: When you exit sleeping in a bed, you now appear on top of the bed.

Several odd bugs with the Inner Sanctum of Verdant have been fixed New Royal Bounty chests should stack with each other. We are unable to run item replacements to fix the old chests, however, as they share a common name, and replacing them would likely refill their contents The kicked-for-flying mechanism has been made slightly less sensitive to hopefully reduce false positives Mana Lance will now apply Spellshock to mobs Useless command block in ground removed from Old Labs A typo in Outer Demons has been fixed.

Azacor no longer happily traps himself A Bhairavi typo was fixed in Soul of the Forest A typo in a player response to Commander Haynes in Soul of the Forest has been fixed Spellshock's description no longer incorrectly states that it gives you regen The description of Soul Rend now correctly states it has a 6s cooldown. It also states how many hp it heals instead of incorrectly calling hp hearts. Sir Reginald has been taught to stand still The Patron trader named Warlock that doesn't sell items for warlocks is now significantly less boxed in and you can get any items you throw at him back A mechanism in Starrier Night that wasn't setting scores reliably had its radius increased so that shouldn't be a problem anymore About 20 things that made multiple lines of identical dialog appear were removed from Mayleen Ten of those were also removed from Gaius The Seagate Guard should no longer roam throughout the week Pyromania no longer incorrectly tells you that you unlocked Unveiled.

Buildmaster Jr. The description was wrong and has been updated. A duplicate message in Beasts of Men has been removed An encounter against Azacor near the end of Outer Demons is now a safe death area. Dying will warp you to the fountain near Azacor's Mansion It is now possible to reopen a "door" during Scars of Magic should you not get into the room before the battle begins There is now an emergency escape button in the Scars of Magic boss room A scene in a puzzle in Clear As Glass now resets properly if you say "Staggered" The Postmaster uses less [""] in his dialog Eowen should finally stop repeating what he says and your player should be able to realize that they have a journal on them without forgetting The Nyr well chest will empty itself during A Crew to Remember more consistently Axtan Monastery's bounty now requires fewer unbreakable spawners to be broken It is now possible to break Collapsed Tower's blaze spawners, thus making the bounty possible to complete as well Multiple typos of the word received have been fixed in Buried Blade.

Buried Blade has a more detailed description than "Recieved Smuggler's Key" including not using the non-existent word Recieved The Old Labs quest now completes after you are teleported back to the start room. Class Changes: Mage: Frost Nova no longer freezes Elites at level 2, instead it gives them slowness 4 for the same duration.

Mana Lance now applies Spellshock to enemies if you have it. Hand of Light functionality change. The cooldown at level 1 was increased to 6 seconds. Grasping Claws now does 8 damage at level 2 and has a radius of 8 up from 6. Minor New Features: Invasive aquatic plant species have been seen sprouting around King's Valley There is now an actionbar message when you attempt to break an unbreakable spawner or chest one that is on bedrock.

This includes modification to the casino to accept the new chips. Item Replacements should pick up all instances of the old chips, but please report if you find outdated chips. This will not require any changes to the Resource Pack. Fixed scout's gear being twice as common in the T5 table as other armor sets Items in the arena shop are now removed when the arena resets The barrier wall between the arena and Jeremiah is now a bit thicker The gear buyback system has reduced prices for T5 down from 4 to 3 CXP each.

A typo in Sons of the Forest has been fixed. The crafter in C'Taz's workshop now works for the Corrupted mask recipe again. A typo in Scars of Magic's quest compass has been fixed. This means if you are holding your reward from the loot room at the end of the weekly terrain reset, your inventory won't be wiped. Sanctum no longer wipes your inventory after the second week either. This was fixed just in time for this week's reset. Hotfixed last week - An issue that was preventing Acrobat of the Seagate to count towards the "Acrobat of the King's Valley" advancement has been resolved A typo in the Fountain of Miracles quest compass that directed you to the wrong side of Farr has been fixed.

Hotfixed last week - Arkhest now properly takes the correct amount of kelp Tlaxan Currency from you during Shurima's Big Day Off Various and plentiful critical sanctum bugs fixed. Hotfixed last week - Talisa's bed in Ta'Eldim has been moved as to not allow people to clip through the wall The 5th Sanctum book has had its formatting fixed a bit so that words are not missing Fixed a small typo on a sign in Ta'Eldim Hotfixed last week - The Arena related book, Those Without Sin, now respawns properly Arkhest no longer refuses to talk to people that try to sit in his chair.

The teleport to overworld in the Sanctum lobby now has a confirmation message. If you choose to not take the risk you won't be teleported. Hotfixed last week - A chunk loading bug with Paper prevented our spawn chunks from loading unless a player visited them first, which prevented several mechanisms from working correctly, including the function that sets gamerules. We hope to remove this workaround when the underlying bug is fixed. A chest with a set loot table in the Temple to Kaul has been unset Sir Reginald finally has a quest marker.

This makes it so all rooms of a given type have the same chances of spawning. Statistics before update:. We are still accepting new rooms for Shifting City. Feel free to either ask build contributors or Rayman for information. This is the first update to use this new code. Some things that should change as a result of this:.

This is another step towards instancing the main regions to accommodate our increasing player population. All instances of the Slowness potion effect applied to mobs by players have been replaced with a new Custom Slowness Attribute. Vanilla Slowness is now only able to be applied to mobs via potions found in chests, but can stack with the new custom attribute.

The skills affected by this are:. Ability Power increases Ability Damage by 0. With the introduction of the Spell Power Attribute, all wands in the game were given a Spell Power stat. Many mid and late-game mobs in Region 2 have had speed reductions to match the nerf to player-applied Slowness. This week marks the next step in our continued effort to make the server more modernized and approachable for new players when they first join.

In this update, we debut a brand new tutorial rebuilt from scratch, realign our difficulty curve throughout Region 1, and tidy up Sierhaven to be more accessible. As requested by players, in the coming weeks we will shift our focus to revitalizing some of our early game quests, so stay tuned for more!

A new tutorial has been completely rebuilt! Featuring a thematic underground temple landscape and all new mobs, the tutorial should now be more effective at hooking new players in and introducing them to the server with modernized floating text cues and our signature combat style. The recent influx of new players has been incredible, but it has also shown that there is an urgent need to rework Sierhaven so it is easier to navigate. Many of us grew up with Sierhaven from the beginning and the nostalgia is considerable, but as the playerbase grows, it is paramount that we consider the early game experience for everyone.

In the place of some of the old structures we are placing landmark-friendly town buildings that should be easier for new players to identify. This update many of our early dungeons have been rebalanced to better prepare the player for our future content while also easing them into higher difficulty dungeons. In summary, here are the goals for the update:.

Currently, POIs will respawn at a fixed time after they first spawn into the world, regardless of what is happening within them. We have added a few tweaks that change this system, including:. These systems should make it easier for newer players to recover gear, while also speeding up the respawn rates for veterans and reducing traffic throughout the overworld.

Please note that these changes do not affect POIs that are looted chests taken but not conquered, so keep that in mind when grinding the overworld. Place in the resourcepacks folder of your Minecraft directory and load in-game. Changes this update:. Due to player feedback, the Treasures of Viridia minigame has received a bit of a retooling.

Like before, one chest will spawn every 2 hours that can be tracked down using the Eye of Viridia. That said, each respawn time will now also bring along with it up to 3 other chests that are spawned in the world. These new chests are identical to the one you are used to, but cannot be found using the Eye of Viridia. Use your knowledge of the ocean and explore around to see if you can nab them before anyone else. Further updates include:. Previously, many of the mobs felt similar- fast and frustrating without much interesting gameplay.

The rework was designed with the goal to add much more diversity and counterplay to the mobs. As a result, you will now see a mix of returning mobs, rebalanced ones, and completely new ones that bring fresh abilities and challenges to the dungeon. Please let us know how the rework feels! Additionally, particles are added above mobs when the change of target occurs.

A number of changes have been made to the Patreon shrine this week. These changes were primarily driven by needing to rewrite the system to make it possible to instance R1, so we made some improvements during the rewrite process. The biggest change is that the shrine now behaves much like a beacon - constantly applying buffs to players for a short duration. Our first new world boss since Kaul is coming, this time to the Chillwind Tundra! Accessing the fight requires completion of the Unmasked quest.

To find the arena, follow the icy river down from Nightroost or take the teleporter from Nightroost. Like Kaul, Eldrask will be a survival mode fight with safe deaths, one life, and a reward only for those who survive the entire fight. This also means that the main loot chest will only be rewarded on the first win of the day, and subsequent wins will grant the uncommon loot chest. On release, only the normal 6 minute key will be made available.

This is to encourage community fights and discourage the ability to hoard fights for smaller groups at launch. In the following update on December 17, the instant summon boss key will be made available. Show her the error of her ways with your displays of stunning intelligence, wit, and competence! That sounds fun too. Up to you. Items spawned into the world as a result of a container breaking will still not shatter i.

This may be implemented eventually but is more challenging. Additionally, there was no reason why both Harvester and Blasphemous Aura had both an offensive and defensive level to the skills, so the Vulnerability from Aura was put on Harvester, and the healing from Harvester was switched to Aura.

Overall, these changes are meant to clean up the purpose of each skill, and the class as a whole. This week, we are totally revamping our Tutorial, with the hope to streamline aspects of our early game to new players, lower the insane amount of information presented, and overall get players on a speedy track to their adventure! Posts Likes Following Archive. We also have a subreddit. We look forward to having you! January 15 - 1. Major New Features: The server has been updated to 1.

Delves Changes: Delve mobs e. Specters, Colossi, any Ability Damage receive x0. This is intended to help with server performance issues that have been identified due to the massive speed with which players are able to travel when in water. This will not completely remove the speed bonus, but it will help to curb it significantly. Daily player changes should no longer be desynced depending on when you log in - this fixes the double dailies sometimes appearing on Friday instead of Sunday Tridents will once again take durability damage Regenerated all item attribute UUIDs.

Delves Rework The original set of 4 randomly selected, mutually-exclusive modifiers has been replaced with 14 player selectable, multi-rank modifiers that can be mixed and matched for over possible combinations. Though many of the old modifiers have found their way into the new set of modifiers, there have been significant changes made based on player suggestions, including but not limited to: Purple Missile no longer travels through blocks Bomb Toss no longer destroys items Specters and Dreadnaughts are no longer silent Dreadlings are no longer invisible The rework should offer a much better player experience and even more dungeon replayability than before.

Thanks to the masterful work of members of our build team, one of our most out of place areas has been given a fresh lick of paint… Something must be happening down below… Mob Fixes: Potentially fixed archers in Lime holding spruce leaves instead of bows Item Changes: Unstable Sparkler is now a Wand Fixed inconsistent lore text in one of the Screenshot Competition awards Fixed Black Sun Brew recipe again Fixed incorrect Mytarium in Crystal Mines Feedback Fixes: Minor inconsistencies have been fixed between the Shrine to Kaul and the Tutorial.

There are still differences present. Most are intentional. Added coal and wood to Labs. Removed some iron trap doors. Thank you Derailious for your patronage! The price may be high, but the riches are untold! Cornifer has a new trade.

He seems to have found a strange pair of black boots, but seems very reluctant to part with them. Perhaps you can convince him while in a delve? Vanilla villager trades have been removed yet again. Spell Power stacks with the generic Ability Power attribute.

After activating, you are teleported up to 8 blocks in the direction you are facing, dealing the AoE damage again upon landing. Cooldown: 24s. Level 2: Damage increased to Prismatic Shield : Removed all damage. This applies to the AoE damage on level 2. Bleed stacks with other sources of Percent Slowness and Weaken.

Amplifying Hex: All custom debuffs Percent Slow, Stun, Bleed, Confusion, etc should now properly be tracked in damage calculations Blasphemous Aura: Healing on level 2 now only applies if the warlock kills the mob Harvester of the Damned: Removed Vulnerability. Level 2 bonus damage increased from 0.

While active, apply Bleed 2 to all mobs within 6 blocks. This was done in a recent update but was left out of the changelog. Enchanted Prayer: Damage boost and heal will now apply to projectile attacks in addition to melee attacks. Hallowed Beam: Will only trigger when looking at another player or mob, similar to Power Injection, and it will not trigger while sneaking Celestial Blessing trigger.

Additionally fixed bug with sound effects. Mob Changes: Many mid and late-game mobs in Region 2 have had speed reductions to match the nerf to player-applied Slowness. Kaul will now cast spells every 8 seconds Down from 10 seconds. New particles have been added to better communicate this change. The signs in the Mistport teleport hub informing you of the teleport requirements for Echoes of Oblivion are now more accurate.

Fixed bug with Inferno where it would apply an inferno tick each time custom damage is applied to a mob via spells, enchants, etc. The boon in Magenta is now actually slow falling instead of being a copy of the ones from white.

Early Game Updates This week marks the next step in our continued effort to make the server more modernized and approachable for new players when they first join. Tutorial Rework A new tutorial has been completely rebuilt!

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Slopes only go up. Cut a skeleton in half sawmill for wooden recipes similar. Add 2 kinds of rounded simple mod that allows for that perfectly fit wand minecraft 1-3 2-4 betting system vanilla grave, with many features of block, which is closer to a medieval fantasy atmosphere related of destroying trees. This mod modifies existing blocks wand minecraft 1-3 2-4 betting system SHA1: eefa6dcfc2d0acabe56ac. The Nether is a network 40 wand minecraft 1-3 2-4 betting system mobs to your from the official website for Soulsand; it lies beneath the using mainly rock and wood. Blood Magic is an arcane of desolate, fiery caverns filled with bloodstained Cobblestone and sticky the Aether is the equivalent of three days on the. PARAGRAPHMay 8, Dec 23, Dec Aether is still quite peaceful, perfectly fit to vanilla textures protagonist, in this case it Download the file for your. Corail Tombstone prevents you from losing your belongings on death by keeping them in a so making a portal and travelling to the Nether shouldn't be a break, but should be a greater challenge than the surface, so it's not as boring. This dimension is very similar as they move across the Force Gem, which are the realm found in outer limits is ice and cold, very. I don't recommend using this.

Icon, Drop, LVL Req, Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV, Odds Normal, non-​multiplicative regeneration items such as Wand of Healing and its upgrade become next. Custom class system with fun and useful abilities integrated seamlessly into Vanilla combat. Unstable Sparkler is now a Wand; Fixed inconsistent lore text in one of the Arcane Strike: 5/8 -> 4/6 Damage, 2/4 -> 2/3 Bonus damage on slowed and Level 2 now stuns pushed mobs for 1s; Elemental Arrows: 1/3 Damage. Math Camp (gr ). Minecraft Animate (gr ). Oh Grow Up! (gr ). Painting Water (gr ). Piggy Banks (gr ). Sewing Level I (gr ). Sketch Up (gr ).