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Gravitycraft mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

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Flickering lights may illuminate a path to Alzheimer's treatment. Buzz Aldrin: On the Moon we were ordered by aliens to move away. The indiscreet art of ass puppetry. Paleolithic jewellery: still eye-catching after 50, years. W e those who promote devolving hn re8 7 i t y systems f ina 1ly have that re8 1i z a t ion that they are t h e i r own 'worst enemies', and that consciousness by i t s very nature cannot seek anything but balance, then they w i 11 cease and des i s t and make the contr ibut ion t o the genera 1 we 11 be ing o f a 11 species and a 11 1i f e f o m s everywhere, This i s by no means 'idea 1ism', f o r the very word indicates a myopic state o f awareness.

I t i s the way things operate best. It i s so incredible that b u i l t - i n c u l t u r a l blocks activate and many people decide to look the other way, because they bas ica 1 1y fee 1 that they have no other recourse when t h e i r ma 1i t y structure i s threatened.

They have yet t o understand that t h e i r existence i s independent o f any structure, and that manipulation o f r e a l i t y and perception i s very often a matter o f understanding sonre key facts, coup led w i t h an e f f o r t toward expansion o f t h e i r awareness expansion according to a d e f i n i t i v e act o f w i l l and a plan, not b l i n d l y.

Basics 1ly, the human population has been led b 1indly down a series o f f a l s e paths, and has been n n i p u l a t e d by a series o f nested conspiracies a conspiracy i s an action planned by a group on a covert basis.

I n the middle you w i l l f i n d planetary power and control groups. A t the bottom you w i l l f i n d the r e s t o f the human population and the other 1f fefonns on the planet. It i s the intent o f the non-manipulative side o f the w i n t o expose these factors, so that peop 7e. Part o f our culture does not or w i 11 not be 1 ieve i n the existence o f other species; part of our c u l t u r e acknowledges t h e i r existence or the probability of t h e i r existence; part o f.

The unwi 7 7 ing manipulation o f human beings by government and a 7 ien forces i s an issue t h a t affects everyone l e t ' s take a look a t sow o f the evidence. What constitutes evidence? I n a society that encourages the use o f m i r i c i s r a as the only v a l i d method of deduction, one would not expect much progress i n a wltidinnensional universe, not much progress. The elements and that's exactly what we have of corroborat ion, synchronicity, and sheer numbers a lso speak for themselves.

The f a c t that there are reports o f s i m i l a r nature about simi t a r subjects fran widely varied sources planetwide i n d i f f e r e n t cultures eliminates the elemnt of cot lusion. To t r y t o steer the thought patterns o f researchers by classifying the infommtion as ' t h i s o r t h a t o does thm a disservice i t 3s essentia 7 l y t e l l i n g t h e m that they aren't qua1 f f i e d t o make decisions f o r themsetves about the material.

W sincerely be 7 ieve e that the key t o the whole resolut ion i s awareness, both on human w i t h materials frm a wide v a r i e t y o f This book i s -fled sources. O r persona 1 research has unearthed rea 1 l y v i t a 7 u and interesting i n f o m a t ion. A 7 7 t h i s it8 presented here f o r your review. The book i s assembled i n such a way as t o a1 low the reader t o develop greater awareness as the book 5 6 studied. It i s f i 7 led w i t h infommtion and concepts that every e n t i t y needs t o be aware s t a r t discussion groups grow together.

Be of use i t wisely a t peace w i t h o m another and work together t o help each other teach, learn, and grow. Biological Materials and Animal Mutilrtionm. Producing Hybrid O r g m i e u.. Physical and Psychological Problem Sleep Disorders. Letter from Abductee Christa Tilton Abductee Reports of Underground Facilities US Gravity Anomaly Map Western US Tunnel Connections Southern New Mexico Sightings - Population vs Frequency Civilian View of California Military View of California Major Underground Bases in the West Mass Gravity Anomalies in the US Areas of Caves and Caverns - US Bases Reported Arieona New Mexico Event Characteristics of the Four Cornera Area Cash-Landnu radiation suit against the US for injury Alien Technolorn Division Laa Vegas Scramble Event Area.

Statement of August November Update on Current Events as of nay Energy Centers and Auric Band F m q. An Esoteric Chronology Theoretical Distribution of Cultures Beports from Dr. Peter Beter Genes Covering Growth in Reports from Others Wave Forms Basis of Life Matrices Conversations on Synthetics and Clone Mutation Involving Chromosome Number Change Mutants and Hybrids With Chromosome Changee Chromosomes and Specie8 Alteration Elite Life Extension Public Preview?

Typical Human Grey Genetic Hybrid Connections and Generation of Entities Conversations With The Essessani Representative Image of the Essessani Past Lives. Dimensionality and Personal Choice Definitions Helpful to Thought Processes and Expansion Esoteric History Some Notes Theory of Longterr Planetary Management by Suppressives Though stories about abduction of human beings by aliens are not new, they have only come to public attention in the last twenty years.

By it is common knowledge that not only is abduction by alien entities real and legitimate, but it is a serious situation that must be understood if the general public, especially the abductee, is to come to terms with it. Since the case of Betty and Barney Hill in the early s, it has become apparent that there are alien entities that "need" humans for various reasons. The studies of Thomas Bullardl, who reviewed m o r e than cases of abduction for a study funded by the Fund for UFO Research, indicate that there is a general scenario that occurs when people are abducted.

This general scenario ray include one or more phases where the individual is 1 Taken, 2 Examined , 3 Implaiated with devices, 4 Communicated with , 5 Taken on a journey, 6 Subjected to psychic experiences, and 7 Beturned to their point of origin. Bullard had the following conclusions: human abductions are widespread in nature; people who are abducted represent a wide cross-section of society and are free of psychosis; they can be from any age bracket, but most are initially taken when they are fairly young; sore cases feature spontaneous recall of the experience and.

Apparently, most abductees do experience memory blockage, especially with people who repeatedly undergo abduction. It may be in the interest of both the abductor and the the abductee for the abductee not to remember what happens experience is, in many cases, very traumatic. Aliens and The Government Let's take a look at a little background history on aliens and the government: In July , the radar at the Fourdorners area in the southwestern United States effected and took down an alien dink.

It was entirely an accident. The disk landed near Boswell, New Mexico. It was to be the first of two disks that would crash in that area. On board, scientists and military personnel found several dead alien beings. An immediate analysis of their species could not be determined, but the aliens had both reptilian and insect-like qualities. Also on board were found the remains of several military personnel. As far as we know, this was the first major indication that human beings were being taken by an alien species.

Range where Sargeant John Louette would be abducted right in froit of a witness by a disk that hauled him aboard with tentacle-like cables. His body was found three days later about ten miles from where he was taken. This is all described in the Grudge 13 report. See Appendix Military and intelligence forces seiced the Roswell disk and took it and the bodies to Los Al-0s. It is estimated that the government has had in its possession at least 35 disks and alien bodies over the last 45 years.

They also have captured several live entities. In , another disk crashed, with one fatality and one living alien, whom they kept in a facility with an electromagnetic grid to ensure the isolation of the entity. Since technological superiority also means superiority in military and intelligence circles, it was decided by the government that it would be to their advantage to communicate with the aliens and possibly acquire advanced technology.

They also wanted to find out more about both the aliens and the role they were playing in mutilations and abductions of humans and animals. In , the government created several special agencies to help with the problem. The project w u ruccessful, and after corrunications sponsored through Project Plato establish diplomatic relations , a meeting was held between elements of the US Governrent and the species known as the Two disks hovered above the runway while a third landed.

The governrent reversed its position later on, citing political reasons. At the meeting at Bolloman, a hostage was exchanged. The name of the US hostage is not known, but the alien hostage was known as no vowels , who was confined to an electromagnetically secure facilty near Los Alamos. The government was aware that the EBAN had a part to play in both the muti.

The EBAN told the government that their abductions of humans were for medical examination purposes. It wasn't until later that the government realized that the EBAN were lying to them. The agreement was made, and contained some of the following provisions: 1. The United States would not reveal alien presence and would not interfere with alien operations. Old AEC underground initial facilities to be offered, were built at 26 locations around. The United States would allow.

The aliens would provide the United States with technology in beam weaponry, gravitational propulsion and rind control and implant technology. Implant technology was in use as early as and legalited in Sweden by Olaf Palme. It was estimated by scientists that the alien culture was at least 50, years ahead of ours.

We even had our own scientists that were transferred to the alien world to study it. Sometime after the governrent made the agreement with the aliens, they began to suspect that the aliens were abducting a larger number of people than reported to the NSC on the lists. The government wasn't so concerned about the animal mutilations, on17 the actions that involved humans. They also realited they had made an error in trusting the aliens and that they couldn't do anything about yet, anyway.

T h e m was also an ; awareness in the government of what the aliens were really doing with the people they abducted. There was apparently little they could do but try and keep the information classified to prevent panic. In December , former Navy intelligence officer William ,Cooper interviewed a man who said, a I don't know everything, but ' i ' way out of control.

TO tell you the truth, Im afraid of what's ts going to happen. Giant underground shelters are being built under Groom Lake and in other placesea. At that time, in December , there were other "leaks" that began to surface. It was said that the government tried to make contact with another group of aliens,. The communication was done from the huge underground communications facility outside Datil, New Mexico in February of At the same time, at Los Alamos, scientists were phasing down the SDI program and continuing work on Project Excaliber, which involved nuclear missles capable of penetrating meters of hard soil.

They were equipped with a 1 megaton warhead, and were proposed for use on the underground EBE bases at Dulce, New Mexico, and others in the four corners area. A new, more disturbing rumor began to surface. It said that the government had already developed an anti-matter weapon at Los Alamos National Laboratories, and would detonate it above the surface of the Earth, killing all life and destroying the atmosphere and water if the Reptilians would not help us get rid of the Greys.

Evidently, other races use the Earth as a way station for natural materials and this was thought to be a good way to induce them to help us. There is no word on what the reply right have been. The government decided to step up its public acclimation program, and the media began to feature more and more programs and concepts having to do with alien contact, trying to get the public prepared. It was thought by researchers that the government would stage its own controlled "UFO" landing in order to finally break the ice on the matter.

Part of the acclimation program was the release of information simultaneously by the Soviet Union and the United States press about the landings in the Soviet Union that took place on September 27th, The use of the Soviet Union is apparently a tactic of MJ Shortly after that, the radio talk shows in the western United States began buzzing with discussions of all facets of the alien problem. There is no doubt that the governrent policy of 'secrecy makes the "harvests" easier for the Greys.

Governments, by definition, are supposed to protect the public welfare. Obviously, something went very wrong here, and it appears that the Nazi SS intelligence-based CIA had a lot to do with it. One might note that alien related projects, such as those to test and fly captured alien disks und maintaining bases and "the other space program" require a lot of money.

In , there was virtually no heroin addiction in the United States. Lucky Luciano was allowed to return to Italy around that time to start up the heroin processing labs in return for his help to the government during the invasion of Italy during the war. Heroin began flowing into the United States in the '8, and it provided a good start for the massive addiction problem we have today.

In it he details that when he went over to Southeast Asia to investigate the POW problem, he discovered that the. United States Government is the largest purchaser and distributor of heroin and cocaine in the world. The process appears to serve two purposes: 1 To eliminate weaker elements of society and 2 To provide funds for alien-related and space projects. So much for the "Just Say No" program. Who was in charge of the CIA during the greatest increase in activity in these programs?

Wake up, planet Earth! In it, he said, " nothing helps rumors and panics more than ignorance. It is self-evident that the public ought to be told the truth". Even Abraham Lincoln had something to say about the American people and truth, I am a firm believer in the people.

If given the truth, they can be depended on to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts. There is a lot more that is behind all these events, but we will cover some of that later. For more historical data, refer to the Chronology in the Appendix in the back of the book. The whole domain of alien-human c o n t a c t i s a massively f e r t i l e. What t r i g g e r s an open mass contact event depends on humanity and. There a r e onqoing r e c r e t commmications between c e r t a i n a l i e n s groups and an above t o p secret Government and consortium lore remotely, t h e recret government f l e e t o f aucers could be of world governments t h a t e x i s t s t o d e a l with t h e s i t u a t i o n and deployed t o deceive t h e e a r t h populace i n t o a new g l o b a l law keep t h e masses convinced i t ' s n o t happening, yet.

Variour d i f h t e n t a l i e n r and alien 6 n t i t i e r a r e involved i n transmitting helpful information t o certain receptive o r conditioned humans, including advanced physics and high technology oriented data, data about nuclear dangetr and reactore, medical informations and techniquer, agricultural data, geological and natural d i r a s t e r related data, architectural mnd living technolo i e r data, earth h i r t o r i c a l and rocla1 data, current and p r e d h m p o l i t i c a l data, carnmrrce and economic data, and r p i r i t w l and religiously related data.

Alien contact impact pro-emption strategy 7. Government feel8 world is ready t o accept and. Ueanr t o deal with ieolated, reported, t r u e r i g h t i n g r and contact 2. Certain knowledge w i l l , by its sheer contraet and contradiction. Ristory indicates the r i s k f o r mass psychological panic and hysteria i s extremely high i f t h e populace has not been thoroughly prepared f o r such eventualities.

Even with preparation, high l e v e l s of c u l t u r e rhock and systems breakdown could occur. A l l t h a t can be done i s t o prepare t o minimize and prevent t h e degree of damage a t each point along the way. Rirtory has rhown t h a t if there is a choice, it's b e t t e r t o.

The r t r a t e y t o minimize t h e expected reverlty of breakdowns t o implement a l a r g e r a t of preventative damage control measures before ruch an event a c t u a l l y occurs. That much m a 8 contact could be either poritive, neutral, or negative in nature in any number of rpectrumr of human and even alien reality. That the possibility of alien moss human contact on a central, conscious, multirpectrum barla w u l d rerult in a wide range of possible impacts on the existent and even cherished human rystems, values and organired governing social, economic and religiour bodier.

That the effective rhort and long tern influence and change posrible t o earth human reality whether individually or rocially conacioua or not can be predicted 8ufficiently. Negative lmpactr that ouch contact conacioua or rubconrcious, global or individual may have on earth human exiadnt syrtemr and ways of life can be thereby reduced. That human, individually, rocially and collectively depending on the nature and ryrtem relative impact of contact, constructive or dertructive in nature, will, in order to preserve operative aspect8 of who and what we are and have been, will find r o m form of accolrmadation of the implications such alien contact may have.

T h i r i r o n l y concluded based on t h e depth of information contained i n t h e unedi ted Meier c o n t a c t notes. If any are t h e r e a l McCoy and benevolent fundamentally r e l a t i v e t o Earthkind and Earthkindem measurer of benevolence it i s probably t h e Ileiet related A l i e n s. They may b e i n tact benevolent or t h e y may b e malevolent i n deep cower.

Definitely alien. Its a mouthful. It's miming tons of high1 subjective roligiour iasuos and h i s t o r i c a l c l a m s and predictlone with t h e more nuta and b o l t s objective data rtudied. Anyone who w i l l read the S t a v e d massaged, edited t r a n s l a t i o n a r e given a reprieve from being exposed t o t h e a c t u a l point by point indictment.

Unfortunately, even some of the positive r p i r i t u a l information is a l s o edited out. It i s a beyond-colossal conspiracy, i f true. The Ueier case i r a celebrated one which has encountered all-out m l i nment by many operatives, including Fr adman, Andrus, Rorf f , Klass, more, Barley, otc. The r e c r e t government contingency plane t h a t e x l r t t o rttompt t o conttol o r atop a potential runaway dirclomure of these f a a t r a r e i n place. Contingency plane erimt t o e f f e c t damage control of an actual runaway dirclorure, and a r e d i r e c t l y threatening t o freedom a8 w know e and depend on it.

Treating Under t h e murface however, t h e fact8 a r e f a r more rhocking. Tho benevolent' a l i e n r claim t h a t the nalevolent alionm did not create the original f igurem i n Chrirt ianity, Irlra, Buddhism, Rinduirm, etc. Their apparent behavior indicate an attempt t o leverage t h a t claimed authorship t o t h e i r own benefit by placing themelver i n t h e polition of bring 'gods8 o r 'goder divine mersengerse.

Their intent on actually i r t o rubjugate and control hmanity covertly, o r otherwire overtly i f necerearY. Ilopefully Heier himself or h i s Englirh language t r a n s l a t o r s have not done any fudging o f t h e m a t e r i a l. One would expect not, s i n c e h e himself i r tasked with cleaning up t h e mesa, n o t king y e t another one. There can only be and of two conclusions t o t h i s apparent contradiction assuming t h e whole group i s not cooked UP i n someonel imagination and a r e indeed, a l i e n r a?

Heier Pleiad! There R u t a l s o be malevolent8 who a r e human looking m well. Therefore, i n t h e pro-Mier rcenario, t h e wrrt enemy of t h e malevolent a l i e n 8 and t h e i r mtrategy are t h e? I n ' t h a t case, it nay be concluded t h a t Sanandaei s indeed t h e reincarnated? It war. The peoplo remaining a t t h e bolar Crorr group herdquarterr i n Middletom, Califotnia atated t h a t Richard Miller had become involved i n imprudent and e e v i l e sexual a c t i v i t i e r and ,ran away t o avoid prorecution and t h e laww.

Problem ir, however, now the Dharma writings of , ' with which Rahtar and Iatonn a r e key a r e ALSO amking airnilarly d i r e predictions which a r e mabrolutely inevitablea again. The prediction war t h a t it war an inevitable foregone conelurion t h a t take t l r i n o r e i n routhem California would drain i n t o an undarground m g a u t i a cavern which would t r i g g e r a t o t a l 1 dovamtating earthquake a t the end of Januar goginning of mbmary Ww the problem i r not t h a t tho redictionm did o not happen, but t h a t t h e prodiet onr were r o It war completely vehement and inflexible.

Otherr i n t h i r grouping included Iatonn, Ikn-ka, Wlur, Korton, Ashtar, butko, Itatonir, etc i r making th very ram doom and gloom redietionm, a l b o i t not the Lako d o f i n i t e l y t h e part r t a t l n g E l r l n o n part, t h a t California w u l d a w n be i n rubble, rurtmining 8 10 point plur quake along t h e length of t h e ban Andrear f a u l t. These are doomsayerr harm working t o ore f e a r as a motivator t o t h e i r caure, and ignoring and denying any other choico o r p o s s i b i l i t y.

DO with t h i s tuff2. Ilowevor, 'once a. It IS. Something 10wrong with t h i e picture. Can t h e channel be changed? J u s t because. I f it 10W? Even if they were indeed elated t o occur f o r mesee of thoee adhering t o the collective o r conseneua consciousness blueprint for the future, it could only be throu h personal productive and objective consc!

W a r e talking about the e power i n each individual t o decide for themwlves, consciously, spiritually, and honeetly. Those of us who would create a world where t h e biblical end-times 'horrors' w i l l NOT happen are just getting heavy exposure t o the collective o r consensus consciousness blueprint adherents who a r e in compliahce that the horrors WILL ALL RAPPEN, exactly according t o the biblical schedule, aided by aliens who a r e i n t h a t eame r e a l i t y s e t. Things a r e not destined t o go the way of Batonn'e predictions for everyone, but may indeed come t o pass f o r many, i f Ratonn and his aliene a r e real, and a r e accurate.

I f that i s so, then it is important t h a t the exietence of REAL CROICE i n t h e matter be t o t a l l y clarified, rather than once again l i k e in be l a i d f o r t h a s absolute, inflexible, and foregone conclusion. There ate lotsof. It could be Up t o YOU, i n d vidu8lly, t o Choore what ' r e a l i t y e ou want t o believe, adhere to, and t h u r exper ence. The insue i n one of chdoring a nightmare, choosing mediocrity, o r chooring a poriti.

The dream holds a world t h a t w i l l rutvive, then The thrive, and maybe l i v e on ad-infiniturn. The a l i e n s t r a t e r primary fulcrum rertr on t h e malevolent a b i l i t y t o gain psychological control and a l l e g i a n c e of t h e majority of humanity an a populace before any benevolent o r competing malevolent a l i e n s have an opportunity t o develop rimilar allegiances.

There are, unpleasant prorpecta. The malevolent a l i e n r have given advrnced techno10 y t o t h e government, manipulated, l i e d to, dace ved, and generally ared our recret government t o r t h e i t reltimh md inhumne a l i e n endm. Even t h e eriatonce of thero a l i e n r , i f tecognirod, provider f u r l f o r t h e i r game of reducing people i n t o believing they a r e real, and therefore e n t i r e l y helpless i n t h e face of them.

A f a c e of god A a high-tech mark made n f o r a high-tech roclety. The cover program and other programr a r e in progress and it i r believed t h a t rome weapons have been developed, but not t h e c r i t i c a l weapon t h a t can dertroy t h e underground a l i e n bases. Also develop contingency plans f o r implementing martial law a s a mans t o e f f e c t damage control BEPORE the a l i e n s actually make mass colonization e f f o r t s obvious.

T h a t way, t h e media can be completely controlled and f r e e rpeech can be rtopped from making the whole t r u t h available t o most people. Enjoin other earth governments t o a l l y themselves w i t h the U. The counter-rtrate l e e t h a t W has developed i n hoper of reverr ng the current debacle include military, economic, religious, media, and other wthodrr.

Thir 'anti-chrirt', i f ovor t o phyrically o x i r t and be '8 human patron', could be b i l l y l k i o r o r ronnono who clparly got t h e u r r a g o from him o r tho PloiadCanr thoarolvoe i n t h i r rconario. And when confused, w r t adhere t o t h e i r longest stable elf referancer i n l i f e. I f t h i r person i r not ruccorrful, then tho Biblical revelrtionr prodictionr m occur f o r a m o m , with tho malevolent alionm ab 0 t o caw out rmelling l i k e rarer, laying a 'good' god f and chrlrtt 1 9 u n r but I n actual f a c t a n tho t r u e 'devilr' i n d i r g u i w 'devil ' f r o a tho viow point of human r p i r i t u a l fro8 w i l l i n a non-deceptive growth environment having any vrlu.

W nay not hare a contingency plan f o r religious countermeasures since they may remain i n confusion a s t o who is who, and j u s t don't know what t o do. Given they are i n league with malevolentr, they know t h a t f o r certain. B u t more is not necessarily b e t t e r. I f MJ did one thing right it would be t o do everything porslble t o support b i l l y Haler getting h i s message out, which appeare t o already be in progresa in a metered fashion AMEX card holder Christmas catalog contains Heier Videotapes for r o l e a r t a r t a t l e a s t.

In the nawr media, r t a r t with t h e fringe element publishers i n t h e WOlogy conmunity and amybe 'new aget conmunity t o begin slow release of rote and nore credible information a s t o the oxirtmce of t h e a l i e n s and the governmentts faurntian tolationship t o them.

Eventually a credible enough mass o r nexus of infomation w i l l e x i s t t h a t can rerve t o begin t o educato and prepare e a r t h humanity for t h e. Eventually when it t h r e a t e n s t o become a watergate scandal of n a t i o n a l proportions, t o have t h e U.

Poople who a r e p r o aconspiracy have d i f f e r e n t Linda of motirationa t 1. They wish f o r simplicity, u s u a l l y out of not wanting t'o s e e t h i n g s a s complex and unexplainable. The a r e motivated out of t r u e curiosity and f o r knowledge. They a r e u s u a l l y scientific and conservative i n o r i e n t a t i o n , and automatically view with cyniclam o r r t r o n g skepticism any statements t h a t even a m 1 1 o f a conspiratorial nature.

They believe that people, groups, and organitationr are basically good and wouldn't these things, or alternatively 4. They believe that such people or organitation8 are not capable of actually implementing a no-called conrpiracy. It allows the entire vertical as well as horizontal hierarchy of information and intelligence gatherin to not know the scope or!

Terms r. They were led down the primrose path of a conspiratorial explanation of routething in the past, were later proven wrong, felt embarrassed, foolish, 'conned' and or humiliated, and out of relative reaction to that previous episode will not be caught dead 'buying' such an enplantion of things again. If the domain is a 'Source' information transfer agent it can also be often readily contained. If the domain is a 'Destination' media or organization is also most often readily contained given objective verifiable data has not reached that point, or if it has reached that point and the media in question is mainstream in nature, then it is atill readily discredited by respected experts, or if necessary contained vim invoking national recurity law8 and procedures.

W e e d to know' ir a method that effects compartmentaliration of informaiton, meaning, and purpose. It insures that if a leak occurrr it is manageable and limited. It keeps global rtrategy recret and unknown. It provides secrecy as to the intent and value of information. The domain of discourse and belief and the effective participants within those domains defines the nature of the control and containment problem.

It allows the fort tracking down of the rourcer of leakr. It allows for caouflaging if necersary of the purpore of a compartmentalized activity ,no that those in their respective 'need to know compartment will know even lesr, by virtue of what theyknow being essentially encrypted. It prevent8 unauthorired and unwanted opinionation iron developing which can result in possible disrension and conflict between the compartmentalired mubjectr and their i w d i a t e need to know ruperiorm. It allows for alternate 'cover' need t o know compartments to exist to provide diversionary information or rleeping disinformation in care of compartment penetration.

It can be critical to keep in mind the variations and nuances of belief, argument, and evidence that can be utilized or manipulated to effect suppression or emphasis OF information or diainfotmstlon as required to implement the tactical objectives.

Pantany organitation enliataant via a l t e r n a t e collateral teroutcer Exaggeration t o mke unbelievable o r disprovable Doubting data t o dirconcert o r dircredit resource Diatract-lead them down a i r r e s i r t l b l e but dead-end road Source-to-terource access disruption and sabotage Resource information transfer interception Rerource cease and d e r l r t t a c t i c s Source-to-destination information t r a n s f e r interception Mall interception Phone and electronic media interception Physical tranrport interception.

Boutce tanka expert debunking and discrediting e. Oppoaite f a l a e r t o r y dilution offeet -act Via dirinformrtion leak near 'ram tima Oeneral r o e i e t a l public opinion baiting Via a l i e n contacte met-ups. Via oCficial ranctioned mpace related r c t i v i t i e s which provide a consenaur objectivity recurity 'belt' f o r public oplnion Via o f f i c i a l ranctioned e r t r a t 8 r r e s t r h l intelligenc8 a c t i v i t y which r l r o provide, m e f f r c t i v e consensus o b j e c t i v i t y rrcurity 'belt f o r p u b l i c opinlon.

There a r e a multitude of ao-called brainwaahlng , technique. They c m be effected conscloualy o r mubconacioumly. The baric comnon denominator i n a l l brainwaahlng l a me type o r level of inneraion'. T h i r inmerrion can require t h a t reveral condltiona be met t o achieve t h e deaired r e r u l t. Third, lowly begin t o conmsnce the imersion i n t o the target belief. Complement t h i r process w i t h increasing emotional allegiance friendship or lover o r other activity.

Alternate a c t i v i t i e s which focus on the camouflaged t a r g e t belief indoctrination and a c t i v i t i e s which deepen the emotional allegiance of t h e rubject. D nor innnrme the aubject i n t o the t a r g e t o belief too quickly, f o r t h a t may arouse negative reaction bared on t h e i r esiating counter-belief.

Th a producer an atmaphere of companionship, truat, and a w n belief i. Once c m n ground ha been emtabliahed between t h e aubject and the brainwaahara, t h e actual 'washing' proceaa begin. Eatabllah t h a t the counter-belief is not. A l l the while,. Inwnerae t h e individual i n t o a mense of peacefulnesr o r ' j u r t caure' and adequacy regarding t h e camouflaged target belief. Remove the individual's l a r t connections and f m i l i a r habits relatlng t o hi8 originating mwironment.

Thir l a acconplished by operating according t o a achedule which is relatively unpredictable i n contraat t o t h e i r originating l i f e habits. I f necessary, lowly effect, with explanatory justification and positive relnforcemnt, a reduction of sleep time.

In essence, implement a new l i f e patterning much that a11 relevant previous l i f e pattern habituations t h a t would tend i n any manner t o reinforce the subject's counter-belief are eliminated. Often a aubject ma only persiat a g i w n belief by virtue of I t a continued reinforcemnt m d uaefulneaa m an a esplanator notion. Complement t h i s with f u l l innerrlon nta the imolated anvironment, i. Deepen t h e comon round md renae of belonging and canpanionah p.

At thir point it 10 important to,not even acknowledge the existence of the rubjectm non-camuflaged counter-belief, but to only focus a11 energy onto the target belief structure and nuances. Ar the mubject indicater their underrtanding and emotional and intellectual acceptance of the target belief in its naked, uncawuflaged form, now begin to more directly addrerr all the rubjectes relevant originating environmental references in a m n n e r that allows the target belief to provide 8Ccept8ble erplrnrtion and recontextualiratlon into the target bellef.

Drainwarhin can occur on an individual barir or on mama barfa. It is often found that this entire above procedure and procerr m y occur in a nunbet of cycles from beginning to end, with each cycle achieving a deeper Iayer of belief indoctrination.

If the target belief la not too far from the rubjecter original counter-belief then repetitive cyoling at deeper m d deeper layerm im effective. If the target bellef im quite dirtant and deeply contradictory to the rubjecter original counterbelief, then either the brainwashing ptOCeB8 must be contained in one ringular deep cycle, or. Thir errentially ir never telllng the rub act what it ir they are really being led to be1 eve in erplicit terms or for what purposer but rather maintaining deep c.

Once accouiplished to any effective degree, the inrtalled target belief or beliefs will begin to color or filter experience in a manner that provides conrimtency and reinforcement to the target belief. In that respect, once begun, without counter-proqr. Present themselves as divine, godly, angelic 7. Opportunistically influence human groups and 1 individuals as t h e i r popularity proves t o be of value.

Corrupt 8ocietal archetypes about who is who amongst the a l i e n s Influence governments and mythology and r e l i g i o n and media, subliminally and subconsciously t o accept a l i e n s , and t h e n openly p n p a r e and condition t h e mass populace towards acceptance of t h e idea, t h e n r e a l i t y of a l i e n races.

Reduce t h e apparency i n human minds t h a t there e x i s t options beyond what t h e a l i e n s can. Aliens using human r e l i g i o n s and psychic phenomena and dimensional ET i n t e r a c t i o n. The 'soul l e v e l processing' t h e r e f o r e i s a method of conditioning humanity f o r any o r 8 of t h e fWhg p08Siblt pUtpo8eS:. This process could be f o r purposes of providing a means f o r allowing an a l i e n s o u l form t o migrate from its source dimensional residence and uae human bodies and s o u l a t o anchor t h e i r presence and e v e n t u a l f u l l migration t o t h i s time-space d i m e n s i o n a l i t y.

The purpose and goals of s u b j u g a t i n g human s o u l s i n t o service i n new bodies for the malevolent. Moat life in the near univerae fa. Both are unacceptable i n t h a t both produce g r e a t e r social confusion and unmanageability of t h e s i t u a t i o n. Make people i n t h e 'know'. Fear can e f f e c t profound enough change i n mental state and dynamics s o as t o reduce t h e sense.

These staged appearances are of course alien agents acting out a role that meets people's expectations d. If required t o 'save'. The Case o f MI P. Her f i r s t abduction occurred when she was f i v e years o l d i n December She has experienced over abductions since 1 Around , she found t h a t t h a t time, an average of two- a month.

She is a lso an exce 1 lent a r t i s t with a photographic memory. There i s s u f f i c i e n t evidence that she has been on various c r a f t and she has a Tso been taken t o underground fac i 1f t ies i n the mountains i n Arizona and under the desert near Paradox, Nevada.

The woman has had very 1 imited exposure t o UFO related data and i s able to reca 11 her experience without the use o f hypnosis. She has been sub. The f a c i 1i t y has been described as very large. She was taken there i n Procedures experienced there were more involved than those experienced i n Nevada o r on board the c r a f t.

The f a c i 1i t y was genera 1l y described as a laboratory-type f a c i l i t y. I t was noticed t h a t there were rows of inculcation bars see Matrix 11, pages and along t h e ce i 1ing and periodic8 1 1y a long the f l o o r s o f each area i n order t o keep humans i n the f a c i 1i t y doci 1e.

A s i d e e f f e c t o f t h i s tranqui 1i z i n g equipment i s that the emotiona 1 response t o whatever a is perceived i s high ly muted. Evidently, the hybrid had never seen a human. There were what appeared t o be some type o f computers i n the lab area where she was.

It appears t h a t foreknow ledge o f the operating p r i n c i p les o f t h i s equipment adverse ly a f f e c t s the outcome. This i s why the usage o f t h i s equipment has been revealed. The device i s a l s o used t o suppress memory. The faci 1 i t y i s not as large as the one i n Arizona. Reichian programming devices again, see ill "strations were used on her i n attempts a t programming. The f a c i 1 i t y i s genera 7 ly described as one oriented toward genetic work.

Large cy 1inders conta ining amber, pink, and 1ight-b lue f l u i d s were noted. These cylinders appear t o be s i m i l a r t o those deta i led i n Matrix A 11 cylinders contained humanoid forms. The cylinders containing light-blue f l u i d contained forms t h a t looked human.

The last t im she was brought t o t h i s fac i 1i t y was on January 22, , where they attempted t o get her t o agree t o not revealing data, as the Sirians were aware of her detai led interaction w i t h us. She refused. The Sirians said something t o the extent t h a t she was ' a f f e c t i n g the balance i n the Confederation'. Upon her return she discovered t h a t she had some pain on the r i g h t side o f h e abdomen.

There were other beings there that she described as '1ight beings Her description o f them was that they had a humanoid form but there were i t j u s t eamitted a l i g h t : no d e t a i l s i n the form. I n view o f the current s t a t e o f knowledge, i t i s thought t h a t these were beings o f a t least 5th density. Other Genera 1 Informat ion A 11 o f her abduct ions that have featured i n t e r a c t ion on a s h i p have included three s p e c i f i c S i r i a n males.

A S i r i a n female would be there on occasion. Accurate drawings o f these s p e c i f i c beings are elsewhere i n t h i s report. These same s p e c i f i c beings have been seen since she was f i r s t abducted i n Any abductees who read t h i s are encouraged t o report interaction experiences w i t h these s p e c i f i c beings t o us i n an attempt t o establish patterns and other areas o f operat ion.

Both types of equipment mentioned i n t h i s report are i n use on the c r a f t as we1 1 as under the ground. Appeared t o work almost exclusively with genetics. The sysbo 1 on the l e f t breast i s indicative o f interaction with undurpround f a c i l f t i m s.

Note: Insignia 1 has a lso been ncted o R e p t f 1ian species. The de o2 genera 1 conf igurat ion is re lated to the Orion Confederation. F i f t b Variation Insignia with parallel l i n e s stopping a t the t r i a n g l e. Sirirvr Male No. They have no external genita 1 i a. They are less aggressive toward humans than the other Grey species above.

Their eyes am t w i c a t 7y blue wf th iarne oval pupf 1s. Since the primary species involved is that of the Greys, we will concentrate on that species. Over the last several years , researchers have unearthed plenty of evidence that: o The United States made one or more agreements with a species described as the tall Greys, and has agreed not to interfere with alien operational plans in trade for technology.

Agreements made in i, , and Underground installations are the only sovereign areas under the treaty. The Grey clones are abducting human females, both temporarily and permanently, and using them for cross-breeding in order to produce a new hybrid species that does not have the inherent genetic weaknesses of the Grey species. Research indicates that this cross-breeding is somewhat successful, and that some of the alien species that have been seen by humans are a direct-result of the success of the program.

The Grey species in general is more on the order of an electronically based space society with a common social memory complex that allows them to collectively function as areas of group-mind. Groups of Greys are controlled from one central source being, usually one of the large Greys, a Blond humanoid, or other dominant species. The Greys also maintain the technology to create clones and implant memory from another source into the clones. Implantation technology, a trademark of Orion-based species, is routinely ueed as a method of social control.

The United States government, specifically agencies like the CIA and the NSA, have undertaken to develop parallel technology which is a direct result of cooperation and interaction with extraterrestrial biological entities. All these methods of control are domination based and counterproductive to evolvement of individual beings. For the Greys,.. Travel outside the 3rd dimension also bridges the human concept of time.

Some species, such as the Essessani,. The Grey species in not based on individualitation or being an individual entity. For entities maintaining. They were initially fascinated both with human individuality and the human emotional spectrum, which they can perceive but apparently do not comprehend what it means to the human. They recognite the need for it in the child in terms of eurvival. Species objectives appear to be founded on a rigid domination-survival-based social order, where their "religiona is science, their social structure is geared to obedience and duty, their military concepts are grouped around conquest, colonization, and domination.

The way the Greys seem to locate subjects for their work is more or less a result of their efforts to find human entities who vibrate in resonance or a harmonic thereof to their vibrational complex. One of the human aspects that promotes this resonance is fear, which almost amounts to permission from the Grey standpoint. It has become apparent that abductees are also being trained on alien equipment for some future time. Researchers have pegged that time between and , based on.

No clinical success has been achieved in pegging exact dates, due to the strength and level of the mental block which is imposed on the abductee. Very often memory blocks are tied in with the survival instinct of the human, which makes the block extremely hard to penetrate. The Grey species can tolerate radioactivity at levels humans cannot stand. The apparent reason for this involves species exposure to a nuclear interchange in the distant past which promoted degradation of their genetic structure.

This aspect is noted in terms of where the Greys frequent in the United States, especially base areas, which are near nuclear facilities, waste storage, etc. Animal mutilations are highest in these areas also. A connection? Most atomic structure in this localized sector of the universe maintains an clockwise spin.

Note: When one of the Greys dies, its implant serves as a focusing device for retreival of the body. There have been several cases where Greys have died in front of witnesses and the bodies have been 'beamed' away. Grey Objectives Their religion, as it were, is science. They appear to divide this into physical, spriritual and sociological objectives in terms of planets they invade and dominate, as they have dominated Earth for thousands of years. Their basic game appears to be to use nullification and domination to control the leaders of various targeted civilizations.

They accomplish this by taking out the leaders and replacing them with entities they can control. This planet is somewhat unique in that it has a broad spectrum of entities existing on many different density levels. Aliens who have a motivation for conquering a planet such as Earth locate beings who vibrate in resonance with their vibrational frequency, which is on a negative level of spirituality.

The people that the Greys influence are commonly told that they are the 'elite' or 'chosen ones'that will rule. Earth is not under the vested control of any major group of aliens, despite the Greys, but is being victimited by a number of vested interest groups. Things are only peaceful and calm when someone is is absolute control.

The function of the 'elite' humans, as far as the Greys are concerned, are to decimate portions of the human population no that the remainder can be easily controlled. Hitler is a prime example. Apparent Social Structure The social structure of the different Grey species seems to be geared around their group memory complex. Abductees often relate that when they are in the midst of a group of Greys, they all seem to respond together, to one degree or another, when one of them responds.

Much information has been gleaned from various communication efforts with these entities. We're learning about them. The main operative in their social structure is obedience and duty, and it has become apparent that there are definite hierarchies within their social strutures which provide for each entity having specific duties to perform.

One by-product of their social memory complex is that any kind of decision takes a while to make, since none of the clones seem to have the innate ability to act independently of the other w cloned species. This social structure has no room for surprises. The tall Greys seem to be less prone to the frailties of the system than do the smaller Greys. Grey Strategies and Operations Let this outline serve as a means of introducing the extrasystemic entities known. The presence of the Greys is not a new phenomenon.

There is sufficient evidence to show that the blond race of EBE forced them off the planet around AD. They have returned. Interaction between any two species can, on a different level, be viewed as sort of a contest or Game; all games vary in goal and purpose.

The Greys are playing a Game with us the game of Master and Slave. Humans are the Slaves. The Greys are the Players and humans are the Pieces. In order to become true Players and leave the playing field, humans must learn the rules of the Game. They must learn all the hidden rules rules that the Greys keep hidden from Other Players that are observing the Game; these Other Players refrain from direct, interference, but apparently prefer to give assistance on mental levels.

The various species of EBE generally referred to as the Greys are composed of entities which cover a broad spectrum of awareness and density. They accomplish this - taking the leaders y b replacing them with their own -entities who resemble the leaders and q E r s taken. The exercise of domination and enslavement of planetary populations is expressed as wservice to self" as opposed to "service to others " and creates power for that group.

The atrophied state of mind these games induce contributes toward the disintegration of their social memory complex and group consciousness. The Earth is somewhat unique in that it has a broad spectrum of beings of several density levels and race-types. It is inhabited inside, outside, and in the atmosphere in thousands of hidden little pockets and time-stream projections.

These located beings are then told that they are the Elite or Chosen Ones who will conquer or lead the human race and rule the world for their Grey masters. Often the located beings are physically taken aboard craft and given physical examinations, provided with implants, given accelerated data through inculcation methods that will help them serve the Greys.

The function of an Elite is to decimate portions of its own race in an effort to reduce populations to managable limits so the remainder can be easily controlled. The Nazi-Jew scenario is a good example of the Grey modus operandi. They also controlled the Imperial Japanese Empire and are generally responsible for most aggression between human groupings on the planet.

Humans have generally been deceived into playing victim-games of negativity, self-limitation, self-denigration and destruction. The games that the Greys are trying to enforce are games of coversion and secrets, as well as hidden standards. All activities are conducted on a "playing field" which is limited by the attention span and the scope of awareness of the Players. Military Operatians Colonization of unprotected civilizations which are unaligned with any other group in space.

They use planets for supply depots, slave sources, and biological materialo. The exercise of domination and the enslavement of planetary populations is expressed as service to Self as opposed to oervice to Others. It create8 power for their group, but inherent in this process is a rapid dissipation of power in that civilization due to the limitations imposed by'the games of limitation and negativity enforced on the popularity.

According to what research has revealed, there are certain methods and plans that have underscored the literal invasion of Earth by various Orion based species. Typical scenarios might be:. Long range telemetry devices are sent forth for surveillance to ascertain the level of development of the civilization and whether or not they have become a social-memory-complex this could be defined as an aware society, its members generally aware of being aware, with aligned purposes, goals, programs, Upon establishing that the planetary civilization has yet to align into a proper social memory complex its members being aware that they are aware, with aligned purposes, goals, and programs covert operations move in with intelligence and science teams to begin an in-depth study of the planet.

Large electonic communication devices are placed in orbit or hidden on or under the surface. These devices operate on the level of mental or emotional wavelengths. When a being is attuned to the typical Orion wavelength they resonate to "prays for help to his God" , there are service to self or " computers that answer those calls with pre-recorded messages which appear to the lesser aware being as divinely inspired messages from a deity or angels.

Leaders are approached with population control programs or solutions to survival-related problems. Leaders are convinced that they represent " an Elite " group that has been chosen "by Godw to rule the populace for the good of God's empire.

Look at any theocratic country on Earth and you can see this. Apparent reasons for Orion Based Operations In accordance with "service to self" philosophy, goals are sought that will achieve more power for the "elite" or ruling class; iti important that more and more slaves be made, som is that the psychic energy can be drawn off to feed the madness of the "power elite". It is a stable datum to negative Orion based groups that empires can only be built and maintained on the backs of broken "game-pieces", and oiled by the blood, sweat, and tears of wworthless entities too decayed to be useful for any other tasks" and too rebellious to trust in more cooperative ventures.

However, I have now s h a r e d. I t is t h i s type of humanoid t h a t Is performing most of. The S t e a l t h Bomber and S t a r Vazs technologies a r e being obtalned from them. Howtves, our government does not appear. Despite many attempts,. Rigelian technology is more advanced than ours, but that is the only way in which they are more advanced than we are.

They manipulate us through our laziness and ignorance. Working under the instructions of the humanoids from Rigel, CIA and former Nazi scientists have developed and deployed malignant strains of bacteria and viruses, including AIDS.

The rationale from the fascist point of. The rationale from the Rigelian point of. The Rigelians are almost entirely devoid of emotions, but can obtain a second-hand 'high' by telepathically tuning in to different kinds of intense human evolution, such as ecstasy oz agony.

This is not done for the pucpose of. Certain types of unusual sexual practices attract these entities like flies.


It actually wasn't until the mid '70's that Honda of Japan used the design to make a joke of the various emission control efforts of the U. See numerous Pop. While confined to his bed a couple of days, an Edinburgh professor doodled up a method of using ocean wave action to produce an amazing amount of electric energy. Scale models actually functioned perfectly and indicated that larger units should produce hundreds of kilowatts. Jospeh P. Troyan designed Ii remarkable air-powered flywheel that he claimed could propel an auto for 2c per mile.

Using a principle of "ratio amplification of motion" in a closed system, the motor was easily attached to electric generators for pollution-free variable power systems. See: Troyan Air-Mobile; T. Marvin D. Martin told the press in that their University funded "Fuel reformer" catalytic reactor could probably double auto mileage. Designed to, cut exhaust emissions, the units mixed water with hydro-carbon fuels to produce an efficient Hydrogen, Methane, Carbon-Monoxide fuel.

Letters to their Aero Building 16 Lab brought replies that indicated little of how the units functioned but indications that the Hydrogen was responsible for the great efficiency. From P. Box , Inglewood. Ca In Joseph R. Zubris became disgusted with his ailing automobile and decided to gamble a couple of hundred dollars on putting together an electric car.

Using an ancient ten horse electric truck motor, Zubris figured out a unique system to get peak performance from this motor; he actually ran his Mercury from this power plant. Thirty-five small concerns were interested enough to respond. The patent probably doubled the efficiency of the series electric motor. One of the startling electric motors designs of the 's was the E.

Using a patented Ev-Gray generator, which intelilsified battery current. By allowing the motor to charge separate batteries as it ran, phenomena1ly sma11 amounts of electricity were needed. Using conservative estimates, the inventors felt that a fifty horsepower electric car could travel miles at 50 mph without r1echarging. With such performance the engine could be applied to airplanes, cars, boats, and even electrit: generators.

Keith E. Kenyon of Van Nuys, California, he discovered a discrepancy in long accepted laws relating to electric motor magnets. When Dr. Kenyon demonstrated his radically different motor to physicists Ilnd engineers in , there reaction was typical. TIley admitted the motor worked remarkable well but since it was beyond the 'accepted' laws of physics they chose to ignore it. Because this system could theoretically run an auto on a very small electrical cunent, entertainer Paul Winchell saw a great potentia1 and began to work with Dr.

At an inyentors workshop 1. International an amazing electrical auto engine was shown by inventor Richard Diggs. Using what he ca1led liquid ekctricity, he felt that he could power a large truck for 25, miles from a single portable unit of his electrical fuel, Liquid electricity violated a number of the well known physical laws the inventor pointed out.

Melvin FuUer, the expositions president, felt that this breakthrough would have a most profound effect upon the worlds economy. Some speculated that it only could if In Electric Motor Breakthrough. In the '70's it was found that ceramic permanent magnets could replace conventional field coils in electric motors.

This resulted in low current drain, high performance. Two 6 V. Pulslon Engine. A retired electronics engineer named Bob Teal of Madison, Florida invented a motor which ran by means of six tiny electromagnets and a secret timing device. Requiring no fuel the engine of course emitted no gases.

It was so simple in design that it required very little maintenance and a smal1 motorcycle battery was the only thing needed to get it started. Typically, most persons who had professional background in this field felt that the machine must be a farce and viewed it and the inventor with suspicion. After seeing the machine run a power saw in the inventors workshop a number of persons were forced to expand their thinking somewhat. Teal dreamed up his engine design after working on a science fiction novel.

His first model was made to a large degree of wood and he estimated that it shouldn't cost over a few hundred ars to put out larger precision models for use in automobiles. With later adjustments this device actually produced current. According to the reports the inventor had no idea how the device worked and it was often just a case of working by trial and error to get results.

A number of persons speculated that the various magnetic currents of the Earth were used when the resination of this device was tuned to the proper frequency. As nuclear power plants became more refined. Paul Louis was interested in this design for his Highway Aircraft Car in In there was word of an engine which used no fuel whatsoever; it was being developed in North Carolina. This Electro Magnetic Power device was worked on by a group which shunned publicity.

There was some speculation that might be used in the Highway Aircraft Automobile. In there was word of an engine which used no fuel whatsoeyer; it was being developed in North Carolina. Wally Minto donated a most remarkable d'esign to the world in His unique unpatented wheel worked on an change of temperature--as low as 3YloF. Using any gasp roof tanks around the outer form of the wheel, a simple pipe connection between the upper and lower tanks allows the needed exchange of gas.

A warmer lower tank would lighten as the upper tank collected the vaporized propane-or low boiling point gas. While slow, the design gave considerable torque and held great promise for applications in backward areas. Studies in the '70's concluded that flywheels were about the most efficient energy storing device available. Better than fuel cells, lead acid batteries, or compressed gas, the flywheel could carry the wasted power of high horsepower and save motorists big money.

In Lockheed found that an ordinary iron flywheel spinning at around 24, rpm in a reasonable vacuum anti-friction worked quite well. In fact, it was estimated that it would require very little research money to quickly raise the efficiency of most current motor drive systems. Bot and Cold Engine. A 65 year old Swedish inventor made a major breakthrough in the thermo-electric engine field. Because wires of different metals produce electricity if they are joined and heated, there has long been a potential in this principle.

In Volvo of Sweden obtained rights to his power unit, and it was hoped that the design would soon be in use. AIr Fuel. In the 's a Los Angeles Baldwin Hills resident worked out a method to run an ordinary automobile on the constituents of ordinary air. Working out a system to keep his motors from melting from the high heat produced by the burning oxygen, he contacted the auto makers.

General Motors, acting for the industry, eventually got controlling stock of the small company, and that was the end. A reader of M-J BSRA Journal recalled that the: motor was warmed up on ordinary fuel and then switched over to air after it became hou44 A few years ago, in the 'SO's, there was one intrepid experimentor who could beat the 'gas hog habit' with 'Hydraulics. Air power was used to power rail locomotives and mining equipment for years before the so-called energy crunches.

Like the steam engine, the air engine does not need torque converters transmissions and lasts for years because of low speeds. Engineer Roy J. Meyers built a 6-cylinder air car in and it supposedly had a cruising range of several hundred miles at lower speeds.

There seems too few reasons why the air system wouldn't work very well in pollution sensitive cities. Air fueling tanks at the stratigic spots would be simple. In Claud F. Mead of San Diego, California. Using a scuba bottle full of air, he ran a hose to an air impact wrench. The wrench shaft was, in turn, hooked to the wheel of his small cart. By using a battery to pump up his tank, he was able to go some distance at speeds up to SO mph.

Because of the amazine potential of this system, Mead wanted to put a more sophisticated design on the market. AIr Powered Engines. Back in a Scottish clergyman, Robert Sterling, designed an external combustion engine that ran on hot air. Since that time. There they came up with a working fluid pump which was nothing more than a container with an assortment of pipes and valves.

See illustration This means that solar energy should be capable of pumping water-or your hot springs or hot air supply can furnish pumping power. It was connected to a linear non-rotating alternator and could put out 27 watts of power a day on less than a quart of propane.

To power autos there have been a number of Sterling designs. Some European firms have run these designs successfully, and such non-polluting engines just hum along under a continuous not instant combustion. These engines are simple, non-polluting, and will run on anything from charcoal to sunshine. Holland, there was a 21 year old inventer who developed a piston engine which reportedly could run for three months before needing recharging. The engine was remarkable in that it ran on hot compressed air.

Before he had a chance to market the engine, he was sent to a mental institution. Sitting so that the vanes were horizontal, this machine deflected the air flow path inward and upward to form a miniature hurricane action. Because this system could, theoretically, produce or decrease different types of weather change temperature and humidity and disperse poliution , it could be a very worthwhile system.

Harnessing just a fraction of the energy potential from thermal changes on our planet would supply awesome power. Many persons believe that hydrogen is the ideal motive force for man. Containing no carbon, H2 can be burned safej! A number of minor experimental successes proved the worth of these conversions over the years. Some neighbors' experiments were typical.

They simply hooked up a mixing chamber instead of a carburetor on their car, and they experimented with combinations of oxygen and hydrogen until successful. Using a stock gasoline engine, they lowered its compression rate and made a few alterations to allow for a greater heat build-up. Next, they recirculated part of the exhaust gas to decrease the excess oxygen and slow the combusti n process slightly.

The result was a success. The only real problem was in the bulky. Hydrogen is chemically locked in powdered iron titanium and is released when heat from the engines' cooling fluid warms it. With this, or a less expensive Hefferlin System See UFO section there is little reason for ollr continuing dependence on fossil fuels.

Justi and Kalberlah wrote in a '66 French bulletin that they could convert watel: to hydrogen and oxygen using D. In the carburetor they used water to lower combustion temperatures and to act as a combustion and backfire control. The use of rockets in warfare is hinted at in works that are thousands of years old. More recently, however, an 18th-century Prince Hyder Ali used some smaller versions with shocking success against the British. Later the British used thousands of similar improved rockets against Copenhagen in In this country private rocket experimentors developed very sophisticated rockets in the 's, and, while offering their work to our Government, they received absolutely nothing but rejection.

The various short-sighted armed services felt that their standard armament was more than sufficient. Both R. Goddard and fl Cherth predicted space travel back in the '20's. Goddard actually launched one advanced rocket design that rose to 7, feet in the mid-'30's. Von Braun, to design rockets for them a short time later.

Later the alcohol and liquid oxygen burning V-2's hurtled down on targets up to miles distant. As the 'Cold War' threat hastened super-space technology, exciting data began to roll in. The Explorer I, for instance, carried Geiger counter equipment by J. Van Allen that detected the radiation belt that bears his name. While many gave little significance to this event, there were others who recognized this belt as the restrictive belt which blocked off certain charged particles or energies from reaching Earth - radiation energies that, according to some mystics, once did reach Earth and.

Such persons long maintained that even the huge prehistoric animal life during very ancient times benefited from such radiations and that such animals simply could not gorge enough flora and fauna down their dainty gullets to keep their huge hulks supplied with nourishment. As startling as this theory may sound, there is mounting evidence, 54 Electrottatfc Cooling. For some reason, when static electricity is played on a red hot object, it will suddenly cool the object.

This 'electric wind' seems to break up the insulatory boundary layers of air, and it will have numerous applications in our Century. While the friction of air against the silk curtains generated the static electricity, the box condensor stored this energy. Mention is made in the '70's of a man who used the Biblical dimensions of the 'ark' and actually made a working duplicate.

Who could exclude the beloved steam car from a work like this! In a Stanley Steamer car traveled down a Florida beach at mph before a bump sent it out of control. Losing ground to the cheaper gasoline vehicles, a number of the old steamers were surrected and run during the World War II fuel shortages. Even in the '50's a Stanley engine carried one researcher and his newer car across the U. The Doble Steam Auto was probably the first steamer of modern design.

Instead of allowing the steam to escape, it recirculated it so that an owner could drive a thousand miles before refilling the twenty-five gallon water tank. With less than a minute warm-up owners could get performance equal to the best gasoline automobiles.

The amazing Doble engines were guaranteed for thousand miles, and some owners reported having gotten a phenomenal thousand miles from them. From his first auto show Doble got 27 million dollars in orders. The War Emergency Board of the period plus discouraged production completely, so Doble was forced to survive abroad building steam trucks for an English firm. Kinetics, Inc. A super efficient steam engine was developed by Oliver Yunick in Pop.

Sci, Nov. One of the most advanced steam turbine designs came from the DuPont Laboratories in late U sing a recyclable fluid of the freon family. Presumably it contains within its design no need for an external condenser, valves, or tubes. Using more basic designs, Slllndstrand Aviation put one of their steam power plants in a Dallas city bus.

At the same period William M. Brobeck of Berkeley, California, with his assistants, equipped three Oakland buses with similar 'Doble' designs. Lear Motors Corp. Steam Power Systems of San Diego was another principal experimenter during this period. Using Swedish Sullair rotary compressors for motors, he mounted his system on a standard Datsun and got a contract for at least a hundred more. Later modifications included a gyrator engine, which was actually s, pump motor working backward.

One of the few new steam engine designs able to be directly tied to the drive wheels of an auto is the KROV design of Claiming at least a one third advantage in economy over conventional gas engines, all this engine needed was financing. In the '60's there was a similar conversion kit put out by a small company in Oregon.

Furnishing a smaller cam timing gear sprocket the size of the crankshaft sprocket and a modified camshaft, a normal 'gas' engine could easily be converted. This company did not advocate using their units for any but stationary engines, but hinted at a new super fuelless steam power unit coming up. Super Steam Generator. Rather than a 'flame against boiler design,' he uses a 'combustion product and water in the same chamber design.

In the early '70's William Bolon in Rialto, California, developed an unusual steam engine design that was purported to get 50 miles to the gallon. The engine, which used only 17 moving parts, weighed less than 50 pounds and eliminated the usual transmission and drive train in 13 an auto. After letters to the White House, the inventor finaliy gave up and let Indonesian interests have the design.

At last word, the engine and a new car to fit it will be put out by a Jakarta firm, with the inventor getting his rightful royalty. Typically, the representatives of the auto industry alleged that steam systems were not dependable, safe, or necessary-especially since Detroit would soon have good minimal emission designs.

So, without funding, the small experimenters of this period tended to fade into obscurity. A notable exception was Bill Leer, who spent miiiions perfecting systems in his Reno plant. The complete lack of cooperation and interest from major industries or 'powers' eventually even discouraged Lear.

Rudolph Diesel took the crude heavy fuel burning engine designs of those before him and refined them into the major engineering success of the 's. His invention immediately threatened the whole steam engine industry, and just as he was plunging into fame and success, he permanently disappeared from the ship on which he was traveling to Europe.

Electrostatic Moton. The modern world's first electric motor was an electrostatic motor invented by Benjamin Franklin in Through the years, little was done in this field until a Dr. Jefimenko came on the scene. This good physicist felt it was a 'waste not' to be using some of the abundant free atmospheric electricity.

To run smaller motors, experimenters find that a few inches of needle pointed music wire will start a Corona. This wire is attached to at least two or three hundred feet of copper lead-in wire held aloft by a balloon, kite, or tower. Tolerances are critical on electrostatic motors, but they are simple to make. A :l1umber of researchers feel that if the poles of the atomic fields in matter are arranged in a linear polarity, one can produce an anti-gravity effect.

The perfect example of this principle in application is the bumblebee. In designing a system to use positive and negative night and day, the Ancients called it polarities against each other, a Toroid coil with a caduceus winding can be used to separate these fields-and play them against each other. By orienting the poles of the atomic structure of matter instead of the molecular sttucture magnet , even non-ferrous metals can gain attraction repulsion qualities. If technology continues in tact, we should shortly be using propulsion units which are little more than diaphragms of matter sending out discordant vibrations-- ut of harmony to the resonance of space.

Further data on the working of matter from works by Walter Russell and Geo. While working on electrical motors, he noticed that electromotive force was given off as the parts spun. Getting later slip rings to spin out electrons as they turned, he found there was no electricity used.

His first generator was surrounding itself with a pink halo as it built up speed and disappeared for good. Later on refined levity discs were added to small circular aircraft. Almost forty of these twenty-to-fortyfoot radio controlled craft were built and flown around Warminster, England. Searl felt that the simple weightless action of his generator had not been found before because air ordinarily shorts out the high electro-static voltage of most generators.

His design created a vacuum around the generator, and, of,course, once free of gravitational force. Because Searl found little help from public and official agencies, he started a publically owned space project in the '60's. Niobium with tin zirconium or titanium were found to produce superconducting magnets ten times as strong as ordinary magnets.

This would, in effect, act as a 'force field' protector against dangerous protons and radiation. Superconductive wire, of course, could allow frictionless gyros, and ultra small computers and electrical circuits. When larger superconductive metals act to repel magnetic fields, we have an actual 'levitation. Besides the well-known oracle caves of antiquity such as Delphi. At Dodona there were vases fashioned of metal that supposedly would ring for hours when stuck.

It would seem logical that certain tonal ranges or octaves would, indeed, assist some to blank out unwanted thought patterns. Pythagoras was the first person history records as working out a reasonably sound harmonic musical scale. He was also convinced that certain modes or keys had profound effects upon emotions. The 'Hard Rock' music ofthe '70's, then, was probably far worse on the listeners' well being than the less chaotic music he warned his disciples against.

The early Greeks had great knowledge on the use of vibrations, and the priests were able to build highly unique sound chambers to use in their rituals and religious ceremonies. Many persons have felt that all elements have certain keynotes, and, if such a keynote is duplicated, it can disintegrate the compounds into their various parts. The mystical principle that two exact things cannot occupy the same space at the same time is valid whether applied to a mind system or to a wall of Jericho.

According to a number of ancient records, round metal discs of certain shapes and resonance could lift men and objects if sounded. Two such discs were made for the king and queen of Spain by the Aztec ruler Montezuma. About the size of phonograph records, one of these gold discs was said to be thicker than the other.

Numerous myths spoke of persons flying when they struck or made songs on plates. Indian Sankrit records are usually more detailed and indicate a science of acoustics far ahead of ours. The ancient stone discs found in China by the Russians in the '60's were said to vibrate in a peculiar manner when struck.

In a work called" Secrets Of The Andes" mention is made of a large disc from ancient Lemuria which was used by the Incas in a sacred temple. If struck in a certain manner it could supposedly cause earthquakes, if tuned to an individual vibrational rate it could transport the person to a distant place. The Spaniards found this disc gone when they finally located the temple. In "Seth Speaks" there is some mention of the highly refined Lemurian sonar technology.

Catching up. In the conventional spinning gyroscope used in navigation was threatened by a tiny two inch Berylium copper wire held between the magnetic flux of two electro-magnets. This vibrating wire created a major breakthrough in this field. H meywell Throughout the ages there have been a certain few who have had the ability to match odors to vibratory levels.

Even in the present age there are certain perfumes that are said to use a scale of odors just as a musician uses a harmonic scale of notes. The mystics of the world have used chants to vibrate areas of the body to fuller efficiency.

Early work by Dr. Oscar Bronler found a direct relationship between the output frequency of the brain and intelligence. The Energies Science has yet to understand what we could call the 'other energies. These energies-or let's say, 'this energy,' can be operated at great distance without any 'grounding' actions by physical bodies.

It can even be reflected by mirrors and transported, concentrated, and increased by sound. The mystics referred to this other energy as 'Ufe force,' and 'Prana. Reichenbach called it 'Odic Force; Paracelsus called it 'the mumia,' and the ancients referred to it in various ways as the 'binding force. Back in the '20's a former classmate of Einstein, Dr. Biefield, and a University professor, Townsend Brown, teamed up and discovered a new principle of propulsion.

It started with a charged condenser on a string and led into miniature flying saucers. It was found that the closer the condenser plates, the wider area they covered. Brown continued this propulsion work into the 'SO's and is throught to have concluded that 3 large condensors under a saucer, 0 control would be sufficient to make practical flight possible. Theoretically, the condensers act in creating a modification of the gravitational field around a craft, and, by using a "Caduceus" coil to change tileld polarity, directional guidance can be attained.

As late as the early 's one inventor in the Northwest demonstrated similar anti-gravity discs before Portland TV Channel 8 viewers. His 'Sicorsci Aviation' spent seven million dollars on the project before it all faded away. They went against the notions of gravity, for one thing, and for another, how would the Powers That Be make money from them. Jets cost millions A saucer developed by Germany about consisted of a wing wheel design in which a dozen variable wings acted in principle like a helicopter.

One of the more advanced German designs was said 'to be powered by a 'Schauberger' flameless, smokeless implosion motor. These power plants ringed the craft and tilted at angles necessary to give direction and speed. By incorporating suction openings at the top of the craft, an added boost in speed came from the vacuum created. Incredible as it may seem, there were many documentations of all this in various reports at the time. A friend of mine told of tons of Germanium he found in one such plant.

It was in some way connected with the drive system of one saucer design. Renato Vesco told an.. Argosy" author issue of Aug '69 that most of the data on the German saucers was taken by British "T" teams to Bedford, England, to various secret facilities in Australia, and to B.

After continued work on the better projects, various British sources let it be known in that Britain would soon have aircraft that would be capable of thousands of miles per hour and need no fuel. By the Canadians had set aside , acres of very remote land in B. It was their ace in the hole. Huge RAF budgets along with continued sightings of slower and more 'solid' UFO's has led many persons to suspect that our pilots are ordered not to fire upon such craft with good reason.

They are our friends-or maybe even us. Because the Hungarians lacked funds to continue and Germany was closing in, Emery flew two ships to the U. After offering them to the U. MentIOn 1S made in this work of a fuelless motor which utilizes water electrolysis. It is also pointed out that other alien UFO's, having no connection with these projects, commonly exist.

As an example, in 'unofficial' conversations with the various astronauts, certain reporters stated that all the early 'moon shots' had alien visitors following them for a time. But then, this work is not large enough to go into data on such alien craft. As the space projects of earth pushed ahead in the 's very few persons were aware of the fact that some of our most sophisticated advanc"!

A number of wrecked craft of this period got rushed to the Wright Patterson installation and thoroughly dissected. As stacks of UFO documents became de-classified in the '70's it was still almost impossible to obtain them from the responsible sources. Frogsl'ein Anti Gravity Craft.. In experimenter Walter Baughmgartner finally completed preliminary work on a very advanced but simple anti gravity craft in British Columbia.

Alien Triad Propulsion Systems A number of UFO reports h ave included the fact that some of these crafts propulsion systems used a triad configuration. A typical case ir. Mercury engines are c. Henry William Wallace patented an an,ti-gravity generator in and many experimel'lters in this field were given encouragement and help by the new ideas. Wallace's device uses rotors traveling from 10 to 20 thou sa nd RPM and the inventor suggests th at the intensi ty of weightlessness calll be increased by using mercury - just as is mentioned in the ancient Indian manusc.

Norman L. Dean was an amateur experime. Over a period of years a number of witnesses swore that Deans drive system actually worked on actual models. Because of various complicated circumstances and the death of the persons involved.

Surprisingly,,a number of legends and records exist concerning pre-historic flight. A number of these stories concern men who learned the art of flying from their more able 'Gods. Hindu writings are filled with 'celestial' vehicles which transported the kings and gods.

Other accouilts of flying machines are recorded in various ancient records and myths including, it would seem. He claimed that temple records he saw gave specific instructions for building not only a very advanced airship but its power supply.

Some feel that such forces are beyond our present grasp because of certain energies unavailable to the Power Sources Xtals , but that is a story told elsewhere. The Vedic manuscript. This work devoted over pages to describing how to build and fly these advanced ships. Some of the propulsion systems used the power of heated mercury.

The "Mahabharata. According to Dr. Ruth Reyna, there are sanskrit texts in the University of the Punjab that tell of space flights 3, B. Commissioned by U. Space authorities, Reyna found that these flights were considered imperative due to the threat of a deluge on Earth.

Gravity Defying Gyroscopes. Edwin Rickman, an English electrical engineer. After a patent was obtained on the basic principles. With certain modifications, this scientist declared in in press releases that this anti-gravity motor should enable us to travel to other solar systems. Researchers in this fieid feel this device is based upon electromagnetism and vector multiplication. The Asian conflicts prodded the development of one man flying suits in the '60's, In his "Gold of The Gods" Von Daniken points out numerous earlier models depicted on monuments.

Many strange stories have circulated about the flying saucers being built by various governments on our planet. While there is good reason to believe that alien saucers do exist and do visit our planet, there is a surprising amount of evidence concerning the models of local origin. Several ancient manuscripts give details on Einstein observed that if the UFO occupants had mastered gravity, they would also have overcome inertia.

Saucers with anti-gravity screens could ignore both gravity and inertia. They can instantly change direction and speed. Anyone who has observed the darting movements of some UFO's must concede that something is breaking the laws of inertia.

However, in recent times, the' most knowledge levels maintain that we live in a authentic reports come from records concerning the work of Hitler's scientists. In the few short years that Hitler gave his sciientists free rein to develop technology, there was astonishing progress. Allied teams who rushed into the secret underground bases and projects after the Wa,r were dumbfounded by the technological advancement they contracting and expanding universe of many dimensions.

By using technology which can contract a space craft for example, the craft cannot only pass into the other dimensions, but easily pass through less dense materials. Because light rays would be less rapid than the event itself, distortions would result-which seem to be well recorded in documented encounters. A small plant in central Germany M Werke was on the verge of producing missiles which could Will our leaders continue to assume that we are too destroy entire U.

Co-operation between dense to understand--or, perhaps, too dangerous to G-Works and various other installations produced the know? It wouldn't surprise some persons to see the 'Kugelblitz. It could travel by remote control, seek a Exactly how many Government rooms are filled target by infra red detection, and remain ullidetectable on radar screens. According to a Dumber of later What is well remembered by many is the fact that with data on UFO's could be anyone's speculation.

Allied intelligence reports, there were super turbine many samples of strange materials and machinery engines capable of running on liquid oxygen or have been handed over to Government authorities. In hydrogen peroxide, a gelatinous. More recently a number of researches have been Examples of this can be found in UFO publications interested in advanced power systems. Cathode ray of the '50's and '60 s.

Atomic fusion instead of fission the man who solved our spinning satellite problem. Some think so. An Argosy gravity field strong enough to overcome the gravity of Magazine article mentioned dozens of saucer Earth. Another device possible under the present researchers who mysteriously disappeared. Albert accepted laws of physics is built of a thin, disc of Bender, a well-known researcher, told of seven nuclear matter.

Such a device is lightly covered in an visitations by mysterious 'men in black. Forwards mentioned another visitors seemed to possess, they could be of alien system. Because any mass with velocity and origin. She felt that the 'man in cancel Earth's gravity. Unfortunately, these machines black' who contacted her were 'front men' for aliens would require quantities of dense matter.

Because many can't accept the current gravitational Grey Barker wrote his "They Know Too Much theories, there are many theoretical designs which about Flying Saucers" during the period when the use what we could call negative mattt! Because 'men in black' were most active. This, of course, would be silmilar to but there are very sophisticated craft of extraterrestrial 'alien' origin as well.

With literally hundreds of the 'Day and Night' energies supposedly used by the ancients, mentioned elsewhere. UFO publications and groups and thousands of In a similar vein, one could theoretically use the sightings, the evidence is pretty overwhelming for polarity of inertia. By changing inertia from positive to either or both craft. Pinellas Park,FLA. Blyd, W. UfO Clipp1ua Servlce. J "'1,,, S Th rli t hllle!

Thl t. The bdiaf' in VI' re.. Tha parpetull. India"1 and Ar. Cln buy a 'Jllrp. U III MW tm I. Ihe kay '" t:t. IkS atlll UM tmff competitor'. I'tw I. UrIW'd 10 the.. It,,nd 1ht och".. C1fK :mlllolu of doll. CL'ua f'ug11t " It, I"J OI! All oo,.. Jit 5 United States Patent 3,, A,.. IV ANO!

N L III. Ihlt iti ICll U D 'or tn,1fi. Of air. I drntn try ;I mo. C11C"Odabk COfnpon. To the materialistic scientist there is absolutely no logical explanation for Man's great superiority among the animal kingdoms. Since it has been determined that all animal brains work the same, there is just no materialistic way to explain why Creature Man, with his small brain, can have mind capabilities so far advanced. It shocks and exasperates much of scientific community that there are no materialistic concepts to cover this condition.

The simple facts are, however" that Man is obviously more than just a brain. The most easily detectable difference betw'een a man with 'mind' and an animal without mind, is the fact that 'mind' can use symbols. Left with only brain.

The wonder of the Century is that man still rejel:ts the obvious. It is only relative. In viewing how some of the simpler forms of mind power are harnessed. At least three are usually needed in healing circles Mlnd Operation thronglli Ohjects. While it is probably best that we don't get too involved in occult theory in a work of this nature, certain principles are important and should be understood.

In influencing others, the use of mind power may be used in various ways. A direct force or current can come from direct mental concentration. Or the power can be used through a storage unit such as an object inanimate or espedally created. With a vibrating link personal object and magnetic hypnotic suggestions.

The use of talismans, substitution dolls, 21 and the like, then, are very effectual in holding magnetic mind energies or helping in the concentration of these energies. Because negative mental forces send against the better conscience of the sender can return to the sender and bring retrobution 'Karma , wise control is a necessity for operatives. Truly the most incredible things of all are wrought by 'mind.

There are certain high level 'mental' beings or teachers on our planet that have explained that many of the 'mental' limitations on the planet have been lifted. Between the time of Moses and Christ, for instance. After Christ's visit. The extent to which this energy change ability can be used. We shall see Legends and records are filled with the tales of gods changing around matter to suit themselves.

Ramadrandra's "Warfare in Ancient India" he mentions records showing no less than a dozen types of awesome 'throwing out' soposamhara weapons. Capable of destroying up to 10, men or more with ease, a number of these devices were run by the power of mind. In present times there are numerous motors and such that would run only for their inventors.

John W, Keely's twenty pound motor of was an example. It reportedly used a combination of sound and mind. Throughout the pages of this work are a number of machines which I frankly suspect work from powers of mind. While radionics began as a tool to use in diagnosing and treating disease, the art has now slipped into the braoder form of psionics. Machines that are against all recognized concepts send and receive new mind energies with startling results.

To see where things stand in the '70's, however, we should start at the beginning. Back in the early 's a man named Dr. Abrams found that all matter radiated at different amplitudes and that these radiations could be measured on special machines. The scientific community would have none of this theory at the time, of course.. With time, Abrams and other Uillorthodox researchers found methods to tune their therapy machines to treat every type of disease. If a gland was not functioning corrrectly, they would increase or decrease its function by tuning in the correct radiation amplitude.

Micro-organisms and harmful irritating substances within the body were neutralized or excreted by proper tunings. Results ran from nil to phenomenal. The famous chemist, Baron Von Reichenbach, was so impressed by the findings of Abrams and Mesmer that he devoted the rest of his life to the study of radionic principles. George De La Warr and Ruth Drown took up where Abrams left off and typically received little but ridicule and harrassment. Drown died in prison after A.

Never once did they bother to test the machines they denounced. It was found that each molecule of matter carries an electrical charge that is a 'prototype' of the thing it is from. A single molecule was found to give off any number of wave lengths but only on one frequency at a time. No two persons, animals, or plants gave off the same broadcast signals, and this generic pattern was found to be transmittable by photographic negative as well as a tiny piece of the whole.

Since each molecular cha. Some persons could see for the first time the underlying principles of the mystical teachings, voodoo, and even witchcraft. The real dawning of psionic research came, however, after T. Galen Hiernymus came on the scene with his patent on the Hieronymus instrument.

Introducing his machine simply as a detector of new unknown emanations from matter, he was probably quite aware of the instrument's unusual life-affecting abilities. In working the Hieronymus device, there seems to be a definite line between the mind of the operator and the generic pattern of the subject or object tuned in. A person who thinks of gold and turns the radiation scale pointer will get a gold vibration at the correct point.

Emanations from plants. Hale, photographed a blighted citrus orchard and inserted an insect repellent treated negative into the machine. After several two-hour treatments over a week's time, the areas treated on the film were completely free of insects, while those untreated on film were still infested. The Nov. Fifty thousand acres of California and Arizona trees were later treated for infestation and disease; results were remarkable. Persons treating smaller numbers of trees have produced the same results by using small samples of the trees.

Even more devastating to stagnant concepts is the use of psionic devices as 'time machines. The resulting photo disclosed the exact event-outdated clothes and all. Later researchers delighted in developing pictures from the fossils and relics of the past. Prehistoric beasts of the ancient world were faithfully recorded from tiny 'master linle' materials.

Using a patient's blood, some laboratories have photographed persons ill or pregnant before and after the experiment. Placing seeds in psionic devices has allowed researchers to actually see various stages of the plant's growth. Do these experiments prove that time only exists in the awareness of motion?

The machines themselves seem to be simply tools to get the brain to receive from the invisible force of mind. Much as persons need a pencil and paper to focus their minds, so, too, the new crop of machines serve the same purpose. Bhattacharya uses his radionic treatment design to send healing vibratory levels to his patients, To determine the Vibration, or 'color hunger,' of his patients, he uses a witness or photograph negative of the subject and allows a magnetically weighted pendulum to swing toward a row of colored lights on his 'box.

Treatment can continue for days, or until there are positive results. Researcher John Campbell was one of the first to learn that an outside power source was unnecessary with the Hieronymus device. Going a step further, he simply drew a circuit of the machines on paper with India ink. Linking some sections with sewing thread, he immediately got the same results from this symbol machine as he did from the actual 'plugged in' machines.

Because the Hieronymus machine is only labeled an analyzer and not an influence upon life forces, many pretty respected researchers have acknowledged working with it. These men can just ignore the life force value of the machine and concentrate on its diagnostic and detection potentials.

After all. The art of dowsing has been used in its various forms for about as long as there haye been written records. Briefly, it allows the brain to receive information beyond the standard human senses. In practice some dowsers have need of instruments, others do not. Australian Aboriginese can detect water or animals up to ten miles away without instruments. Current treasure hunters claim to be able to detect large deposits of precious metals with instruments from twenty milles.

Normally, dowsers may search for water, OIi1, gas, caverns, pipes, ore bodies, treasure, or even missing objects or persons. Instruments generally fall linto the categories of angle rods, wands, pendulums, and forked shapes.

To use these devices a dowser will go into the field, since the object is often searched for by determining the direction, then 'triangulating' it in or by random walking; or the dowser may gain the data from a map map dowsing or he may use 'yes' and 'no' answers. While some instruments, such as various angle rods, depend on energy rays from the objects sought, other instruments. Persons depending on mental help usually must be very careful to think only of 'what' they are seeking and not of 'where it is thought to be.

Both water and treasure hunters must be careful to compute the sun's ray angle iinto pinpointing a 'find. A high percentage of the world's water wells have been located by dowsing. See his history and methods by Pryamid Guide Publishers. A good professional treasure dowser is Sam Wolfe. Men like Wolfe often choose to spend time on only deposits that are exceptionally rich and easy to work.

See "Dowsing for Treasure and Minerals". Many good dowsers are in demand for their ability to locate lost objects and lost persons. In such work a 'witness' sample or a picture negative is used, and the principle is similar to that used in 'radionic' and 'psionic' machine work. One of the forgotten geniuses of our Century was Nikola Tesla. Without his unselfish work on harnessing the energies around us, we would no doubt be decades behind in the present technology.

His favorite field was electricity, and it was he who first developed the field of radio broadcasting, the laser beam. From the beginning he had trouble getting the major 'energy moguls' to put his inventions into production. For decades many of Tesla's electric motors and miner inventions were ignored. In some of his later records. As it was, he could power light bulbs without wires from several miles distance-or take X-rays of the body 40 feet from the radiation source.

A number of major inventions have been attributed to others simply because others finished what Tesla had begun. Using his Tesla coil principle, he envisioned sending wireless energy to all parts of the world. It was this project that took up his time before his death. Could it work? Frankly, I feel that our Government has tried some 6fthese principles out and there are certain problems.

In secret tests conducted in the Arizona desert some years ago, there were a number of electrical power blockages in all directions. Motorists found themselves stalled along the road, power line voltages were altered, and, according to the grapevine, the health of life in the near vicinity was endangered. In a word. To visionaries.

Wireless energy transmission will come just as fast as man can upgrade technology to fit his visions. The thing that will endanger this is, as always, a halt to technology because of war. To offset war. Tesla designed what just may be the most important invention of all, the 'anti-war' machine. Designed to put up protective 'force fields.

As these were brought on the market a few years ago, there were high hopes. Only with the energy crisis of did some of the freer and smaller companies work on materials to bring the prohibitive prices down. The other principle hope in this area is development of magneto-hydro-dynamics.

If a reasonably priced M. Would existing power structures allow this? Word came in the early '70's about a super method of storing huge amounts of electricity with the aid of super conductor magnets. And there are other unusual electrical sources I have heard of researchers making pure iridium crystals, and, later, with a glazed look in their eyes.

In the late '40's it was discovered that when a slight impurity was added to germanium. C radio signal. While these first transistors resembled crystal radio units. Atkins of Houston worked out an astounding system to convert cheap organic waste material to electricity in the early '70's.

Using moistened organic matter or dung between aluminum and copper electrode plates, he was able to make amazingly efficient batteries of any size. Typically, backers for this project never seemed to come through. Years later we could only wonder at what happened. In effect, his system could light a home on the slight current of a small battery. Technically, his system involved using only the positive side of the sine wave.

From a battery the current would pass through III series of capacitors and continue along only one 'Mre through both coil windings of the repulsion magnets on the motor. Only after it had activated the magnetic push would it travel back to the negative side of the pole. Where do super systems go? Physicist Alvin M. Marks patented an astounding new electrical generator in the late '60's.

His tiny two foot long model put out 10 watts and volts of D. He claimed that the potential was so great that each home could be powered from waste furnace heat. Weston and Kavanagh sat down recently for an interview in their home. Weston, an interior designer, oversaw the renovation of their large ranch over the last two years.

And a lot of times, Even before cancer, the star it does. The devil certainly was going bald. Kavanagh was cracking people up Smart, sassy and quick-witted, she smiles long before it became therapy for him. Weston was working in the front of the house taking tickets while Kavanagh was busy backstage. As the audience grew impatient for the show to start, Weston asked them if they wanted to hear from Kavanagh himself.

She remembered thinking, A professional comedian, and Candy Cane is the best he can do? Still, the two became fast friends. For years the two remained just friends, as Kavanagh was still married at the time. Weston has been divorced since As the application process unfolded, Weston recalled, it became so technical that she nearly gave up.

But after mentioning the show to Kavanagh, he leapt at the opportunity to help and pulled together a production team to work on her video. Weston was floored by his efforts. Fifteen months later, cancer upended their world. Despite the newness of their romantic relationship, Weston stepped naturally into the role of caregiver.

In their home, humor was never a relief valve. Instead, the default emotions were anger and resentment. And then she passed away. The cancer notwithstanding, Weston. Still, for a comedy writer, the affliction offers Kavanagh a bottomless well of material. Kavanagh seated on a toilet. Friends often assume it was staged, but one side effect of rectal cancer is having to relieve himself frequently, Kavanagh explained.

One day, after Weston had waited a very long time for Kavanagh to return from the bathroom, she ducked inside to check on him and spotted him on the john wearing sunglasses, a Whiskey Business. T-shirt and funny socks. Instantly recognizing its comedic value, Weston snapped the photo. Kavanagh has since performed at various venues in. Alas, their celebration was premature.

In August , Kavanagh learned that his cancer had returned, this time in his. The couple was there just last week for scans to learn whether the cancer had progressed. When that got old, Weston played love songs on her cellphone and the couple danced — Kavanagh in his hospital gown. That sounded like an opportunity. Stolese, 51, closed Arabesque last May. The first is an order-only operation that maintains no retail inventory.

The second is a coworking space that Stolese shares with other wedding professionals. At her Shelburne Gift Company, Stolese sees customers by appointment for invitations and other stationery products, as well as customized gift bags, baskets and boxes. She operates the online directory vermontweddings. Holmes says she previously tried another coworking space, but it lacked the sense of community she enjoys when working with others in the wedding field.

Collaboration is key in the wedding world, in which the pros thrive on sharing customers. A florist might recommend a hairstylist to a bridal customer; a caterer will suggest a photographer — and each expects referrals in return. The front area resembles a living room, with a sofa, stylish floral pillows, a cushy rug and a coffee table topped with fresh blooms. Here, wedding pros can go over invitation fonts and color themes with brides and grooms and, sometimes, their parents.

Stolese welcomes other planners, photographers, florists, officiants, hair and makeup stylists, and anyone else in the wedding business to use the space to meet their clients. Another outfit does tarot card readings for guests. Others concentrate on after-event parties, often served by food trucks.

Stolese hopes the Vermont Wedding Studio gives these disparate experts a way to connect. One recent evening, she, Holmes and George hosted a networking event for wedding pros. About a dozen attended. If she were working alone, Stolese says, she might have found the effort daunting. A traditional high-end gift store, she sold Simon Pearce glassware, pretty napkins, and all kinds of accoutrements for the well-appointed home and table. A couple of years later, a nearby stationery store was closing and the owner asked Stolese if she wanted to take over that business.

She did, selling to customers not only invitations but programs, place cards and menus for the wedding day. Stolese says she would take time away from her shop to produce the festival, and it was always stressful. So, after 10 years — and with increasing competition from online outlets — Stolese decided to let go of the inventory and overhead and embrace the by-appointment model.

At Shelburne Gift Company, party throwers can still page through the giant sample books of. Stolese also assembles personalized thank-you gifts for bridal parties. But gifts, of course, are not just for weddings.

And she just completed a large order for a local real estate firm that bought gift boxes, tied with thick black velvet ribbons, to bestow on clients when they close on their properties. Stolese also sees possibilities in the convention market, creating welcome bags for conference attendees.

Stolese will pack bags, boxes, even wooden crates. Welcome gifts for wedding guests would typically cost much less, she explains, but the display items give an idea of the goodies they could include. The Bride-to-Be box holds body butter, a silky nightgown, a scented candle and a gold makeup bag. Between running her former retail store and producing the wine and food fest, Stolese claims she knows just about every specialty-food producer in the state.

The days of offering a generic mesh bag of Jordan almonds as a wedding favor are long gone, Holmes observes. They want the exact bourbon they tasted when they took a romantic trip to Vermont, fell in love and decided to get married here. Crane, William Arthur and Vera Wang invitation samples, as well as funkier boutique options. But Stolese has diversified beyond paper.

One day while she was still running Arabesque, Stolese had coffee with Lisa Desmond, a friend who handles events for the popular venue All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne. Desmond mentioned that, time and time again, the wedding day would arrive and no one had remembered to put together the bathroom basket of amenities — Band-Aids, bobby pins, hair spray and ibuprofen — that have become standard with modern-day nuptials.

And I know how to make things look pretty. Burlington Contact: dan sevendaysvt. I was to meet him at his salon at the end of the day. I got there uncharacteristically early — only five minutes late! While we waited, he asked me if I wanted a quick trim. I was slightly offended, but then he starting shampooing me and massaging my scalp, and even though we were making somewhat terse small talk, it became hard not to relax. Then I felt something hot on my brow.

My eyes were closed, so I assumed he had dripped water on my face. I kept them shut, waiting for him to wipe it off. Then he ripped off a portion of one of my eyebrows. He was waxing my brows without asking. It took me years to get them that close together! Keep going, please. In a way, I like to think we both failed that day. Also, with dating apps catering to every possible demographic, taste and fetish, there has never been a worse time to be single and dating.

For all the problems technology solves for those looking for love, dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge — and the 14 new ones invented in the time it took to write this sentence — create at least as many new obstacles and complications.

Dating in the digital age is a catch — which, come to think of it, would make a great name for a dating app. To help us make sense of it all — or at least learn to laugh about it — we asked some of our favorite Vermont comedians and a few select expats to share their tales from the dating trenches. It may have been her worst date, too. It was the perfect gift! But, as I looked into the eyes of circa the Rock, I realized that this relationship was getting way too serious. So, with the greatest pro wrestler of all time as my witness, I ended it.

She threw her wine at me and stormed out of the restaurant. But, worst of all, she took the Rock with her. A few weeks later … I was notified that my account was banned. But the same person who reported my profile took it one step further. So what? Enjoy your fish, gentlemen.

But he failed as an artist, which is worse. He was obviously trying to turn me into something bangable, but, tragically for both of us, he fell short. It was hard to stay mad because, to be honest, he did a really good job. My brows looked amazing, so this story still has a happy ending.

My life in comedy is owed to our incompatibility! There were so many OkCupid dates that went nowhere, but one sticks out. A longtime Tinder-ite, I was getting sick of endless profiles with men holding dead fish. I was looking for a new dating app recently, and I came across one that was supposed to be the opposite of Tinder. So I installed the app and started using it.

But something seemed wrong, because rather than one match a day, I was getting reminded once a month when my [menstrual] cycle came around. Apparently there is a different app by the same name. Two days later, she had me over for dinner, and we ended up in bed. She was so attractive, but I second-guessed myself. Would this mean anything to her? Did she even like me? My anxiety killed the mood.

When I woke up for work at 5 a. Turns out I had a wet dream. I apologized for the mess, and as soon as the door latched, I laughed my ass off. Except then, on Monday morning, you have to go back into the office and explain to him that no one else would fuck you. Which feels pretty personal to me. I consider myself an expert in relationships, probably because my first boyfriend was the pole of a swing set.

He was tall, slim, cool to the touch. Being an expert in relationships, I think the key to sexual happiness is batting way below your league. Last fall, I went on a date with a nice woman. Things were going well until I happened to mention pie.

She then spent over an hour talking exclusively about pie: She loved pie, she baked pie in her spare time, her parents had pie on their first date, she owned socks that had pies on them, her life ambition is to own a house that has a pie drawer.

I did. It is a drawer in your kitchen where you store pies. We met at Drink. I about needing a pie chart. And got there first and ordered a after I hung on for all this, she insisted cosmopolitan, because they were on sale that an apple pie — my favorite pie variety and nothing says classy like a discount — was not appropriate for Thanksgiving.

He was late. Strike one. Instead she was all about the pecan pie, He showed up wearing a white linen because for some reason a plate full of pantsuit with a matching beaded belt and corn syrup covered with nuts is more necklace. Strike two. I asked him if he can as apple pie. He ordered. A Coke. And all OK. But the place is called Drink, and he I can think is Wow, I guess those people invited me there.

How were we supposed have never had to do a Reactivation of to build any trust? Strike three. Is he gonna invite me to a hotel Because you always quit your dating apps called Fuck so we can cuddle all night? Burlington kathycoflowers. Was there anything auspicious about your first meeting? Our first encounter was at a greasy spoon on 53rd Street in Chicago.

All during lunch, this guy, Raper, with long, flaming-red hair, was gesticulating all over the place. He was full of life, and he was obviously very bright. I was fascinated. SD: What was so compelling to you about the sex lives of fungi? So my interest from. How does it get decided which one is going to be male and which is going to be female? What if you met someone more female than you are, and you could just decide on the spot to become the male?

SD: — e sexual behavior of the particular species of water mold that Red was studying, Achyla, became a weird allegory of his own masculine dilemma. As things started escalating between the two of you, he had to decide what he was going to do about his marriage. That was worked out later on by our successors. But the result of that trip. The aquatic fungus Achyla, for instance, is capable of changing its sex on the spot, depending on the signals of the nearest available mate.

Achyla can even get it on with two partners simultaneously, adopting male sex characteristics on one side and female on the other. The two later married after a whirlwind courtship, a period of agonizing uncertainty when they met, Red had a wife and kid , and a distressing incident involving a pipette. From until her retirement in , Raper was a research professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at the University of Vermont, where she directed studies on the mechanics of reproduction in a species of fungus with more than 20, sexual variations — male, female and everything in between.

A few days before she was scheduled to give a talk at Phoenix Books in Rutland on February 2, Raper was nursing a bad case of bronchitis. Before our interview, I called her to make sure she was still up for a conversation. This is a woman who knows what she wants. The distance was hard for him, and they were starting to grow apart.

My first awareness that he was interested in me was his birthday, October 3, when he asked if he could spend it with me. So we started hanging out as friends. And then I thought, Oh, my God. This is it. What am I going to do? In bed, I mean. So there was some resolution there. CR: Oh, yes. Loads of people. SD: Are fungi selective about their choice of partner? Are some spores just not meant to be?

CR: Definitely. Pheromones play a huge role in the initial process of getting together and being attracted to one another. And in the wood-rotting mushroom, for example, there are different genetic complexes, which reside on different chromosomes.

There are many different genes in each complex. The key to compatibility is that they have to be genetically different in a certain way. My last post-doc student was figuring out which amino acids in that chain of pheromone affect compatibility, and it turns that there are only four or five locations on the gene that are important.

SD: Do humans have a similar biological mechanism for establishing sexual compatibility? CR: Humans also emit pheromones and have pheromone receptors — in our nostrils, our tongues, our ears. Those receptors receive a message, and then all of that gets transmitted to the brain, which has to interpret those messages.

Do you think you would have accomplished all of that had Red lived a few more decades? CR: Definitely not. I think we would have enjoyed old age together, but he was 13 years older than me, and women always live longer, anyway — though no one has quite figured out why. SD: I feel duty-bound to ask you this: Is your middle initial B, by any chance? CR: No, but that Cardi B is quite a personality. I think I like her politics. CR: No. Raper looks nonplussed. Are you due for your next routine maintenance?

Is it getting a little older and are you wondering what kind of shape the battery is in? A membership-based practice delivering comprehensive, quality healthcare. Accepting new patients. CR: You might say that. They used to be, way back in the 18th century. SD: Right. Powdered wigs, blush, pants with a billion ornamental buttons. They look like pencils in a box.

Poor guys. One thing I loved about Red? He was always able to cry. Green Writers Press, pages. In some rather careless writing, the playwright tosses out questionable ideas about pain and addiction that run counter to the current thinking on opioid addiction.

As Julie, Laurel Casillo has the comic polish to connect with other actors and bring out the humor in rata-tat exchanges. Casillo listens, reacts with wide eyes, then lands her laugh line. Laurie Wells plays Grace with high spirits and energy. Director Jess Chayes moves the action quickly, establishing a funny mood with big reactions.

The set by scenic designer Reid Thompson is a triumph. Rule No. If the text has some flaws, the play is s youth. Costume designer Barbara nevertheless an occasion for some fine A. Findlay and Kenneth Kimmins. Findlay is a firecracker, even when inside a story about the dating scene. The crowd last aging gracefully into love of life. She whirls Thursday laughed freely, and Northern about the kitchen, baking muffins and Stage has showcased the new play in high keeping Julie in line with sharp remarks, style.

Contact: alex sevendaysvt. Writing a play is rarely complete until the playwright sees and hears actors portray the action, and now Marisa Smith gets the benefit of the world premiere of her comedy Venus Rising. Audiences get an amusing, briskly paced rising-from-the-ashes story. Smith contrasts the attitudes of two generations when a mother and daughter both find themselves at the comedy version of rock bottom. Julie, the daughter, has returned to her childhood home after her husband threw her out; their amicable divorce is under way.

Cora, the mother, has been a widow for five years and spends her days stiff with arthritis, her horizon limited to a television screen. As Julie wheels in her suitcases, her own three children are settled into college and semesters abroad. Her energy is channeled into amateur hypochondria; she makes poultices and frets over brain cancer. The plot premise could lead to comic confrontations, and Venus Rising is a pleasant diversion that could become a solid play after further revisions.

Worse, Smith provides external solutions before the going gets rough, keeping the comedy light by fixes that border on fantasy. Night falls at the end of Scene 1, but the morning of Scene 2 turns out to be several weeks later, and suddenly Cora has a new lease on life after a neighbor, retired chemistry professor Winslow, has shown a romantic interest. Local delivery defined by mi radius from VTB factory, within Vermont.

This ad paid for by Vt. Liquor Brokers or individual companies. Not responsible for typographical errors. We were on the lower level of the threedeck restaurant at the edge of Otter Creek;. I was lucky to be on the river-view side of the restaurant, which opened on Bakery Lane in mid-November.

Mine was served on a cornhusk, a presentation easily matched by the cocktail,. The tonic was made in-house. Her drink was set on a piece of burlap cut from a coffee-bean bag. The cocktails foretold what was to come: a meal that delighted and intrigued us with each course, unfolding at a pace that invited us to hang out — always with food on the table. Three days later, I sat at the same table overlooking the creek. This time it was late morning, the sky was steely gray and the restaurant had a different name: Haymaker Bun Company.

My drink was a latte that I fetched from the bar. I ate it with a sticky cinnamon bun. When I cleared my mug and plate and put them in the dish bin, the tub was carried to the kitchen by Matt Corrente, who was working a dishwashing shift that morning. The night I ate at the Arcadian, he was the chef. Corrente, 34, and his wife, Caroline Corrente, 29, have created two distinct businesses within one building. The workstation by the front door where Caroline makes pastry dough at 5 a.

Yet he had started in the restaurant business as a teenage dishwasher in his native Rhode Island. After college, Matt switched directions, attended culinary school and has cooked in restaurants ever since. Matt was sous chef at Pistou when Caroline applied for a server job. She was a senior at the University of Vermont, where she majored in anthropology. Pitchfork Farm and Pickle also sells microgreens that it cultivates under grow lights in stacked racks in the store.

The retail store will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a. For the upcoming season, the farm will add ingredients used in fermentation, such as ginger and varieties of hot peppers, to its crop rotation, the farmers said. Irish, who has worked at the farm, is a partner of Seitz and Rock at Pitchfork Farm and Pickle, where she is developing recipes, fermenting and pickling. The title came once again from RateBeer, a beer review and rating website, which noted in its announcement that Hill Farmstead beat out more than 34, other breweries.

The brewery slipped to No. On Instagram: 7deatsvt. The Correntes now live in Middlebury with their 2-year-old son. They share ownership of the Arcadian and Haymaker and occasionally bake or wash dishes for each other. Still, the businesses that together employ about 30 people are independent in function and feel.

A customer might linger in a corner booth after closing time at , when the space begins its daily transformation. In the evening, the counter that held breakfast buns becomes a bar that offers a negroni on tap. Diners are served at their tables, and the kitchen turns out an assortment of housemade pasta dishes and seafood dinners.

First, though, we started with a big bowl of steamed mussels in a slurp-worthy broth of tomato, white wine and garlic, served with a slab of grilled bread. Next came a sizable salad of chopped romaine, radicchio, slivered endives and croutons tossed in a Caesar dressing. Kudos to the kitchen for sending these out one at a time so we could share and take our time over each.

The sauce was not tomato based but a gravy whose key ingredient is veal stock, according to Matt. He devised it because he had a lot of peppers around and because the restaurant was briefly out of branzino. Matt wanted a seafood dish to replace the sea bass that is a regular menu item.

The night we dined at the Arcadian, the scallop special was available and branzino was back on the menu. I got a vicarious thrill watching a diner at the neighboring table receive his fish, lean back in his chair to take a good look at it, flash a big smile and give a double thumbs-up before taking his first bite.

This was an easy twothumbs-up, both before and after eating. The same could be said of our meal. Open nightly at pm [ ] Shelburne Rd, Shelburne [ ] Info, , shelburnevineyard. Friday, February 8, p. Cost of food and beverage. Info, , simplerootsbrewing. Saturday, February 9, 11 a. Price varies by event. Info, , graftoninnvermont. Sunday, February 10, p. Info, , vtfeed. With this ad. Valid in store only. A few years earlier, the pair had bought a vacation and weekend getaway home in Grand Isle with an eye to moving up full time.

The severance pay from WebMD jump-started that plan and the birth of their latest joint venture. Champlain Islands Candy Lab launched online in , followed by limited local retail distribution and a stand at the Saturday Champlain Islands Farmers Market starting in the summer of The South Hero bricks-and-mortar location opened on December 10, Their resulting mirror-image surnames were a minor blip on a joyful day.

But both are passionate about food. Before pausing to chat last week, Michael had been carefully laying out toasted whole almonds in waveshaped molds that he would complete. We pay a lot of attention to taste ratio in every bite. A large hollow chocolate heart had been cracked open to unveil a half dozen caramel-filled chocolate domes splashed abstractly with color, like the best Kinder Surprise Egg ever.

That should be no hardship for the many locals who already stop by the candy lab regularly for a sweet treat, an espresso, a rich cup of drinking chocolate or a bakery special, such as the mouthwatering apple fritters with cider glaze on offer last week. Those from farther away might still consider making the trip. When the couple decided to focus on food, chocolate was not their initial plan.

In New York City, they gained some industry insight from their experience as silent investors in a restaurant. He was the one who did seven months of professional chocolatier training online through Ecole Chocolat. The couple started production in their Grand Isle home but soon outgrew it. They expanded production into the basement kitchen of a former churchturned-art-gallery, but it quickly became clear that they needed their own dedicated facility.

In early , the couple bought the South Hero property, then took the better part of a year to renovate it into a small storefront with a large production kitchen. The amount of foot traffic they received in their first few weeks surprised them. The support has been incredible. It was quite a change, the couple said, to move from a huge city to the quiet Vermont islands.

But the adjustment to full-time country life has been smoother than expected. Mater Christi School, Burlington, a. Info, Starbucks, South Burlington, Shelburne Rd. All skill levels are welcome. Dancers foster friendships while exercising their minds and bodies. Barre Area Senior Center, p. Donations; preregister. Williston Fire Station, p. Catamount Arts Center, St.

Johnsbury, 7 p. Highland Center for the Arts, Greensboro, p. Info, , ext. Stone Corral Brewery, Richmond, p. Cost of food and drink. All family-oriented events are now published in Kids VT, our free parenting monthly. Look for it on newsstands and check out the online calendar at kidsvt. West World Well, howdy there, partner. Four musicians and singers accompany the action with live renditions of country classics and folk-inspired compositions. This month, two of the top documentaries hit silver screens around the state.

Directed by Ivo Marloh, Best Documentary Feature finalist All the Wild Horses follows five international riders as they cross mountain and desert in the mile Mongol Derby horse race. Sunday, February 10, All the Wild Horses, 1 p.

Birding is generally an outdoor endeavor, but during this frigid time of year, some Vermonters may chirp with glee at the thought of bringing the hobby indoors. Ornithology enthusiasts flock to the Bliss Room to gobble up refreshments, hear stories from the field and meet live winged wonders from the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum.

Have a burning question about egg-laying vertebrates? Experts will be on hand to answer queries. Info, birdtales friendsofmissisquoi. Sunday, February 10, 4 p. Info, , scragmountainmusic. Burlington Bridge Club, Williston, a. No partners or experience required. Sangha Studio — Pine, Burlington, p. Barre Area Senior Center, 11 a.

Free; preregister. BYO mat or blanket. Kimberlee Forney Art Studio, Williston, p. Info, kimberleef msn. Sangha Studio — North, Burlington, noon-1 p. Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, p. Flynn MainStage, Burlington, p. Godnick Adult Center, Rutland, p. House Chamber, Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier, p. Johnsbury Athenaeum, p. Brownell Library, Essex Junction, p. KelloggHubbard Library, Montpelier, noon-1 p. Ilsley Public Library, Middlebury, p. Bolton Valley Resort, 9 a. Lawrence Memorial Library, Bristol, p.

Free; preregister at meetup. Free; for ages 18 and up. See calendar spotlight. Saint Albans Museum, St. Albans, p. Essex Free Library, p. Info, lllessexvt gmail. A drink ticket awaits each rider at Zero Gravity Craft Brewery. Old Spokes Home, Burlington, p.

Info, christine. Sugarbush Resort, Warren, 7 p. Palace 9 Cinemas, South Burlington, 7 p. Cost of food and drink; preregister. Barre Area Senior Center, a. Champlain Senior Center, Burlington, a. Tea and a discussion follow. Winooski Senior Center, p. Folks may also stay for dinner. Zenbarn, Waterbury, p. Info, greg pridecentervt.

Find club dates in the music section. Champlain College Art Gallery, Burlington, p. Participants delve into this and other questions during a discussion of world affairs. Email for more info before attending. Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, a. Info, ryohad comcast. Joseph, Rutland, p. Info, producer actorsrepvt.

Turning Point Center, Burlington, p. Shelburne Vineyard, p. Free; donations for photos. Bradford Public Library, 4 p. Zen Gardens, South Burlington, noon. Cost of food. Fairfax Community Library, p. Phoenix Books, Rutland. Phoenix Books, Essex. Phoenix Books, Burlington. Trinity Episcopal Church, Shelburne, 6 p. Info, humanities email. Sherlock Holmes: The True Story.

Essex Free Library, noon-1 p. Middlebury Regional EMS, 9 a. Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, 10 a. Williston Jazzercise Fitness Center, p. Christ Episcopal Church, Montpelier, p. Info, fearnessence gmail. North End Studio A, Burlington, beginners session, p. Moretown Town Hall, p. Enter through the side door. Laboratory B, Burlington, p. See hop. Hazen Union School, Hardwick, p. Info, kfreedy ossu. Yoga Roots, Williston, p. Beaulieu Place, Berlin, a. Check our Facebook ica ica t or our ebsite ica ica us or ore etails ain treet in t.

Costumes encouraged. All ages. University of Vermont Recital Hall, Burlington, p. First Congregational Church, Lebanon, N. Phoenix Books Burlington events are ticketed unless otherwise indicated. Ticket proceeds go to Vermont Foodbank. Williston Old Brick Church, p. Snow Farm Vineyard, South Hero, wine service begins, 5 p. Dorothy Alling Memorial Library, Williston, 11 a. Burlington, VT www.

Strand Center Theatre, Plattsburgh, N. Burlington, a. Snacks are free and drinks are for sale. Fairfax Community Library, a. Bring clean, softsoled shoes. Cornwall Town Hall, p. Bring clean shoes with nonmarking soles. Champlain Club, Burlington, beginner lesson, p. Info, contact vermontswings. Winooski Ave. Presto Music Store, South Burlington, 10 a. First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, p. Info, herbschr gmail. Georgia Mountain Maples, Milton, p.

Shelburne Farms, 9 a. DJs, food samples and party games top off the fun. DoubleTree by Hilton, South Burlington, noon-4 p. Sterling College, Craftsbury Common, 10 a. Filmmaker and tour guide Jay Craven outlines a specially curated travel opportunity scheduled for this fall.

Middlebury Inn, a. Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, a. Grand Isle School, p. NU Chocolat, Burlington, 10 a. American Legion Post 59, Waterbury, a. Kennedy Brothers Building, Vergennes, 9 a. Pizza is provided. Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Burlington, p. Donations; BYOB. Paramount Theatre, Rutland, 7 p. Community Center, Burlington, noon-1 p. Hot Yoga Burlington, noon-1 p. Free; preregister to participate.

Info, brookequillen yahoo. See vermontgrapeandwinecouncil. Various locations statewide, noon-5 p. Free; additional cost for some activities. Info, vermontgrapeandwine council. Fairfax Community Library, 10 a. Free; donations for refreshments. Burnham Hall, Lincoln, p. Info, info vtmahler. Vergennes Opera House, p. Brandon Music, p. Music Box, Craftsbury, p. North Common Arts, Chelsea, p.

College Street Congregational Church, Burlington, p. Info, director solarisensemble. Contact trip leader for details. Free; preregister; limited space. Info, ted ted-albers. Growing Micro-Greens Saturday, Feb. Jay Peak Resort, a. Info, cricketwilbur gmail. Soil Saturday, Feb. Low Maintenance Gardens Saturday, Mar. FlynnSpace, Burlington, 8 p. Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph. Free; preregister for a time slot. Scott Berg. Canadian Club, Barre, 8 a. Info, newleafsangha gmail.

Spotlight Vermont, South Burlington, 11 a. Info, katie balletvermont. Shelburne Town Hall, p. Next Stage Arts Project, Putney, 7 p. A Single Pebble, Burlington, 6 p. Pride Center of Vermont, Burlington, noon-2 p. United Church of Westford, p.

Hinesburg Town Hall, p. Cabot Town Hall, 4 p. BYO uke. Info, jillghiker gmail. Dorothy Alling Memorial Library, Williston, 2 p. See valleyplayers. Plattsburgh State Fieldhouse, N. American Legion, Post 91, Colchester, p. A discussion follows. Aldrich Public Library, Barre, p. Deli , Burlington, 7 p.

Energy Systems Super Technology '.

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