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Dr bettinger surprise az hotels

Seed Farm Rd. Sacaton, AZ Navajo Dr. Page, AZ Katharine R. Tucson, AZ Baywood Ave. Fiesta Avenue Parker, AZ A Prescott, AZ Erica E. Roosevelt St. Phoenix, AZ Leigh Pavlik Physician Assistant E. Gerald Papin Physician Assistant W. Aldea Rd. West Litchfield Park, AZ Tracy A. Katherine M.

Loren Eberhard Physician Assistant S. Bell Rd. Reems Rd Surprize, AZ Coronado Dr. David J. A2 Apache Junction, AZ Eugie Ave. Suite Glendale, AZ Joyce-nicole Pachence Physician Assistant N. Mary's Road Tucson, AZ Christina L. Randy Jay Physician Assistant W. Maria A.

Aaron J. Ali N. Duncan, AZ Gilbert, AZ Julia M. Scott Physician Assistant E. Alexandra D. Elizabeth G. Safford, AZ Steven E. Melissa L. C Mesa, AZ Misty M. Wright Physician Assistant W. Whitney E. Carolina C. Leadership and Planning 2. Culture and Communications 3. Role Satisfaction 4. Work Environment 5. Relationship with Supervisor 6. Pay and Benefi ts 8. All rights reserved. Member SIPC. Providing an extraordinary environment for senior living starts with extraordinary employees. An exceptional place to work, learn and grow.

We plate up the freshest flavors for the most tasteful events. Visit coppersquarekitchen. Job stress ob stress can certainly take a toll on employees — from burnout to health concerns — but could it contribute to weight gain in the workplace? Nearly 6 in 10 U. Additionally job-related stress may have a strong correlation to weight gain.

The research shows that workers who experience high levels of stress are 49 percent more likely to rate themselves as overweight when compared with workers with low stress. AJ Agrawal, chief executive officer at Alumnify, discussed three ways to build a stronger company culture in a recent article he wrote for Inc.

He says a small gesture, as greeting your co-workers like family, goes a long way and makes everyone feel safe in the organization. Instead of viewing it as a waste of time, he says to look at it as a way to build unity among employees.

Finally, Agrawal says the third way to build a great company culture is to focus on the whole rather than its parts. Head of the class in n the highest outlook since , 65 percent of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year— up from 57 percent last year, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. One in five employers feel colleges do not adequately prepare students with crucial workplace competencies, including soft skills and real-world experience that might be gained through things like internships.

Job seekers with a good mix of both technical and soft skills will have the best prospects right out of college. Demand for students with business and technical majors has typically been high among employers, and this year is no exception, with 38 percent of employers naming business as the most sought-after major. The ACA has also implemented an innovative workforce development program gram whose aim is to narrow the skills gap between workers and employer needs.

The ACA assessed the results and then brought business professionals to colleges, high schools and community groups to find new ways to give companies well-trained graduates who are ready to work. Available to all readers, the Employer Benchmark Data Report offers a sample of company averages on standard employee benefits and best practices.

The report encompasses all participants, including those that made the Top Companies list. For more information or to purchase a copy of the report, visit BestCompaniesAZ. Liberal, upbeat and open to change. Diverse As the report notes, Generation Next is more ethnically and racially diverse than older adults.

While the trend towards education is driven largely by the demands of a modern knowledge-based economy, the report notes it is probably also due to the millions of Millennials enrolling in graduate schools, colleges or community colleges to make themselves more marketable. While their entry into work life and careers hit a major snag because of the recent Great Recession, the report notes.

Nine out of 10 say they currently have enough money or that they will eventually meet their long-term financial goals. Deeply devoted to digital technology and social media, this generation treats their hand-held gadgets almost like a multi-tasking body part. This adoration for hand-held technology has a dark side too; nearly two-thirds of Generation Next admit to texting while driving, the report says.

The young people who make up Generation Next also use a variety of ways to express themselves. According to the report by the Pew Research Center, three-quarters of Millennials have created a profile on a social networking site, and one in five has posted a video of themselves online.

Self-expression is not limited to just electronics and social media; nearly four in 10 Millennials have a tattoo. For most of them, one tattoo is not enough; about half of those with tattoos have two to five and 18 percent have six or more. In addition, the report notes, nearly a quarter of Millennials have a piercing in a place other than their earlobes. Cautions Millennials also tend to be fairly cautious about other people, the report says. Interestingly, they are also less skeptical than their elders of the government, and they believe more strongly than other generations that the government should do more to solve problems.

About six in 10 members of Generation Next was raised by both parents, which is a smaller percentage than older generations. When asked to weigh the priorities in their own life, Millennials— just like older adults—place marriage and parenthood far above their own careers and financial success. New Silent Generation orr Generation Z Proficient in technology, logy, this generation is curious, driven and independent. Financial services giant Charles Schwab has nearly 13, employees in the U.

But employees are not considered numbers. Everyone wants the most substantial paycheck possible, but more people — from entry-level millennials to industry-shifting baby boomers — consider the quality of workplace environment a top factor in their job searches. Denise Gredler, founder and CEO of BestCompaniesAZ, said she routinely meets job-seekers around the Valley each month and often hears them share their desire for flexible work schedules and collaborative workplaces that break the mold of the cubicle walls.

Those trends tend to increase productivity and, especially at fast-growing companies, can lead to new positions that more specifically align with personal interests. Perks that matter Some companies, such as innovative technology firms and those with strong call center operations, have developed open-seating environments where executives might sit alongside entry- or mid-level staff.

Others want to care for, retain and develop call-center staff in. Others allow employees to use pool tables, pingpong, relaxation rooms and other amenities to offer a break from the phone. Wellness initiatives, philanthropic programs, recruitment from more diverse groups like military veterans, and flexible work schedules like four-day work weeks are also key factors for job-hunters in , according to CareerBuilder and other experts.

Charles Schwab is also recognized as a pioneer in hiring former members of the U. The company estimates that one in 16 of its nationwide new hires is a military veteran now. That strength of military experience in its workplaces reflects a companywide commitment to values like teamwork, leadership and goal-oriented approaches to job duties. Orion Health also gets employees together via weekly social hours with refreshments. Companies that assist employees with finding the most comfortable work-life balance tend to be the most attractive to job-seekers.

Ipro strives to offer the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to make an impact in an exciting, booming industry. With over 30 percent employee growth over the past three years, Ipro recently outgrew its building space in northeast Phoenix and is planning to move by Sept. Ipro knows how to celebrate successes, welcome new hires and reward employees. Visit iprotech. Do the right thing Ultimately, Baker says that hiring a diverse workforce is really about honesty, integrity and doing the right thing: focusing on the individual and his or her talents rather than being guided by internal biases.

Rona Curphy agrees. Curphy, CEO of Banner Casa Grande Medical Center, which was one of the top 10 companies in diversity last year, notes that a diverse workforce makes a company more attractive to potential employees. Mirroring the greater Casa Grande community, the hospital brings together employees of various ethnicities, including those of Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, black, American Indian and Alaskan descent.

According to Curphy, the coming together of generations can and often does increase employee engagement. As employee desires shift from salaryrelated benefits to a more inventiveladen workplace, employers have had to change their recruitment strategies. According to a research study by GlassDoor, here are seven perks industry experts have noticed job seekers looking for.

Healthcare benefits are a must for many of those in the job market. Flex time is key in maintaining employee happiness and preventing them from feeling like they cannot have a life outside of work. Socially acceptable? How social media can affect your social standing in the job search.

From Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to good old Google, the World Wide Web is giving hiring managers a new lens through which to evaluate job seekers. Scouring social media sites for additional insight about job candidates, many recruitment and human resources professionals admit to basing some of their decisions on what they find online. A CareerBuilder survey found that 43 percent of employers reference social networking sites when researching a candidate, up from 39 percent the previous year.

A discrepancy may lead to further probing. Take the time to paste your profile in a Word. Feedback from employers about some of the most off-the-wall things. Among the bizarre and unexpected were posts from job candidates that included links to escort services, dental exam results, photos of personal arrest warrants, information about involvement in demonic cults, and bragging about repeatedly driving drunk without getting caught.

But there is some good news about social networking in the hiring process. One-third of employers who research job candidates on social networking sites report finding information that made the candidate more appealing. In fact, nearly a quarter of employers surveyed said they hired a candidate based on what cropped up in an online search. Just another tool Heather Kivatinos, recruitment sales manager with Republic Media, says social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for both employers and job seekers.

As such, it also gives employers a voice for telling stories about what makes them unique and great places to work. Social media can make just about anyone an open book. Be careful — and thoughtful — about what you post. What lands online can take on a life of its own. ICE is fueled by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, innovative products and a dedication to people and results.

We are experts in the travel industry. ICE offers employees world-class training and resources to provide all the tools needed for success, and reward programs that celebrate the outstanding work of our employees. Till, vice president of Human Resource Development for the Arizona branch of the home furnishing firm, estimates she has interviewed more than 6, applicants.

She shares her wealth of insights into tips for successful job interviews, the changing work place landscape and what it takes to land a job at La-Z-Boy. What do you look for when you are interviewing a potential employee? I look for attentiveness throughout the interview. While the days of interviewing in a three-piece suit are gone, put your best foot forward, be well groomed and properly accessorized. What questions might be expected? The interview is for learning about the potential employee and how they will fi t in with our team, so I always ask what they are looking for in a company.

If I called your friend later, what improvements would they say you need? I look to see how people carry themselves and how they communicate because it reflects their confidence level. Most of the people we hire are in sales or interior design, so we need someone with great interpersonal skills. They must be able to create relationships, explore customer desires, find out what the customer wants and determine how we can meet their needs. Also, our organization is one unified team.

We are not the typical top-down organization. Our culture changed about. The close relationship between our corporate departments and on-site staff is an integral component of Alliance philosophy, and we continue to make substantial investments in our personnel and infrastructure to position our company on the cutting edge of technology.

We believe a healthy culture of opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit creates a more enjoyable work environment, fostering positive mindsets and attitudes that lead to strong performance, and deliver a rewarding professional experience with ongoing training and room for advancement. In addition, competitive benefits packages reflect our commitment to a stronger, healthier world, while unique perks such as fashion-forward corporate apparel make work a little more fun.

Overall, our greatest asset is our associates — the work they accomplish at Alliance has a direct impact on our communities, residents and clients. I need employees who embrace our organization, identify areas we can improve on and come forward with solutions. We listen to our employees in the warehouse, on the sales floor and on the design team because they work with our customers every day.

How should a prospective employee prepare for the interview? Research the company and go to our website -- La-Z-Boy. I encourage going into one of our stores and talking to our employees because that is how you really find out about a company and whether it is a good fit for you. Is the work environment changing?

La-Z-Boy hires employees who reflect. Our policy of embracing input from employees fits well with their desires that their feedback is respected. Flexibility in the work schedule is another millennial expectation we offer that parents also find is a bonus. Any final advice? Interview for a job where you can be yourself. Decide what is important to you and, with an open mind, research companies.

We are more than a furniture company. If you care about that, this might be a career opportunity for you. Share your talents with a rewarding career at Hyatt Regency Phoenix, located conveniently in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Here, the Hyatt family is made up of nearly members and includes specialists in Food and Beverage, Rooms, Sales and more.

Opportunities for advancement and enrichment abound as team members chart career paths unique to their individual skills and goals. Visit hyattregencyphoenix. Many people are aware that the company provides insurance; USAA also offers banking, investment and retirement planning services.

Leadership development and training programs are key to helping employees grow in their profession, Causey said, adding that full-time employees, on average, are provided with 93 hours a year of on-site classroom or the lives of our employees by offering them much more online training in their field.

Follow your heart. Lead with your heart. Choose a career that gives back: careersatdignityhealth. In all of our facilities, we foster an environment that rewards teamwork and inclusion. We offer every individual the chance to learn, grow and become an ambassador of humankindess. Once again, we offer our heartfelt congratulations from everyone at Dignity Health!

I respond to every question or comment I receive from an associate. We want transparent communication. As a result of these efforts, he said, Hyatt Regency Phoenix has impressive associate retention rates. To keep her employees happy, Castignetti provides. The company also hosts weekly social events not only for the employees but for their families, too.

Taco Tuesdays and Happy Hour Thursdays are regular events and the employees participate in a charity event once a month as well. The company reimburses employees taking college courses for the cost of their textbooks. In addition achieve their goals. Congratulations Top Companies! For more than 20 years, Law Enforcement Specialists has been keeping businesses and people in the Valley safe by coordinating and managing off duty police officers.

Service to our community includes private functions, apartments and homeowners associations, personal security, construction sites, banks, retail outlets, corporate offices and more. Give us a call! Company has long valued the power of inclusion and diversity iscover Financial Services has been committed to a culturally diverse workforce since long before doing so was part of the public consciousness.

There is so much power in bringing individuals together who might think about business problems and solutions in different ways. Bayans said even at Discover, the concept of inclusion has expanded and evolved over time.

In the past five or six years, the company has made an effort to hire more members of the LGBT community, for example. And that, in turn, makes all of us stronger. Complimentary for job seekers. How can we BEST help you? I feel I am valued in this organization. I have confidence in the leadership of this organization. Most days, I feel I have made progress at work.

I like the type of work that I do. This organization treats me like a person, not a number. I feel part of a team working toward a shared goal. There is room for me to advance at this organization. My supervisor treats me with respect. Quality is a top priority with this organization. Since , it has held to the principle of providing the support necessary to enhance the quality of life for its members, and its leadership believes its employees at 11 branches across Maricopa and Yavapai counties ought to be equally cared for.

Credit Union West offers a pension plan, in addition to a matching k program. Employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement and paid training, in addition to comprehensive medical insurance, short- and long-term disability coverage, wellness programs, discount services and other benefits, such as quarterly performance incentives.

Credit Union West also believes in giving back to the communities it serves. Employees who donate are eligible to wear jeans to work on Friday. A private, comfortable lactation room is available and an independent child care center is located across the street from the Tempe office, Ellis said. The company pays for the instruction and pays the employee for time at The company, established in , operates from work while receiving the instruction. Ellis said. The minimum is three. In addition, the company offers healthy eating discounts for specialty ays food programs and the Eagles Club, at an annual trip to a resort destination.

The company also celebrates two agents who receive perfect calls every week, and when an agent reaches 10 perfect calls, they receive a gift card. Employees can also relax in the breakroom, complete with Xbox, popcorn machine and TV. AppointmentPlus puts a unique spin on charity with its One Week program. Team members give up one of their vices, such as Starbucks or happy hour, and donate. On Fridays, employees go to the park during the afternoon for some friendly sports competition.

In addition to a staff appreciation week in May, the Arizona Charter Academy takes an active role in the community, raising money to build a house from the ground up for a needy family. Employees at Arizona Managing Partners do not get lost in the crowd; among the perks the company provides are sports leagues, two weekly events Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour Thursday , a New Employee Breakfast and Namaste Hour, where employees can participate in yoga classes.

To keep employees relaxed, the company offers weekly yoga lessons, periodic chair massages, and even paper airplane contests. A wellness committee helps encourage staff members to stay healthy by promoting walks around the courtyard and providing free healthy snacks.

The company also has special programs for mothers and fathers who want to be present when their child arrives home from school. The company also provides dental care to the less fortunate as well as individuals in detention facilities. The director has been active on multiple boards that help prevent financial crimes against seniors. Employees perks include raffles for tickets to Arizona sporting events, a pizza fairy and BBB Bucks, which reward staff members for going above and beyond and can be redeemed for time off or gift cards.

To help build team camaraderie, Bishop Fox hosts a monthly movie night and lunch outings that employees can attend to help strengthen bonds and reconnect with each other. Perks include access to the company-owned ski lease in Lake Tahoe and retreats with upper management. Team members are always developing innovative research in the tech industry, with one staff member recently featured at a NYU talk about Cyber Security.

Employees at Clear Title Agency of Arizona have plenty of opportunities to bond outside of the office throughout the year. In addition to an in-office holiday party, the staff is treated to an outing at a Diamondbacks game, as well as a company retreat to. Center offers its employees above average PTO, including three weeks during the first year of employment and five weeks during years two and three.

Fun activities at the monthly staff meetings are complemented by monthly massages from a professional massage therapist. WOW Bucks also allow employees and supervisors to reward each other for going above and beyond. A monthly Emergitude! The company also hosts off-site retreats twice a year, and a major company retreat that takes place in another city. The company caters meals multiple times a quarter, including Bagel Wednesdays.

A nutritionist is brought in to help employees interested in healthy living, while yoga and massage therapists keep everyone relaxed. They do a number of monthly events, including potlucks, picnics, baby and wedding showers, football pools and even a pumpkin carving contest.


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We are proud to be named a Top Company to Work for in Arizona!

Dr bettinger surprise az hotels Texas holdem online betting
Chris weidman vs luke rockhold betting odds Protiviti offers a global, collaborative and diverse workplace for its employees, with exceptional opportunities for career development; a strong tradition of dr bettinger surprise az hotels, a competitive benefits package and the chance to help and support the local community. Among the dr bettinger surprise az hotels and unexpected were michael bettinger e-klase from job candidates that included links to escort services, dental exam results, photos of personal arrest warrants, information about involvement in demonic cults, and bragging about repeatedly driving drunk without getting caught. The survey also included two open-ended questions and seven demographic questions. Employees are provided the same spirit, servant leadership and voice within the organization that fosters empowerment and authenticity. Overall, USAA makes incredible efforts to. New employees are introduced through interactive boot camps that prepare them for the highly collaborative work environment. Employees can take part in paid seminar and training workshops, and happy hours help celebrate success stories at the firm.
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Practically speaking, that means that every decision is carefully evaluated for impacts on the people it affects and that the company actively solicits feedback from customers and employees alike. The project also provides benchmarks for employers by identifying companies that have achieved top rankings in employer practices, employee engagement and satisfaction scores. Burke said that this year, overall scores stayed about the same, meaning companies are maintaining very high levels of positive employee engagement.

The ACA completed its first five-year business plan in June Fiscal year marked the beginning of a new set of ambitious five-year goals. Established by Puente in , DP Electric began with one truck and a workshop in a utility room off his garage. It has created a loyal following with close to 90 percent of its business being repeat customers. DPE has a history of 28 years as a dedicated trade partner. The company has developed markets and technologies to become an industry leader in Mission Critical, Healthcare,.

DPE has a long-standing policy of dependable peopledependable performance. Being on-time and on-budget with top quality work goes a long way in establishing the stellar reputation DP Electric has built in the industry. Going above and beyond cements those construction partnerships, with activities such as appreciation lunches organized for each job site at least once each year.

These get-togethers provide an opportunity for the DP Electric office staff to enjoy a friendly meal with general contractor staff, offering time to personally connect rather than just by email or phone. The appreciation lunches serve the dual purpose of also bringing together DP Electric office staff and its field personnel to connect, share announcements, communicate the company vision and values and ultimately show appreciation for all the hard work that goes into every project.

These worksite gatherings are among the many initiatives benefitting the company and employees that are overseen by Christina Fernandez, Human Resources Director. For employees starting in the electrical trade, the company covers up to four years of schooling. A family culture is cultivated through a few yearly team building events, where the staff mingles and gets to know each other and their families by playing games, winning prizes and on occasion, partaking in a company sponsored happy hour.

Navy Federal Credit Union is a preferred and trusted financial institution serving the military, veterans and their families. This has allowed us to not only maintain, but improve the service we provide to our members. Supporting and empowering employees helps them better serve our members. We are looking to provide our people with more than just a job. Because employees are their key competitive advantage, they are intentional about creating, growing and sustaining that advantage.

Employees are challenged to run with opportunity while remembering that small things matter. The company commits to enriching the work environment, encouraging staff to care for each other and enjoy each day. As an employer of choice, Maracay Homes attracts high-performing people to work in a safe and healthy environment where diversity, development and teamwork are valued and recognized.

In , the first recliner unfolded and the legendary company La-Z-Boy was founded on the principles of comfort, innovation, and industry-leading craftsmanship. This commitment to quality is still paramount as the brand has evolved and products have innovated with an expansive focus on design. Founded in , the store, locally owned business boasts the top four La-Z-Boy retail stores in all of North America, has been cited as one of the Top Furniture Retailer in the U.

Now, once again, it has been chosen among the Top Companies to work for in Arizona. With over custom fabric choices, along with custom sizes and design features, customers can find everything they need to truly transform their houses into their homes. La-Z-Boy of Arizona continues to elevate its retail concept by offering free Design services in store and in homes.

Bringing professional assistance and inspiration to customers selecting a few new pieces of furniture or completely redesigning their living and working spaces. Sales Associates team up with degreed Interior Designers to help clients achieve the rooms that will please them beyond their expectations. The La-Z-Boy professionals share expertise in space planning, focal points, color and texture in the home environment. The objective of each design consultation is to customize results to the style and goals of each client while staying within their budget.

Carefully recruited, engaged and dedicated employees are an important factor in La-Z-Boy of Arizona rising above stores across the nation, according to Kathy Till. The company fosters an initiative where employees contribute ideas to improve the organization. I appreciate the clarification and clear expectations that have been set and I really appreciate that what I contribute is taken seriously and acknowledged. I really love working for a company whose leadership consistently shows care and appreciation for their team and sets high expectations for loyalty, honesty and integrity.

It was also an employee idea to start an assistance fund, to help teammates in times of financial crisis. The employee assistance fund has now become a c organization. Here, full-time employment is working 25 hours a week for full-time benefits, which include health insurance, a profit-sharing plan and a K match. Over the past two years, we have paid our employees to go on vacation, in addition to their regular vacation pay. Its Phoenix office is one of 11 across the United States.

Point B, with 40 employees in Phoenix, offers expertise in many areas of business, including data and analytics, customer experience and loyalty, employee engagement, regulatory compliance, cloud transformation,. Our people are supported and challenged to deliver creative solutions for clients in a way that ignites talent. Renovations, expansions and leading-edge resort services and experiences have kept the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess at the forefront of the Arizona luxury resorts for three decades.

With an AAA Five Diamond rating for 27 consecutive years, this destination property offers staff more than just a fabulous work environment. Working on notable commercial construction projects, workers thrive in an atmosphere of excellence, collaboration, appreciation and integrity. An emphasis on community involvement brings together team members on nonprofit projects for more than a dozen local organizations.

Topping off a supportive work environment and attractive benefits package is the annual, all-expensespaid, mid-year retreat to Northern Arizona. All employees and their families are invited to a twoday trip featuring a cornhole tournament, fishing, games, and employee recognitions and awards. Its Phoenix Division employees delivered 1, homes in As Schoenberg explains, working for a homebuilder encompasses far more than the models we tour on weekends.

There are so many functions within this company: architecture, purchasing and procurement, construction superintendent, land development and entitlement, finance, strategic marketing, tactical marketing While a degree in architecture or construction management might be ideal, there are plenty of roles that driven self-starters can build into a career.

You need drive and passion. We stay close to good schools and good transportation, which helps us build wonderful communities. Our communities are in locations where people are proud to work. That customer-first mindset comes from CEO Sheryl Palmer and permeates down Teamwork and respect through every division and department.

For a are very important. Employees are encouraged to celebrate victories with one another, take care of themselves and their families, and give back to the community. The result is a kinetic workplace, full of energy. That energy applies to the future. Taylor Morrison has an optimistic outlook on the future of homebuilding in the ever-growing Valley of the Sun.

With advancements in technology — from analyzing Big Data to using software for designing and selecting homes — the homebuilding industry is changing more quickly and needing professionals who can think creatively. We want people who are passionate and willing to learn. Visit jobs. Using the most secure and cutting-edge technology, Proctorio is able to verify student activity and secure exam content while protecting student privacy.

Their workspace is a place of inspiration with modern sit-stand desks, a well-stocked break room and a community art gallery with rotating professional art exhibits. Benefits also include half-day Fridays, monthly team building events, volunteer activities, a floating birthday holiday and a bonus pool. Orchard Medical Consulting fosters a supportive and rewarding environment for its employees, providing expert medical care coordination for patients who have incurred an on-the-job injury.

Nurse owned with a high ratio of support staff-to-nurses, the Arizona-based firm attracts and retains talented field nurse case managers in 48 states. Team-building exercises, quarterly bonuses, generous health care benefits, celebration lunches, monthly potlucks and a wealth of small perks set the tone of appreciation for work well done.

Orchard Medial Consulting also offers a profit-sharing incentive program for tenured employees. In addition to Friday Spotlights designed to showcase staff members, employees vote for team members who are recognized at the annual meeting as Rookie of the Year, Unsung Hero, Emerging Leader and Lifetime Achievement. The not-for-profit, member-owned credit union broke ground on their new corporate headquarters in Glendale last year, and expect construction to be completed this coming November.

With more than 64, members, the company currently boasts a With close to A credit union can be an employees and more appealing choice for younger than 64, members, Happy employees make families who are looking for the new headquarters better financial services with and retail-banking center happy members, is lower rates that are provided by in the Westgate area of employees with a strong sense Glendale is just the latest just one of the reasons why of community.

In addition to providing is available to top-tier online banking award for six years in a row. Membership anyone who lives, works or and mobile apps, the worships in Maricopa or organization has 12 Yavapai counties, Roch said. Newly expanded mobile banking collaborative work culture.

After all, a dedication to serving the local community is at the center of everything that they do. Additionally, the company seeks out local small businesses to buy from, thus stimulating the local economy. Over the past year alone, the company hired new employees with over years of collective experience at different financial institutions.

That experience is sure to help the company as it enters an exciting time of next level growth, Roch says. At Credit Union West, the future is bright for its members and employees, and for the communities that they serve. Visit cuwest. Voya IM is a leading active asset management firm. Choosing to Include. Colleagues, clients and community are strategic priorities for diversity and inclusion, Anderson said. And we have a whole lot of fun along the way.

By leveraging company assets, resources and manpower, Goodmans has created a culture where giving back to the community is part of everyday life for our employees. The experience level of our employees cultivates a culture of excellence which translates into superior service to our customers. AIM matches local nonprofit organizations with used and refurbished office furniture that would otherwise be tossed into a landfill.

Mike Messina, general manager at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Avondale,said the automotive business is very different from when he began just out of high school 34 years ago. Consumer and employee expectations are very different. At the West Valley dealership,gone is the old school method of posting a high price or no price at all so the buyer and salesperson had to play a negotiating game. Also, now when customers receive a price for their trade-in, it is good regardless of whether you buy at this dealership or another.

Following the Larry H. Miller organization core values of integrity,hard work, service and stewardship makes buying and servicing a vehicle the professional experience it should be. This sales process sets Dodge Ram Avondale above the rest in a number of ways. Low up-front prices are shown clearly on every windshield. A trade in vehicle offer is an offer to buy. He had good customer service skills and, here, he received valuable training to take it to the next level. This past April, he was promoted to Finance manager.

His whole life has changed. A rewarding part of my job is mentoring youth and the next generation so they learn this business the right way. It is all about integrity, service and relationships. A wellness program helps employees focus on nutrition, understanding the importance of social interaction and mental wellness.

In , Avondale Dodge has partnered with FCA and Strayer University to provide an opportunity for employees and their families to earn a college degree tuition free! The ZOE Holding Company family of businesses are dedicated to taking great care of the job seekers and clients we serve in our local communities. The company union rewards employees with a broad menu of employee discounts plus funds for team leaders to offer employee recognition, branch outings and team building.

Employees can participate in quarterly team events including baseball games and painting and receive reimbursement for gym memberships plus discounted movie and event tickets. Team breakfasts and lunches, Employee Day and Treats for National Coffee Day are just some of the ways the company values its team members. They believe that employees are their key competitive advantage and are intentional about creating, growing, and sustaining that advantage.

They challenge employees to run with opportunity while remembering that small things matter. They are committed to enriching the work environment and strive to care for each other and enjoy each day. Maracay Homes is an employer of choice with high-performing people working together in a safe and healthy environment where diversity, development and teamwork are valued and recognized. Ryan is an established leader in building an engaged, satisfied and productive workforce.

Employees are measured on results, not face time. They are free to work where and when they choose, focused on results, and able to handle responsibilities tied to all aspects of their lives. Staff receive free monthly wellness newsletters featuring health-related topics. Benefits at Ryan abound, including maternity leave, tuition reimbursement, gym membership and wellness programs, and community outreach opportunities. The benefits are world class. The Phoenix campus is equipped with everything possible to make the employee experience awesome including onsite childcare facilities, a health services clinic, a state of the art fitness center and spa-like relaxation zones.

USAA believes that its member experience can be no greater than its employee experience. During the busiest seasons, the company provides lunches, dinners and snacks, and brings in massage therapists for associates to help them relax and destress. Each month, a top salesperson is recognized in a storewide meeting, and is presented with a bonus, plaque and social media along with a parking spot. Service Advisors are given the opportunity to receive monetary rewards for excellent Customer Service.

To promote a fun environment, the company provides an annual Chili Cook-off with monetary rewards given to the top three winners. The Service Department hosts an annual derby race, with an opportunity for all employees to build and personalize a car. This is a family function for healthy competition and good food with prizes awarded.

The company provides tuition reimbursement, enabling eligible employees to continue their formal education at accredited colleges and universities at little to no expense. Sundt staff have plenty of opportunities to perform community outreach. To offer career development, Camden provides Camden University, a role specific degree program with developing key skills and competencies to help team members become more successful. Staff members are eligible to receive a discount for Arizona diamond back games.

Committed to the safety and well-being of our employees, McCarthy promotes healthy lifestyle choices through fitness and diet challenges, online classes and monthly wellness activities. On-site health screenings and flu shots are available to every employee and spouse. To maintain a culture of growth and opportunity, McCarthy offers extensive training and opportunities for career development, plus a generous bonus program for all salaried employees.

For more than 30 years, Aerotek Inc. Headquartered in Hanover, Md. Aerotek is an operating company of Allegis Group, a global talent solutions provider. Perks abound at CDW including bi-weekly bagel Wednesdays, holiday bonuses, holiday bears for dependents, ice cream Fridays during the summer, and on-site massages.

Account managers have the ability to earn unlimited commissions and participate in sales incentive programs, while non-sales supervisors, managers and senior managers earn annual and quarterly bonuses based on personal and company performance. Every associate has the rare opportunity to own part of the firm and nearly 40 percent of associates are owners. Financial advisors operate as independent entrepreneurs with tremendous support from their parent company.

Each has the opportunity to earn all-expense-paid trips to exotic destinations around the world. Giveaways and contests abound including Super Bowl trips, local sports game tickets, turkeys, ice cream and Jeans Days. The Keeping up with Joneses fitness challenge drew 11, associates who competed in teams to hit 8, steps a day. The company embodies a culture that inspires employees to do their best work, develop both personally and professionally, and have fun.

The unmatched employee experience—with work perks such as chair massages and cook-offs, ping pong and costumes at Halloween, create a relaxing, fun environment. There is an intense focus on personal and professional development. Employees have paid time off to volunteer and give back to their communities and tuition assistance. The company has several mechanisms.

Fun events throughout the year include an annual company picnic, employee meet-and-greets, potlucks, holiday party, office Olympics, wearing college game day apparel, team-building activities and more. Employee-owners are empowered to make important decisions, develop new ideas or strategies, and chart their own path. Their decisions and suggestions are valued and implemented. It is a place where staff build lasting relationships and are a part of making healthcare better.

Stryker promotes healthy lifestyle choices by providing an on-site gym and discounts to fitness centers in the local area. To promote a fun, upbeat environment, the company hosts a year-long Olympic contest. To contribute to the community, Stryker Employee Events Committee focuses on quarterly volunteer events. All teams are encouraged to incorporate a team builder event with a volunteer opportunity.

The company is flexible with time off for school events, medical appointments and offers a special awards program for employees spending significant time away from home. The company recognizes employees through a bonus program, employee recognition awards and special events to celebrate project milestones, from barbecues and Wii tournaments to NBA games and scavenger hunts. Protiviti offers exceptional development opportunities, including innovative and award-winning training programs.

Eligible consultants can take part in a sabbatical program that allows eligible consultants to take up to three months off to pursue their own personal passions and adventures, with a stipend. Focusing on families is a key aspect of the work culture at American Technologies. The company provides flexible hours to allow for changes in family schedules.

To recognize each employee for their hard work, there is a bonus plan, barbecues and family-style carnivals. With safety being a prime consideration, employees are eligible for a company lunch every 30 days that there are no accidents.

The company provides a fun work atmosphere with a recreation room, monthly paid lunches, satellite TV available to all employees during the day to relax and weekly car washes. Employees can enjoy a concierge service for services such as dry cleaning, meal catering, childcare arrangements or automobile services. The company encourages use of its Employee Assistance Program EAP which offers free seminars on physical, mental and financial wellness to include bringing in knowledge matter experts to be onsite for employees.

Around the office, there are basketball hoops, Nerf gear and two relaxation rooms for employees to visit when they need some down time. Employees can enjoy a free, fully catered in lunch once a month and also free, fresh fruit and breakfast once a week. Staff members have access to an onsite gym, daycare and cafe as well as chair massages, food vendors and services, such as dry cleaning. When you walk into the Tempe, Arizona offices at Pivot Cycles, there are a few things that might catch your eye.

The first is the large awards display at the entrance. Woodruff is just one of many professionals that count on Pivot Cycles to deliver a competitive edge. Want to learn more? Go to pivotcycles. That designation was heavily based on feedback from current employees, who were highly enthusiastic about their work. The faith-based element of the school develops students as whole people, allowing students to view themselves as people with immense potential to contribute to the world around them.

Each student is treated as an individual with unique passions and gifts from God, and is taught to develop those gifts to better the world they live in. With an average student-teacher ratio of just , students and teachers enjoy a collaborative and interactive learning environment where every student gets the personalized attention they need to reach their full potential. With just students, the school is a close-knit community.

The company promotes camaraderie through fun events such as a field day and potlucks. Leadership and Kforce strongly believe in work-life balance and flexibility. Fostering an employee-centric environment, the company offers perks like rotating daily food trucks and fresh pressed coffee and juice vendor, onsite gym and casual day rewards for giving to United Way.

Employees can join clubs such as the diversity committee or culture club that organize cultural and holiday events for associates onsite such as barbecues, games, live music and contests. Music plays in the courtyard throughout the day to allow associates to relax and enjoy the campus.

In addition, eligible Vi employees enjoy a generous tuition reimbursement program as well as a student loan reimbursement program for nursing staff. To keep employees in tip-top shape, the company has an on-site gym, a FitBit Challenge with company provided FitBits, plus offer monthly exercise classes like yoga, spin, Barre and CrossFit.

Staff partake in a collaborative and energetic work environment featuring an open floor plan with no offices. The company offers flexible work hours, virtual and telecommute options. JDA offers quarterly events including group volunteer activities, charitable opportunities, wellness related activities and seasonal festivities.

Staff can participate in corporate and team events such as Football Fridays, team builders, happy hours, a fall festival, spring training and a holiday party at Top Golf. General Motors provides employees with a superior benefits package, including paid time off to participate in community service events.

The company promotes work-life balance through onsite extracurricular activities such as ping pong, foosball, a video game room and free onsite yoga classes. There are several Employee Resource Groups that are employee led and serve as a resource for employees by fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace that aligns with the vision and core values of the company.

Employees care about the communities we live and work in. The company solicits feedback and makes changes where appropriate. Quarterly health challenges and free massages contribute to a culture of wellness. Employees are encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices through physical exercise, with a ping pong table in their lunch room.

DriveTime sponsors monthly competitions for gift cards, lunches and other prizes for all dealership employees, and holds themed days around the offices such as college colors day, jersey day and an ugly holiday sweater day, where employees can win prizes for showing the most spirit. DriveTime invests in its employees by hosting regular leadership retreats, called Inside Out, which focus on developing employees both professionally and personally.

All managers nationwide are flown to Phoenix annually for three days of educational workshops, networking and an extravagant awards gala. Fashion-forward career apparel—Alliance InStyle—is a wardrobe allowance program that provides work apparel choices from popular retailers. Alliance provides opportunities for associates to develop their professional careers, including courses through unique partnerships with the Institute of Real Estate Management IREM and Dale Carnegie.

Every year the university has service awards and service-excellence banquets. A San Antonio-based financial services company may not be the first place that a Phoenix-based expert in information technology would consider looking for a job.

Maybe, however, it should be. Today, that mission continues to expand as USAA seeks to be the provider of choice for military families, and has been expanding for more than 95 years. USAA is a financial services company unlike any other due to its unique client base--members of the U. Founded by a group of just 25 army officers seeking auto insurance in , the company now employs more than 32, people around the world to serve customers. From its headquarters in San Antonio, to its second-largest office in Phoenix, to international locations in London and Frankfurt, USAA offers insurance, investments, and banking service to its growing member base of more than 12 million.

Air Force Veteran. Overall, USAA makes incredible efforts to. To promote team building and a fun atmosphere, the company provides a family day event where family members are invited to the. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged through the Health Champions group. Bi-annually, in April and October, offsite employee meetings are held to celebrate past accomplishments and future goals. Employee Kudo Awards are given on employee birthdays, anniversaries and throughout the year for participating at volunteering events such as blood drives and food bank visits.

The company celebrates associates and their partners with a fully-sponsored annual two-night, three-day summer getaway. Bountiful social events take place at unique Phoenix locations each year including happy hours, annual getaways, family outings that include children and spouses, Ragnar participation and an annual party with spouses.

Associates can make a difference and thrive, without having to sacrifice their lives to achieve great things for Arizona clients. Colleagues have wide array of opportunities for growth, with more than internal promotions last year. Princess colleagues receive benefits including medical, K and extensive travel benefits within Fairmont and affiliated brands worldwide.

Colleagues enjoy a variety of exclusive perks including family night at Christmas at the Princess, a holiday gala, a gift of a turkey at Thanksgiving, access to the WM Phoenix Open, Barrett Jackson and opportunity to participate in a number of charitable endeavors throughout the year. Willmeng leadership values employees at every level of the company and works to ensure a joyful atmosphere that celebrate success, individuals, and family as often as possible.

The company supports employee efforts to volunteer in the community that are meaningful to them. Many choose to volunteer their time and talents outside of the office by attending charity events, running marathons, delivering care packages,. The company offers a competitive pay and benefits package, a supportive management team and takes care of its employees with a variety of wellness perks, including health seminars and activities, biometric screenings and incentives for positive health status.

Further, staff can participate in financial education workshops, seminars or educational classes to advance their careers. Its mission is simple: give first-time and long-time homebuyers quality homes at affordable prices.

LGI Homes values the hard work and dedication of its employees. Recognition is an important part of its culture, and many exciting awards and opportunities are presented throughout the year. Loyalty rings and. Homebuilding and construction are among the biggest industries in the Valley. One builder is making a name for itself by doing something quite special in construction: renovating apartment communities for lowincome families and seniors.

They specialize in the renovation of low income and senior housing apartment projects — construction jobs that are not only critical to the local economy, but also extremely sensitive. In addition to health insurance including dental and vision insurance , retirement savings plans and bonus plans. While renovations of is flexible in encouraging occupied buildings can Krueger stated.

Arizona as a leading example of employee culture, strong leadership, and selfless acts. Having the right people and the right office environment attracts the right clients. To create a relaxing, upbeat environment, Jennings Strouss offers casual Fridays, an annual corn hole tournament and golf tournament with prizes, food and beverages.

An annual Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser each October raises funds for firm employees who need extra financial assistance due to crisis. The company provides on-site IT training, support seminars and training for IT certification and growth, as well as continuing education and certification for legal professionals. The company takes care of its team with free or discounted tickets to local family entertainment or sporting events. Recognition comes with an award and gift card during our quarterly meetings and peer recognition shout outs and certificates throughout the year.

Team members can expect potlucks, happy hours, free massage therapy and birthday lunches. The team members are encouraged to reach out to the surrounding community through volunteerism and are given the flexibility to take the time to volunteer. The company offers mentoring and career pathing for team members.

In addition, leadership provides employees autonomy to do the best job that they can while providing transparency and insight into the business. An Employee Tenure Program recognizes those who have been with the company 1, 5, 10 and 15 years with a gift and an online platform where colleagues can congratulate the employee on their work anniversary. In The Beer Olympics: Company Cross Functional Team Building Event, for example, each team plays a round robin of games darts, beer pong, flip cup, giant Jenga, cornhole and the team with most points wins and receives a prize.

With health and wellness a priority at Parchment, each employee is given a Fitbit and has an opportunity to participate in step challenges to get fresh air and exercise to help reduce stress of the day. The company fosters employee advancement through on-the-job training or individual professional development, participation in Toastmasters and career leveling and progression planning for each job within the company. Various contests and events throughout the year include spa days, bowling parties, dinners, food trucks, concerts and tickets to major sporting events.

Voya provides a supportive and collaborative culture that allows employees to take on responsibility and engage colleagues across the firm. Senior leaders have a low ego factor, are very approachable and encourage entrepreneurial behavior. Voya provides a robust benefits plan, which includes on-site health screenings and annual flu shots. The company sponsors parties for birthdays and holidays and also offers a Week of Fun. The company has an open culture where staff can walk up to the CEO and have a discussion.

Employees are treated to an annual Grand Canyon trip, Star Wars viewing sessions and rooftop deck lunches. The company offers unlimited paid time off for salaried employees, 20 weeks of paid maternity leave for all female employees, ten weeks for male employees and tuition reimbursement. The program provides an average of 25 days of training and development per employee, per year. To build unity and camaraderie among team members, community teams hold social events including painting, golfing, bowling, group dinners, internal contests and more.

And of course, encouraging connections and networks among residents is a major part of the Mark-Taylor lifestyle, with management teams hosting nonprofit fundraisers that residents can participate in to build awareness and rapport with the surrounding communities. We Innovate. We Serve.

We Care. It takes someone special to work at a senior living community. At Vi, which owns and manages two communities in Scottsdale, as well as eight more across the nation, employees see their careers as not just a job but also as a vocation. Amy Mataro, the Executive Director for Vi at. Grayhawk, is a perfect example. Our employees become part of a larger family.

Wolverton is no exception. Elite organization by Chief Learning Officer. In fact, in , Vi ranked No. Whether it is taking care of people or creating a delicious meal, if the employee loves what they do, then the outcome will be amazing. For the eighth straight year, Vi was recognized as a top-three Learning. To learn about careers with Vi Living or to search for a role that fits your skills, visit jobs.

Employees are encouraged to ride scooters around the office or take a company bike for a quick ride along the canal or to Old Town Scottsdale for lunch. Ping pong, cornhole and foosball tournaments get the competitive juices flowing and get coworkers up and cheering. In addition to free banking services and reduced rates on personal loans, employees can enjoy free checks, travel benefits, reduced rate movie tickets among others.

The company takes care of its employees through on-site health exams, vaccines and an annual health and wellness fair. Kitchell advocates a fun environment with company picnics, team-building excursions, Friday happy hours and an annual Kitchell Anniversary Bash. Kitchell has always been highly regarded for its commitment to the community. Reset Search. John P. Mountain View Blvd. Suite Surprise, AZ Pinal Parkway Florence, AZ Margaret A. Samadhy Ruiz Physician Assistant W. Blaine S. Perry A.

Vanessa M. Connie D. William G. Sara A. Melissa M. Navajo Dr Page, AZ Alvin Palmer Physician Assistant N. John F. Suzanne L. Michelle T. Southern Ave Tempe, AZ Christopher E. Dobson Rd Chandler, AZ Abbey P. Union Hills Dr. B Ste. Baseline Rd. Suite Gilbert, AZ Haley E. Derek J. Taylor Physician Assistant E. Presidio Street Mesa, AZ Lorie Weber Physician Assistant W. Peter B. Priscilla Tellis Physician Assistant W.

Gordon S. Melissa A. Diane E. Adrienne R. Robert D. Cheryl R. Seed Farm Rd. Sacaton, AZ Navajo Dr. Page, AZ Katharine R. Tucson, AZ Baywood Ave.

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Distance from. Surprise Stadium. Truman Ranch II. Northwest Regional Library. Justice Brothers U-Pick. Traveler rating. Hotel class. Budget 2. Mid-range 7. Family-friendly 7. Business 6. Show more. Comfort Inn 1. Residence Inn 1. Hilton Garden Inn 1. Holiday Inn Express 1. Show 10 results. Sort Filter Map. Sort by:. Updating list Windmill Suites in Surprise.

Show Prices. Free Wifi. Free parking. Hilton Garden Inn Surprise Phoenix. Special offer. Special Offer Price Match Guarantee. Visit hotel website. Hampton Inn Suites Phoenix Surprise. Taking safety measures. Holiday Inn Express Surprise. Special Offer Unlock Member Rates!

Sunflower RV Resort. The Lodge at Sunridge. The units are old. The units are privately owned so your experience will vary. Some have been renovated. Some not. My unit was owned by Petri. It was well maintained. No other properties are available in Surprise. View nearby results below. Motel 6 Phoenix Sun City - Youngtown. I will pay more and get a better motel - single pain windows let all the sound in and out Click here to compare with other Gastroenterology Specialists.

What are Dr. Lawrence Bettinger, MD's top areas of care? See all procedures and conditions Dr. Bettinger treats. Where is Dr. Lawrence Bettinger, MD's office located? Find other locations and directions on Healthgrades. Does Dr. Lawrence Bettinger, MD offer telehealth services? Bettinger has not yet indicated whether they offer telehealth services. How can I make an appointment with Dr. Lawrence Bettinger, MD?

Find contact information here to make an appointment. Bettinger's Top Procedures and Conditions. Accepted insurance can change. Please double-check when making an appointment. Lawrence Bettinger, MD Dr. Accepting new patients. Show Phone Number. Click to Call. Overview Ratings 5. Compare Dr. Suryakanth Gurudu, MD 4 Ratings. Learn more. Hugo Vargas, MD 2 Ratings. Toufic Kachaamy, MD 0 Ratings. Douglas Faigel, MD 4 Ratings. M Harrison, MD 0 Ratings.

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Hampton Inn and Suites Phoenix-Surprise Hotel - Surprise, Arizona

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The Top Winning Companies in Arizona. The Innovation Lab offers employees opportunities to drive innovation and win ARIZONA LOCATION: Surprise TOP US EXECUTIVE: Walter W. Bettinger, II, President and CEO Best Western Hotels and Resorts offers a different kind of work atmosphere. KAREN A WHITE. N GREENLAND PARK DR. MARICOPA. AZ. KAREN A WILLIAMS. CREST RD. CIINCINNATI. In the U.S., more than 65% of full-service hotel bookings and more than 75% of Despite hotels' precautions, however, visiting them is still risky, said Dr. Albert Ko, factors, so it's no surprise to see big names making moves in the industry. Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger II has said the strategy will play an.