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This game has a hidden developer message. This game has unused graphics. This game has unused models. This game has unused items. This game has unused sounds. This game has unused text.

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H795f3g2m mining bitcoins

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We'll show you how to increase the performance of your PC, laptop, tablet and Wi-Fi by up to 50 percentwithout breaking the bank.

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H795f3g2m mining bitcoins Here's how to fix them. You can also connect it to an existing wireless network and share h795f3g2m mining bitcoins devices contents on that network. Aesthetically designed with interactive user icons and h795f3g2m mining bitcoins, it runs on the latest 4. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for which people might use a secure online storage provider, which Mega is. You do not have options to tweak the animation speed modes for Window and transitions, 2D hardware rendering or anything else. Note that the presence of discrete graphics doesnt mean youll be able to play the latest games in full glory.

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Signalling even more upward difficulty adjustments in the future, mining companies plan to capitalize on higher revenues at such a scale that their orders for new machines have left leading manufacturers like Bitmain sold out until August even after nearly doubling the price of some models.

Companies like Core Scientific are handily contributing to the overload with massive 59,machine orders from Bitmain, which are set to triple its mining capacity. More than an inconvenience, the current ASIC shortage signals a deeper fundamental weakness in the mining sector amid soaring revenues and activity. Subscribe to , Subscribe.

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See all comments Gigabyte HD missing in action :. Just thought you might like to know that the x-axis captions for the noise level graphs are labelled as they would be for temperature, rather than decibels. That nvidia turbo boost is a bit cheating and you should turn it off for the test. It's basically same as overclocking and your review sample cards are most likely binned to get much better than average OC. Nice article. Glad to know I'm not missing much by sticking with brand loyalty.

Why was there no expanded information on the overclocking ability of the GPUs? As well, what kind of memory overclocks did you get? Did you have to change the voltage of the GPUs to get said clock speeds? This article was missing a bit too much info there to really be able to get the full picture of these GPUs. The HD 6 card shootout is how it should have been done for the HDs. XFX HD didn't make the list? You know what this is like? Imagine yourself as a concert prompter, trying to put a lineup together.

The sides have mirror-nished plastic strips along with similar button placement. The ZL is much smaller than the Z, but Sony has kept the screen size the same. This gives the illusion of a larger screen since the bezel is shaved down quite a bit on all sides. The ZL also enjoys the addition of a notication light at the bottom, which pulsates in different colours based on the type of notication. The display is exactly the same as the. Sony still gives you full HD resolution on the 5-inch panel, bringing the overall pixel count to ppi.

The ZLs interface is slick and uid, just like that of the Z. Along with the usual selection of Xperia apps, you also get Sony Music, which lets you stream. The biggest problem with this app is the lack of a search function; you have to manually sort through albums or artists, which is a real pain. The ZL also features an IR port that lets. We did nd a few areas of concern that we would like to highlight: in the settings, under the Developer Options menu, the only option available is to enable or disable USB Debugging mode.

You do not have options to tweak the animation speed modes for Window and transitions, 2D hardware rendering or anything else. Though they might not be required by most users, we did notice the absence of the animation tweak settings causes the app drawer to open very sluggishly.

We had to conrm this by installing a third-party home launcher and cut off the animations, which then made the app drawer function as smoothly as can be expected. Another issue we noticed was the absence of proper drivers for ADB mode. Lastly, the operating system installed on the phone cannot be rooted by any means available.

We spoke with a Gionee representative regarding the issue and were told that the company wants to protect the warranty and hence does not allow rooting. Well, if you are fond of rooting and customising your Android devices, then this phone could get knocked off your list since many utilities need you to have root privileges. Whats more, Gionee has also conrmed that the phone will not be updated to Android 4. The entire chassis is very glossy and is a ngerprint magnet.

The handset is just 8. The rear panel is a thin clip-on plate, similar to the Galaxy series rear panels, and has a matte-nished exterior. The D1 is powered by a quad-core. ARMv7 processor clocked at 1. The manufacturer has also bundled a 16GB microSD card for free. The 4. It also sports a Gorilla Glass 2 scratchresistant glass panel. The rear houses an 8-megapixel camera accompanied by an LED ash, while the front has a standard 1-megapixel camera for video calls.

Connectivity options include 3G, Bluetooth v4. The Dream D1 runs on Android 4. The overall aesthetics of the phone are also good and it will denitely appeal to you at rst glance. The Dream D1 has a custom user interface developed by Gionee. It seems like a tweaked version of the MIUI. Dimensions WxHxD : 67 x 8. FOR: Great form; light weight; decent battery life; legible display. The UI is quite uid, but with Jelly Bean, were sure there would have been a visible difference.

There are a few borrowed tweaks from high-end LG handsets that come in handy. Media capabilities were a little better than average. Overall, we were impressed with the L9s design, but not the build. It could have been so much better in the features department as well and doesnt quite stand up to well to the competition. It may be signicantly lighter than the rest at just gm, but thats also because its lighter in terms of features.

The L9 ships with Android 4. It also comes with a decent 5-megapixel shooter, but there are phones with 8-megapixel cameras and better specs that perform a. The 8-megapixel camera on the back has a BSI sensor and is capable of capturing full HD p videos. It doesnt take pictures very well, though: we shot some pictures in broad sunlight only to nd that well-lit areas were too bright and areas with low light were almost blacked out. Indoor photos are below average as well. Theres some grain and the photos are slightly blurred and lack sharpness.

The Q runs on Android 4. Lastly, the handset is fuelled by a mAh battery. The front panel has no physical buttons at all; there are three capacitive buttons for Home, Back and Menu instead. The rear panel sports the primary camera, an LED ash and a speaker grill. The entire phone has a good grip and the 4. The Q has powerful hardware under the hood.

It runs on the MT SoC, which features a quad-core 1. The display is a 4. The chassis is very. OS is stock Jelly Bean 4. Audio quality is strictly average, but the loudspeaker is pretty loud. The Karbonn S1 Titanium is priced at Rs 10, While it does seem like a good deal considering the specications, we wouldnt recommend it.

The S1 might seem powerful on paper, but it just doesnt deliver in the real world. We have a microUSB port at the bottom, a volume rocker on the side and the power and headphone ports at the top. The viewing angles and colours are very poor for an IPS panel and the screen sensitivity is not very good either. Colours feel oversaturated and the screen is not lit evenly, making the corners seem darker than the rest of the screen.

FOR: Good build; great aesthetics. We have a 3. The handset is loaded with a few social networking, gaming and productivity apps and the user can download a lot more from Samsungs online store. Lastly, the REX 90 is fuelled by a mAh battery which the manufacturer claims will give you 15 hours of talk-time.

Considering the phone is not very great for watching videos, gaming or even surng the Internet, the battery should last for at least two days on one charge. It has a white, glossy exterior with a sliver chrome trim around the entire body. Whats more, the SIM 2 slot is a hot-swap port, which means you can remove or replace the SIM card without having to turn off the phone.

The 3. The onboard. PC interfacing. Theres no NFC. Its quite average on the connectivity front; nothing out of the ordinary. Basic Android smartphone apps are accounted for with a couple of company extras like a Wireless Display option and XOLO Care, which connects you to the companys service centre for assistance. The Xs 8-megapixel shooter has features that include quite a few scene modes, Exposure control, White Balance, a Panorama mode, and more.

The camera also comes equipped with a Burst mode that captures up to 10 images in succession with a maximum frame rate of 15 FPS. Its not really as good as some of the others out there. Overall camera performance was quite good, and although photos captured in low-light conditions were a little dull, they appear quite sharp nonetheless. Equipped with a mAh nonremovable battery, the XOLO X managed to perform a little better than the last few Intel-based devices weve seen.

That said, it still was average as devices priced in this range tend to have slightly better batteries so sustained usage works out. There are quite a few smartphones in the Rs 15, range that will more than measure up to the X in terms of performance. Unfortunately, apart from its uber-cool looks, decent camera and swift-but-basic UI and performance, the X doesnt really have too much to offer. The curved glass 4.

The rubberised rear panel and curved unibody give the phone a cool, balanced look. The X is 9. This doesnt quite make it the smartest smartphone out there nor the fastest in its price bracket. While using the handset, there were no lags or issues; however, playing some high-end games showcased a slight framing and lag issue which hopefully, an update to Jelly Bean will x.

The Xs music player offers a few. Audio quality in general was good. But the quality of the bundled earphones was far below par. The built-in FM radio had a slightly gauche UI, but performed adequately. Full HD videos in MP4 played reasonably well, but there was nevertheless a slight lag on the native player. A few codecs are pre-loaded, but youll need a third-party player for others.

You also get Bluetooth 2. It provided well-balanced tones with resounding lows and slightly sharp highs. HD les didnt seem to have any issue during playback. The doesnt have an FM tuner. Theres a 5-megapixel camera thats not too bad; photo quality is quite good and it manages low-light photos well.

For Rs 14,, the Lumia is a superb handset. Its a lot smaller than the competition, but it does offer a great UI, superb audio and a decent battery. It has great build quality and thanks to its smaller size, is easy to handle; the button placements are spot on too. It features a 3.

The WP8 UI with its Live Tiles and social network integration worked seamlessly and was as smooth as high-end devices. The also proved to be a well-. Zync Quad 9. The display featured on the Quad 9. The tablet is equipped with two cameras: a 5-megapixel one on the rear and a 2-megapixel one on the front. The Quad 9. The tablet is fuelled by two mAh batteries connected in series a total of mAh , which is bound to make it last for a long time on a single charge.

Strangely, the processor has been clocked at just 1GHz by the manufacturer. The reason could be to keep the tablets performance stable because the chipset used is the Allwinner A31 and the operating system required by the SoC is Android 4. Hopefully, Zync will release an update to enable this tablet to harness its potential. However, only Dimensions WxHxD : x x 9. Its nowhere near as. The stock video player can now playback MKV les as well and full HD videos play just ne without any stutter or lag.

The 3G variant of the Nexus 7 supports all four GSM bands, so you can access high-speed data connections anywhere in the world. The Nexus 7 is tted with a 4, mAh battery that lasts quite long. We managed to squeeze four hours of video, two hours of music and three hours of video streaming over Wi-Fi. This makes the Nexus 7 a very good tablet for media consumption. The 32GB 3G version of the Asus Nexus 7 costs Rs 21,, which makes for a much better deal when compared to the 3G iPad mini, which costs upwards of Rs 30, and has similar specs.

The Nexus 7 still loses out to the Galaxy Tab 2 though, which is priced at Rs 16, and has expandable memory, a rear camera and voice call support. If youre looking for a tablet for gaming, then the Nexus 7 is the most powerful one of the lot. It packs in impressive hardware and is compatible with games optimised for Nvidias chipset. It also has a screen with a high pixel density and good battery life for media consumption.

Plus, you will get all the latest updates on priority as its a Nexus device. If talking on your tablet is of high priority for you, then youre better off with the Galaxy Tab 2. For everything else, we would recommend Nexus 7.

The chassis is mostly plastic, but is not reective or glossy. The rubberised back offers good grip; however, it does tend to dent easily if dropped. The bezel around the screen is not very thick; its just wide enough to be able to hold the tablet comfortably any way you want. The tablet only has a front-facing 1. Theres no camera app installed by default, so youll have to download that separately.

Just like any other Nexus device, the Nexus 7 runs the latest version of Android, which is 4. You also get the tablet-exclusive features of Android 4. This is really handy, as you can have multiple proles for various members of your family, each with their own set of settings and apps. The display.

This gives you very good viewing angles, but the colour accuracy isnt as good as we expected. The stock audio and video players are quite competent in the newest version of Android. The music player gives you a good number of EQ settings and the. Cortex A9 processor, but theres a slight difference. Primes processor was clocked at 1. Here, you get support for Bluetooth v3.

We rst tested the battery life of only the tablet by running our video loop test and found that the tablet lasted for 9. Next we completely charged both the tablet and the dock and ran the same test again. This time the combined battery life was At gm, the tablet alone is about 50 grams heavier than the Prime TF This doesnt mean its bulky; in fact its quite compact and feels very sturdy.

The power button is on the top left and the 3. The rear panel sports a 8-megapixel camera and theres a 1. The dock adds the convenience of a laptop courtesy a physical keyboard and touchpad. A good thing is that when the tablet is docked, the battery of the dock is used rst followed by the tablets battery.

This ensures youll have maximum battery life when you head out with only the tablet. The keyboard is similar to that of a netbook, except for the topmost row, which has shortcuts for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness, web browser, settings, media playback, volume control and lock. Typing is comfortable and even people with large hands will nd it quite convenient. The touchpad with its left and right-click buttons is pretty useful too.

Note that the right-click button also functions as the back button. Both models feature a quad-core. Dimensions WxHxD : x 9. FOR: Excellent build quality; loud; decent bass. The Solemate can pair with anything that has a 3. The battery life is nowhere near the claimed eight-hour mark. I managed to get ve to six hours while blasting it at full volume. The Solemate may look hideous, but its a well-built and cleverly-designed product. Its audio quality is good enough for it to serve as a personal portable speaker, but it doesnt make sense for the asking price of Rs 10, Its a good thing then that the Solemate is built like a tank.

The Solemates audio delity is surprisingly good. The pair of low frequency drivers do a good job of reproducing bass. While there was a lack of treble due to the highs being rolled off, the overall tonal balance was quite pleasing nonetheless. In addition to its primary function of a boombox, the Solemate also serves. FOR: Built-in duplexer; excellent print speed and quality; good print economy. The large paper tray at the bottom can hold up to sheets and above it is the output tray, which can collect up to 75 sheets.

The output tray is also a cover for the input tray. The is one of the fastest mono inkjet printers in the market. Our tests revealed normal printing to be 19 ppm, while the draft mode printing reached a whopping 21 ppm. With its low cartridge cost, high printing speed and laserlike print quality, the is strongly recommended for those who need a business printer on a tight budget. Its denitely not compact theres a protruding paper input tray in the front and a large duplexing mechanism at the rear.

The top has a sheet ADF mechanism above the atbed scanners lid. This MFD can print, scan, fax and copy. You can also share it on a wired local network. The control panel has a monochrome TFT display and feather touch switches.

Beside it is a large door that exposes the cartridge section which can take two sizes of black cartridgesstandard Rs and XL Rs The claimed yield. Printing technology: Inkjet monochrome ; Functions: Print, scan, copy and fax; Automatic duplexer: Yes; Print resolution: dpi; Scan resolution: dpi; Monthly duty cycle: 12, pages. The X1 offers three 5.

There are retention clamps for tool-free installation of drives, but not all the bays have clamps. If you have more than three hard drives, youll have to secure them with screws. Theres ample space for installing motherboards, but due to its size, you cant route the cables behind the backplate.

The power supply is at the bottom, where theres a grill for air intake. The Antec X1 is priced well for what it offers. Its not much different than the low-cost boxes used for home and office PCs, but the chiselled design, front panel cut outs, fancy 5. The only complaint here is the lack of USB 3. Instead, you get a pair of USB 2. The all-black interior of the X1 is well laid out.

Theres provision for mm fans on the rear, side panel and an extra. Dimensions WxHxD : x x mm; Drive bays: 3 x 5. Once the Wireless Plus is connected to a wireless network, users can access its contents by navigating to the shared folder or stream media using the storages built-in media server. The Wireless plus is just a few millimeters longer than a conventional 2. We recommend it for frequent travellers. The device is powered by an internal battery that can last you for as much as 10 hours at a stretch.

The Wireless Plus features a wireless hotspot using which you can connect multiple devices and access the data on the storage. You can also connect it to an existing wireless network and share the devices contents on that network.

The device would be pretty benecial for those who travel a lot and wish to access their data wirelessly from their phones, notebooks or tablets when on the move. The device also has a media server that. Dimensions WxHxD : 89 x x They are so similar, it.

Scene, Magic lters and Panorama assist. What we found most interesting was Beauty mode, which is meant to make your subject look more beautifulits actually like a digital makeup kit. If used sparingly, the faux makeup can actually make your subject look more beautiful. ISO and higher should only be used as last resort in extremely low light. But then you have a powerful ash that can help expose subjects up to 15 metres away.

For outdoor shots, the camera does very well so long as the subjects arent under direct sunlight. Shoot in shade and youll get the best resultsexcellent details, punchy colours and good skin tones. Photos of subjects and scenes shot in direct sunlight appear washed out due to incorrect exposure. Also, distant objects appear fuzzy and lack details.

Another problem area is purple fringing around objects against bright backlight. This was more apparent around the corners and borders of the frame and less in the center. We say, the overall performance of the VG is average. The only strengths of this camera are its powerful ash and the great Beauty Mode, which is fun to use. For the kind of performance and features it offers, we found the Olympus Stylus VG priced quite high.

The addition of a large ash doesnt quite justify the premium it commands. It weighs only grams, which may be because of the tiny lithium ion battery that powers it. The VG sports the same lens as the VG the lens starts from 26mm 35 mm equivalent and extends to mm, translating to 5x optical zoom.

It would have been nice if Olympus had added optical image stabilisation, but like the VG, the VG too uses digital image stabilisation. The large high-intensity ash has been retained and the 3-inch K dot LCD monitor has too been left unchanged. The design of the control panel is simpletheres a dedicated button for video recording at the top right corner, right next to the thumb grip.

Videos can be recorded at up to p, 30 fps, but optical zoom isnt available while youre shooting videos. Below it is the playback button, a 5-way d-pad and menu button. The right side is home to an eyelet for wrist strap and a USB port protected by a ap. The user interface is typical of all Olympus digital cameras. You press the OK button in the centre of the D-pad to bring up a stack of controls on the right side of the screen. Right at the top of the stack is the Mode selection option.

The card itself is surprisingly small and light. At However, its distinguished look and high-quality manufacturing makes up for that. The solid aluminium cooler and windowed shroud make it feel like a very premium product. The card requires one six-pin and one eight-pin PCIe power connector, and its TDP is rated at a surprisingly low watts. Most agship cards are much larger, noisier and hungrier for powerthe Titan feels rened and understated in comparison. It could actually be practical in compact gaming PCs thanks to its small size, low power requirements and a sealed design that pushes hot air out through the rear panel.

As expected, the Titans scores were by far the highest weve ever seen for a single-GPU card in both games and synthetic benchmarks, effortlessly beating the GTX and Radeon and only very slightly trailing the GTX Theres no doubt that the Titan is an expensive card, but if youre willing to pay that kind of money, you now have a choicethe more brutish, powerful GTX , or the more subtle, rened GTX Titan.

The GTX will perform better, but youll appreciate the nesse that a Titan will bring to your gaming rig. The GK GPU at the heart of the Titan was primarily designed for accelerating parallel computing tasks for scientic research using the GPUs programmable architecture. The Titan supersedes the GTX as Nvidias fastest single-GPU gaming card, and its numberless name will allow it to remain at the top of the line-up even after the series is introduced.

It costs roughly the same as a dual-GPU GTX card and wont outperform it, but makes less noise, consumes less power, and has none of the scaling problems that dual-GPU cards have. Moreover, up to three Titans can be used together in SLI. The GK architecture is much beeer than the GK that powers the. The specications are almost dizzying7. The Titan can also handle double-precision oating.

Another neat feature is GPU Boost 2. Nvidias new GPU is an excellent choice for p gaming on a single screen, but there are other card manufacturers with more reasonable offerings. Ti and The Boost has stream processors and 64 texture unitsfourfths the values of the but retains all 24 ROPs.

Galaxy has gone with a custom cooler and port cluster for the card. Theres no reason for a graphics card to restrict itself like thiswere not. FOR: Custom cooler; low noise and power consumption; free game. In operation, the fans were barely audible no matter how hard our tests pushed them. Temperatures also never rose above 54 degrees Celsius. The Radeon HD outclasses the , and also comes close to the , which sells for a little bit more.

If your budget strictly tops out at Rs 11,, then this is the best card you can buy. The is the best option at its price, and we love Asus custom design. However, Nvidias new Ti Boost is a denite step up for just a little more money. The has 10 such units. This card is clocked only 75 MHz faster than the stock 1GHz, but memory bandwidth is pushed up from 6. Asus claims the card runs 20 percent cooler and signicantly quieter with its custom cooler.

The cooler sticks out beyond the stubby cards end, and hot air will blow out through the back as well as into your cabinet. Ace Combat We take the laptop battle to the higher ground. This segment starts with models that are a notch above. We sort the best laptops into the Best Performance and Best Value categories.

This includes the processor, graphics, memory, storage and display. Lastly, the weight of each laptop was noted. We considered the quality of the chassis, the screen frame, hinges, the keyboard, buttons and switches.

We also noted scratch-resistant exteriors and the use of metal in the construction. Lastly, we subjectively rated the aesthetic appeal of each laptop on a ve-point scale. This section analyses essential elements such as the keyboards keys and its layout, the pointing device and its buttons, status indicators, hotkeys and a few more. The tests were divided into synthetic and real-world tests.

The synthetic tests made use of four utilities that help analyse the capabilities of the core components, such as the processor, memory, storage and the GPU. The realworld tests consisted of another set of utilities, and the scores obtained here helped analyse the actual performance of the laptop. We also subjectively evaluated the quality and power output of the built-in speakers. To wind up the performance test, we ran a test to get an idea of how long the notebook would last when put under heavy load.

The Best Value award was awarded to the laptop that offered a good balance of all the feature-sets for the lowest price. The Best Performance award went to the one that outperformed the lot. To nd out additional information about the various tests in each section, simply ip over to the table. These laptops are almost at par with entry-level desktop PCs. Note that the presence of discrete graphics doesnt mean youll be able to play the latest games in full glory.

However, it should suffice for casual gaming and accelerating certain features in photo-editing applications. Moving up the rank are the mighty powerhouses. These wield the power of a mid-range desktop PC or an entry-level gaming PC in a portable form. You have laptops powered by quad-core Intel Core i7 processors, powerful discrete graphics and plenty of storage space. These workhorses won't be intimidated by demanding applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Premier. On the other hand, you can go the thin-and-light way and opt for an Ultrabook.

These slim and svelte notebooks are about an inch thick and weigh a lot less than conventional laptops. They are your ideal companions for the road. Equipped with solid state drives and ultra-low voltage processors, you can rest assured youll get a good balance of performance and battery life. There has not been much action in the laptop segment in recent times, except for some highend models with Windows 8 and touchscreens.

Other changes include newer designs, the usual mix of new colour options and textures, and slightly improved input devices in some models. All the major laptop brands have a slew of models and variants across all price brackets. You can today choose to have a notebook with or without a discrete graphics card, get your pick of CPU, opt for solid state drives instead of the traditional hard drive, and even choose the amount of memory.

In short, you can make sure you get the best combination of performance and looks for your budget. For this comparison, we tested laptops priced between Rs 35, and Rs 65, Read on to nd out how we went about testing them and arrived at the winners. Test Process The laptop evaluation process consists of ve main parameters: Features, Build quality, Ergonomics, Performance and Warranty.

Each of these parameters was carefully scrutinised to generate a table of scores that helped us. The 14R turbo is crafted for multimedia buffs and power users. It pushes the performance envelope even farther than the top-end variant of the Inspiron 14R series. This includes being able to choose between a more powerful Intel Core i5 processor and a quad-core Core i7 processor if youre looking at sheer power.

It also comes with discrete graphics and Skullcandy speakers for a rich multimedia experience. So it wasnt difficult to guess the winner right at the outset. Of course, even the build quality and ergonomics count when it comes to the overall score, and Dell hasnt compromised on any aspect. We must say it looks very elite thanks to the anodised aluminum lid and its precision-etched honeycomb design.

The same is present on the palm rest and the area around the keyboard. The laptop feels solid and is very comfortable to use. The chiclet keyboard has good tactile response, as do the touchpad buttons. The ports are placed along the left and right sides for easy access. These include a pair of USB 3. As for the overall performance, well, it's almost twice as fast as mainstream laptops.

Check out the real world scoresit completed all the tests in nearly half the time taken by the other contenders. We feel that the hard drive was the only bottleneck. FOR: Very good build; powerful conguration; looks classy. Its only the guts that are more powerful; when kept next to each other, it would be difficult to differentiate between the Inspiron 14R and 14R turbo.

This combination of hardware puts the Inspiron 14R turbo right at the top. It was the only model to feature. Rs 63, Weight: 2. It runs on an Intel Core iM processor clocked at 2. The display is a fairly large The left side features a USB 2. The front houses the card reader and the status indicators for power, Wi-Fi and battery. Lastly, the operating system installed on it is Microsoft Windows 8, bit edition. We did miss the touchscreen option on this laptop as it benets the tiled Windows 8 user interface.

The laptop is powered using a mAh battery, which can run for around 1 hour and 37 minutes when under heavy load. The Toshiba Satellite's chassis, screen frame and hinges are built well and feel solid. However, the keyboard feels somewhat rubberised and its poor tactility brought the rating down. The Toshiba Satellite did well on the ergonomics front owing to its keyboard's well-spaced and large keys, besides its tactile touchpad.

The laptop also gained points for having a full-sized keyboard with a keypad, which is a useful feature for those dealing with numbers on a daily basis. The laptop manages to perform better than the average. Scores related to the performance in the le compression, video transcoding and ray-tracing tests were impressive. The battery also lasted for a good hour and a half when on an exhaustive test.

The audio from the onboard stereo speakers was not as great, as the volume was a tad low and the clarity was below average. We would recommend this laptop for those who are looking for a standard desktop alternative with the option of going mobile too. This is a good, balanced laptop that's not too shabby on the performance front and comes with a decent price tag.

FOR: Good performance; good build quality; large display; numeric keypad. Rs 37, Weight: 2. A laptop's configuration and price has to be considered very carefully because it has to last you for a few years. Opting for the highest configuration in the market makes sense, but the price tag is not worth it. Currently, the wise choice would be a Core i7 laptop with discrete graphics, but low RAM and storage, as these components can be upgraded later on.

But if you are on a tight budget, check for the best laptop in your budget. And those seeking a powerful computer can consider the Dell 14R turbo. I would suggest going future-proof by getting a notebook that has a touchscreen panel to get the complete experience of new and future operating systems. One of the best in the subRs 45, segment is the Acer Aspire V For Rs 43, you cant go wrong with the V If youre willing to shell out anything more than Rs 50,, I suggest settling for a premium Ultrabook or a notebook powered by a quadcore Intel Core i7 processor.

Its about an inch thick, sports a touchscreen and runs an ultralow voltage Core i5 processor. You may find it expensive, but the slim form, eye-catching aesthetics, solid build and good ergonomics are completely worth it. FOR: Easy to congure and use; locks down your computer.

Hence, its best to take frequent backups and use a security suite. Intel claims its Anti-Theft Service can secure important data from unauthorised access. Let's see if it's claims are any good. You cannot aff afford data or let it get into the wrong hands.

This involves specifying an anti-theft password 8-digit numeric and your email address. Theres also a checkbox to enable tracking of your devices location if its lost or stolen. After conguration, you can access the software via an icon in the notication area of the task bar.

How it works Intel Anti-Theft Service syncs your device's status with your online account from time to time; you can choose to do this manually too. All the action lies in the Web Management Console, which is a webpage and can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device with a web browser.

The bottom of the page displays the location of the device courtesy Google Maps and location historythe location is traced using your IP address. The big red button that says Secure my device will come to the rescue if your device is lost or stolen. There are two modes that you can choose from. However, it wont lock-down the device. The 'Lock down' mode will immediately shut down and lock the device. Note that the thieves will have. System requirements and installation Intel Anti-Theft Service will run on your laptop provided it meets the minimum system requirements: an Intel 6 or 7 series chipset, 1GB of RAM, MB of disk space, Windows 7 or 8, a compatible browser and a good, fast Internet connection.

To check whether the software can run on your laptop, Intel has devised an application called Intel Anti-Theft Discovery App 2. If supported, it will prompt you to go ahead with the download and installation. Before downloading, you need to have a McAfee account, which you can sign up for. You're taken to this Window via the Intel AT icon in the notification area.

The action lies in the Web Management Console. You can get past it only on typing the correct password. It takes a few seconds for the command to be executed. The Lock down mode is equivalent to rendering your laptop useless for the thief. When started in this mode, the laptop displays a lock-down message before POST, just a few seconds after you press the power button. The correct anti-theft password 8-digit numeric has to be entered to continue the boot process.

Since the technology is tied to the hardware, this mode cant be overridden even by changing the hard drive, reinstalling the operating system or ashing the BIOS. The Settings page in the Web Management Console has an option to auto-lock the device if it has not been connected to the Internet for a specied number of days 2 to This can be disabled by enabling the 'Vacation' mode. You can also enable the 'Repair shop' mode, which keeps the device unlocked if you have to leave it with someone.

Browser Cleanup 8. Player 2. Many laptop brands have already started offering devices with Intel AntiTheft Service included in the package. So, look out for the Intel Anti-Theft Service logo on the laptop or its packaging if youre looking for a value-for-money buy. NET Framework Version 4. So you will have to rely on manual backups.

At the bottom of the main page is a button called Backup Options, which lets you customise your backup. You can add comments that will help you distinguish between different backups, choose the compression level for the backup les, add encryption, choose to split larger les into smaller les and much more.

AOMEI Backupper also lets you choose between full, incremental and differential backups for particular datasets. The software also provides you with a Clone option, with the help of which you can make exact copies of partitions or disks. The process of restoring les is also quite easy and the time taken will depend on the amount, type and format of the data. On launching it, you will see all the required options on the main screen itself, and backing-up data takes only a few clicks.

The application lets you back-up the complete hard disk, a particular partition or even the complete system. The Disk Backup option makes an image of your hard disk drives, while the System Backup option makes an image of your entire system. If you want to back-up only one or two partitions, you can do so via the Partition Backup option.

Once you select the type of backup you want to take, you can choose where to save the backup le. The main page of the application also. From here you can choose to restore a backup, take more backups and even delete old backups. The only glitch here is that the software doesnt have an auto-. A good thing is that the thumbnail of the lter displays gives you real-time previews.

It would have been nice if there was an option to tweak lter parameters, but you can adjust the intensity using the Amount slider in the right pane. But the support for layers and masking does all the magic. So far, Perfect Effects 4 is one of the most versatile photo editors weve come across for enhancing photosits absolutely a must-try.

It goes much beyond simply loading a photo and choosing an effect. The support for layers, layer blending modes and masking gives you much headroom for creativity. The intuitive user interface makes using all the features a cakewalkits extremely easy to use and youll soon want to tinker with all the tools.

The software comprises two components: the Home screen and Effects module. The Home screen lets you browse photos and transform, crop and mask images. A panel to the right displays a thumbnail of the image that can be switched to Loupe or Histogram. Further down is a Layers section that helps you manage layers delete, copy, merge, ll , select blending modes and adjust layer opacity.

The concern level meter indicates the seriousness of issues. Use the Fix All button to x them all in one go. It lets you choose to exclude certain functions and manage schedules. We think PC Cleaner is a bit too overpriced for what it offers.

Its too basic and doesnt offer much more than what freeware programs out there do. Youd be better off buying a good Internet Security suite and using a freeware such as CCleaner, which does a rather good job of xing common problems. If youre looking out for a good system tuning utility, consider TuneUp Utilities , which will appeal to both novices and experienced users. You can try out this software if you feel like it, but bear in mind that the trial version only detects issues and doesnt let you x them.

Like most other system tuning utilities, the software displays the system's health and the number of issues found, which is usually in the thousands and meant just to evoke fear. The Fix All button xes all the issues in one go. It may seem gimmicky, but it actually isnt. The problems are common to all computers that run Windows and have to be addressed from time to time to prevent the system from slowing down and keep it running smoothly.

Experienced users may not need a separate program for maintaining their system, but the same is like a magic wand for novicesone tool xes it all! The Restore tab helps you manage restore points that allow you to restore the system to a previous state. The Settings tab is quite comprehensive: in addition to. It can scan and convert an image directly. However, its performance could be better. We tried a few experiments to try out the utility and were disappointed.

We tried taking a screenshot of the programs own website and it gave us less than 30 percent accuracy. Since there were a lot of pictures and advertisements in the image, we gave it another shot with another website, but the result was the same. There were a lot of mistakes with even the simplest of fonts. We also tried the utility with a word document containing only text and the software managed only 80 percent accuracy. There were quite a few mistakes in the conversion too.

Though the concept of capturing text from an image directly from the screen is appealing, the performance is not as good as one would expect. We feel it is a bit expensive for the performance it delivers. The only interface you see is a small control box in the system tray. The application itself runs in the background. What we mean here is that the software can instantly convert any images on your screen to readable and searchable text.

It is nothing but a simple OCR coupled with a screen-grabbing utility. The software is very easy to install and use. A single click on the icon gives you three buttonsCapture, History and Register. There is a default hotkey assigned to the utility F4 , but it can be changed to your desired hotkey. Hitting F4 will start the screen capture with a multi-colored mouse cursor on the screen waiting for your input. All you have to do is select the start point and drag to the end point on the screen with the mouse cursor.

Clicking on Save to File lets you send the output to a program of your choice. The utility is very simple to operate. You can tag photos, mark your favourites and create events or albums to make sorting easier. The app also lets you make basic touchups.

In addition to the de rigeur lters, there are surprisingly ne-grained controls for white balance, exposure and contrast. There are also crop, rotate, ip and red-eye reduction tools available. All photos are set to private by default, but you can set permissions for individual albums. You can launch a basic slideshow and watch it either on your device or on a big screen via AirPlay. Finally, the share menu lets you send photos via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr including bulk uploads to Flickr.

For taking the hassle out of photo organisation, Revel is a winner. Images could be forgotten or dumped in unorganised folders on different PCs, making them inaccessible when needed. Adobe wants to help you manage your photos and let you access them no matter where they originated.

By uploading copies to Revel's servers, you'll know that a copy is always available there. The day window is enough to upload your entire historical. The app shows thumbnails of. In addition, the background also rotates independently. You'll have to learn to spot the formations and react accordinglyit really isn't as easy as it might seem, though you'll learn to pick up on certain cues and patterns.

There are three difficulty settings: Hard, Harder and Hardest. You won't last more than a few seconds at a time to begin with, but with practice it's possible to last 60 seconds in each level, which will unlock hyper-fast versions of them designated Hardester, Hardestest and Hardestestest, of course. But don't let that daunt you; Super Hexagon is insane fun and highly rewarding, making it worth the price. It's both of those things and more. In a world where even mobile games now have increasingly realistic 3D graphics, cutscenes, plot complications and all kinds of clutter, Super Hexagon's superbly simplistic graphics and gameplay are a breath of fresh air.

It's the kind of game you can't resist trying again and again and again, and that you'll gleefully pass around to all your friends. Essentailly, you are the tiny triangle in the center and must revolve around the central core to avoid the obstacles that come rushing towards you.

You can only move clockwise or anticlockwise, by tapping either side of the screen. That's all you have to do. The obstacles rush towards you in increasingly convoluted. To turn the pages, you can tap on the right or left edges of the screen, swipe horizontally from right-to-left or viceversa, or swipe up or down. Tapping on the middle of the screen brings up the menu bar at the top and a slider at the bottom that will tell you the page number you are on.

The menu bar has a search option that allows you to search within the book. If you come across a word you want to know the meaning of, or want to look up the translation, then long press on it. The app also has a read aloud option, which is quite handy. It also syncs your reading history so that you can resume where you left off, across devices. To browse for more books, click on the "Play Store" icon, which will take you to Google Play's book store. Browsing books in the Play Store is quite easy thanks to the neat categorisation.

Clicking on a title brings up more details about the book, reviews and ratings. If its a free book, you can click on "Open" and the book will be added to your library. Clicking on the "Blue pin" icon in the library downloads the book so it's available to read when offline.

Long-pressing on a book lets you. The app makes reading books quite comfortable. When reading, the app lets. There is an offline mode that allows you to download and watch movies offline. You can also watch movies on the web or on an Android device as long as you sign in with the same Google account. But you will have to download or pin it again on that device, which is time consuming and may cost you if you're on a limited data plan. Renting a movie gives you access to the movie for 30 days. But this doesn't mean you can watch a movie over and over again for 30 days, as the active rental period is only 48 hours.

So, once you start watching or downloading the movie, you have access to the movie only for the next 48 hours. Considering the renting time and additional data charges, the price for renting movies comes across as slightly high. At the moment, the not-so-long list is dominated by English movies, and a handful of Bollywood icks.

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