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Nba odds betting system football betting parlays

Nba odds betting system

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Of course, if Atlanta eclipses the point threshold, your ticket will cash. Where the Martingale System comes into effect is if the bet were to lose. If they succeed in this second attempt, you will have covered the losses of your first wager and have made some additional profit.

This pattern would continue until your luck changed and a bet was to cash. All of these factors play key roles in projecting the final score of an NBA game. This makes it particularly appealing to NBA bettors operating with smaller bankrolls who are more risk-averse. If your bet loses, you would increase your wager amount.

If the bet wins, you will keep your single unit wager the same. If a winning bet follows a loss, you decrease the size of your wager back to the previous amount. A proven NBA trend involves teams coming off of uncharacteristically poor offensive outings. Over time, these teams have shown an ability to bounce back in a big way on the scoreboard during their next home game.

To use the Bounce Back System, you will need to have a spot where a team is playing at home after a bad offensive performance in their last game. The best teams to use with this system are those with winning records that had a field goal percentage and point total that fell far below what is typical. With the expected rebound in offensive output from the home team, this yields an increased chance of the game total going over, depending on the offered number.

When an NBA team wins by 15 points or more, a common misperception might be that they have momentum on their side and should be able to win their next game by a double-digit margin as well. In actuality, the opposite is more often the case. This data would suggest that it is highly unlikely for a team to put together back-to-back blowout performances.

The source of the trend that gives the Blowout System its existence could be any number of things. Player fatigue, overconfidence, or an overreaction by the betting market to the previous game are all possibilities. Whatever the reason, look to fade double-digit favorites coming off a blowout win their last time out.

The subject of back-to-back games has garnered attention around the NBA community in recent years, with the league working to cut down on the number of times teams are faced with this scenario on the schedule. The general trend for teams playing on a back-to-back is that they struggle with fatigue in the second game. While this naturally leads to performance dips, it is interesting to note that different teams struggle at different rates when playing in this scenario.

A study by numberFire examined the results of teams playing on a back-to-back that were either above or below the. The other factor to consider in these spots is the location of the game. As the data would suggest, the Back-to-Back System will be most reliable for betting purposes when the second game comes on the road.

Combined with other research on the specific game and teams in question, the system is one of the easiest to implement. In these scenarios, research has found that scoring is at a premium. The probable reasoning behind the 3 in 4 System is that playing defense at a high level of intensity requires more physical work than offense.

When tired, most players will opt to play less defense and save their energy for scoring. When a 3 in 4 situation arises on the schedule, the over on the game total is the advised play. Given the nature of the sport of basketball, the NBA is by far the highest-scoring of any major professional sports league. If that bet wins, you start over. If it loses, you continue to the 6th progressive amount. Because of this, if you lose the first 5 bets, start over without going forward to the 6th. One of the big frustrations you often hear from NBA coaches and players are about scheduled B2B back-to-back games.

The majority of casual bettors treat all B2Bs equally, which is incorrect. The smart play is to spot the early-season B2Bs, before the long road trips and the harsh physicality of the NBA season take their toll. Indicating that anything below odds will have value, and since this bet is ATS, the odds should be closer to , which is great value.

Once again, the bettor is making a bet ATS, so the payout is close to even money. If the home team is a Make sure not to make this bet on the ML, because although they cover the spread at an impressive rate, these teams lose the game most of the time. Another way to use this system and increase your odd of winning is to bet only the first half of games.

The best way to remove that humiliating defeat from memory is to smash the next opponent. That extra motivation will likely be more impactful in the 1st half before they settle into playing their typical game. The Zig-Zag system can be used for many sports.

It is most often used when betting on playoff games in sports that play a best-of series rather than single elimination game. The Zig-Zag system works under the assumption that bookmakers and novice bettors overreact to recent game outcomes and that playoff teams will respond to losses with extra motivation. Whichever team lost the last game is the team that you then wager ATS.

But, on its own, this system only wins The system works better when the team recovering from a loss is playing at home, especially when the previous loss occurred on their home court. Should this scenario present, the odds of winning ATS are largely dependent on the size of the point spread. If the spread is between -3 and Spreads between -5 and When a team loses their last game on the road and the spread is between Therefore, if you find such a road team, bet the home team instead, despite the fact that this does not technically fit the Zig-Zag betting system.

The systems covered here are to gambling what bounce passes and free throws are to a basketball team. Most of the people wagering on NBA are doing so for fun or because they like trying to pick a winners. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. The Midfield. The bettor wants the total points over-under to be at least To increase chances of winning, the bettor needs to add more filters …. If you apply our NBA betting system rules in this article, you will build a strong knowledge on which to learn how to handicap NBA basketball and get better on the punt.

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The Martingale System​​ This progressive betting strategy requires you to double your betting sums on a chosen team's game totals until they win. Let's say that the Golden State Warriors are averaging points per game and have scored points or more in their past five games. On the other side, the bookmakers are close to or spot on with their opening lines with more regularity than we'd desire. Still, betting on NBA basketball offers. NBA Betting Systems. There is no end to amount of research you can do to try to find different angles or systems to bet on the NBA.