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What was found there comes from the Younger Paleolithic Age and is around 35, to 9, years old. The most important find is a stick with which the Stone Age people carved notches in wood or bones. Sharp-edged or pointed flint stones were glued into the slots of the javelins or knife handles prepared in this way using tar made from birch pitch. The view was also popular in the Neolithic Age ; a well-preserved stone ax from this time was found during the potato harvest in The oldest person found in the Reicholzheim district so far was on the Dostmann company premises on the left side of the Tauberside below the train station.

The skeleton is said to be 4, years old, it had no additions with it and therefore there is no reliable information about its fate. They were 45 and 68 cm high and can be viewed today in the Tauberbischofsheimer Heimatmuseum. From onwards, when plowing a field on the Mainleite, potsherds from the urn field era were repeatedly found.

So the State Monuments Office carried out an excavation and actually identified another settlement site. Remnants of coarse pots, bowls and storage vessels were found, as well as thin-walled ceramics decorated with grooves and grooves. A rotating pottery wheel must have been used to make such fine pottery. Several cups with handles, various mugs and smaller bowls are evidence of early food culture. The clay weights and clay rings, which were used as weaving weights in the manufacture of fabrics and clothes, also prove that real everyday life took place at the heights.

Only the front fragment of a knife blade and part of a needle have been found from the metal, bronze, which was typical at the time. Reicholzheim was first mentioned in as Richolfsheim. Reicholzheim is probably older, as old excavations were found in a new house, which probably date from the 5th century. Reicholzheim received the place name either from the knight Richolt or from the Archbishop of Mainz Richulf term of office: AD.

It is believed that viticulture began in Reicholzheim am Satzenberg in the 8th century. The fortified church of Reicholzheim has existed in the village since at least In the 12th century, the county village was subordinate to the Count of Wertheim, after the founding of the Bronnbach monastery in , Reicholzheim is mentioned as a monastery village. He only reserved the sovereignty for himself.

Through the sale of the street court in , the last right of the Count of Wertheim passed to the Bronnbach monastery, so that Reicholzheim was fully subordinate to the monastery. In the stone crosses above Reicholzheim were mentioned for the first time, which at that time must have stood there for a while.

As a result of the Reformation in , Reicholzheim returned to the possession of the Count in Wertheim for years, and during this time the Reicholzheimers had to change their denomination from Catholic to Protestant and vice versa seven times. The secular administrative offices of the monastery were housed in Reicholzheim. Viticulture played a decisive role for Reicholzheim from the 16th century. This was mainly due to the Bronnbach monks, who influenced the culture of the village in religious and spiritual terms.

The monastery mainly promoted viticulture and agriculture in Reicholzheim. In the church of St. George was completed and the old fortified church was demolished. In the wayside shrine was placed on the stone crosses. The village center of Reicholzheim is close to the Tauber. This means that severe floods continue to occur today. These can be read from the historical flood levels in the town center.

In , a severe flood on September 29th is documented. The water is said to have reached the lower village in half an hour at night. Only by vigilant citizens of the village who woke up the other residents has worse been prevented. There was also severe damage to the bridges along the Tauber.

The old Reicholzheim Tauber Bridge was destroyed as a result and there was only one ford until In seven Reicholzheimers stormed the Bronnbacher Rentamt and demanded the peasants' liberation with rifles. They were sent to a prison but were later pardoned. With the construction of the Lauda — Wertheim railway line, opened in , the important infrastructural connection of Reicholzheim was created, which brought about the settlement of what is now part of the village on the left of the Tauber. After the First World War, various industrial and commercial enterprises and a larger housing estate developed there.

The new Trinity Chapel was inaugurated in Around there were inhabitants with Bronnbach. In , Bronnbach was politically separated from Reicholzheim by resolution of the Baden state parliament and incorporated into Reicholzheim in In , 1 year before the Nazi era , the war memorial was erected.

At the end of the 20th century, the bypass road was built with the support of the mayor Rolf Sommer to reduce traffic and noise in the old town along the Tauber. The rose garden near the Tauber had to be removed as a result. Blazon : a golden fountain in red with two bowls from which silver water flows. George killing a dragon. In addition, Reicholzheim had a color stamp with the letter R in the crowned shield until At the suggestion of the General State Archives and in memory of the former affiliation to Bronnbach Abbey, the municipal council adopted the present coat of arms on September 9, At the beginning of it was decided to build a new gymnasium and festival hall on the right of the Tauber.

This was demolished and rebuilt in At the same time, a small hall was built next to the main hall at the request of the clubs in Reicholzheim. This was christened Asbachhalle by the villagers. The kindergarten received a further extension, and numerous streets were renovated by Some of them also received stumbling blocks. An LTE connection has also been available since The population development in Reicholzheim is analogous to the development of the entire large district town of Wertheim: Since there has been a steady decline in population.

In Reicholzheim the number of inhabitants has decreased from 1, in to 1, in The average age in Reicholzheim is currently 45 years. The younger age groups are correspondingly underrepresented. In about 20 years, Reicholzheim is expected to become significantly older. Most of the 40 to year-olds today will then be of retirement age; the high number of this age group is not compensated for by a corresponding number of younger residents.

This development corresponds to the general development of the age structure for rural areas in Germany. The former mayors were recorded in the monastery archives today Bronnbach State Archives. These were included in a joint list of the mayors of Reicholzheim from to The Bronnbach monastery, which had ownership claims to the village of Reicholzheim, was given a mayor who was chosen by the monastery priests until , and in Reicholzheim the parish had a specially chosen mayor.

The mayor of Bronnbach Abbey was the highest judge of the lower jurisdiction for disputes and violations of the law by the residents of Reicholzheim. The stone cross nest in Reicholzheim is the largest collection of stone cross nests in southern Germany with 14 stone crosses made of sandstone, which are embedded in a red sandstone retaining wall.

The crosses are on the old high path between Reicholzheim and Bronnbach. A stone monument with a sickle is marked above Reicholzheim. This memorial is intended as a reminder that one does not have to work on a public holiday. But one woman still wanted to finish this work. The other Reicholzheimers told her that they were not allowed to work on a public holiday. Then the woman went on and stumbled into the sickle and died. This stone monument was erected in honor of this event.

That is supposed to move to the same place again and again, even if the stone should be moved. Since then, the field has been known as Sichelesacker. During renovation work on the Church of St. George, 3 skeletons were found whose arms were next to the body. The dead were not buried with their hands folded on their chests, and experts conclude that they must have died before A large grave slab was also found without any inscription, which must be just as old. The Reicholzheim church was the mother church for all surrounding villages.

Only when it became too difficult for the people to go a kilometer-long march on Sundays after busy working days to receive Holy Communion did they build their own churches in their surrounding villages. The Reicholzheim church was smaller at the time, the tower was not that high and it was a fortified church. In the event of danger, the Reicholzheimers could take refuge in their enclosure walls, lock the gate and were safe.

That was very necessary because the Middle Ages were an extremely uncertain time for the Reicholzheimers. First they belonged to the Count of Wertheim. They then handed them over to the Bronnbach Monastery and so the parent parish became a subordinate branch. The Bronnbach Monastery was the landlord of the Reicholzheim community for centuries. During this time everyone quarreled with everyone else, the Wertheim counts with the Bronnbach abbots, the Reicholzheim farmers and the Mainz bishops.

It was always about responsibilities, possessions and power. In the 16th century the balance of power shifted in favor of the Counts of Wertheim. These introduced the Reformation. Between and they had to change their religion 6 times. The Augsburg Religious Peace was based on the principle: " Cuiuz regio eius religio ".

This meant that his subjects had to accept the religion of the landlords and if they did not want that, they had to emigrate. Only in did calm return. Reicholzheim was finally assigned to the Bronnbach monastery, the inhabitants became Catholic again. Now their church had become too small and probably no one wanted to be reminded of the turbulent past and so the Bronnbach abbot had the church rebuilt.

The church of St. Georg was probably built after the fortified church of the original parish Reicholzheim from the 11th century was demolished. At this point the shell of the church was completed. The planned magnificent building could not be realized because the funds of the Bronnbach monastery were insufficient. The floor plan of the church is Some localities or districts also have separate residential spaces with their own names, some of which have very few residents.

These are the places:. Reinhardshof only came into being in the mids, when the civilian district of Reinhardshof was relocated from the Peden Barracks, which had been used for military purposes until then , after the US Army had withdrawn. Wertheim forms a middle center within the Heilbronn-Franconia region , in which Heilbronn is designated as a regional center. There are three landscape and three nature reserves in Wertheim :.

There are also eight water protection areas in the Wertheim district. According to data from the State Statistical Office , as of On the Wettenburg , a hill in the Main loop near Urphar east of Wertheim, people already settled in the time of the Michelsberg culture and the urn field culture. Wertheim was probably in the 8.

Founded Century. From the early 12th century a branch of the noble family of Reginbodonen named itself after Wertheim. After they, as Counts of Wertheim , built a castle Burg Wertheim to the left of the Main, on the right bank of the Tauber estuary, a new settlement developed below this dominant fortification, which was also named Wertheim. From to the city was ruled by Count Eberhard von Wertheim.

Under his aegis, Wertheim received the coin rack in a document in because, according to the document, he supported Emperor Charles IV with "constant trewe and fast service The Emperor returned the county to the Count as a fief of the Bohemian Empire. This bondage to Bohemia made the Wertheim counts confidants of the monarchy. He married the eldest daughter of Count Ludwig zu Stolberg , Katharina. Since no male descendant emerged from this marriage, the noble family died out and Ludwig zu Stolberg came into the possession of the Grafschaft Wertheim.

This unity was lost after the death of Dietrich von Manderscheid in through Elisabeth's second marriage to the Catholic Wilhelm von Krichingen , as he was not together with Ludwig III. After the death of Countess Katharina von Eberstein, von Krichingen moved his residence to Remlingen, from where the feud began. The bishop had Wertheim besieged and individual villages plundered. Five citizens were injured, some seriously. A complaint from Wertheim contains the comment " Maior minoris esca " The big one eats the little one.

The county of Wertheim did not accept the loss of the offices and filed lawsuits against it in the 18th century, but they were unsuccessful. This principality existed until and was then mediatized with the Rhine Federation Act. The city of Wertheim and with it the surrounding area to the left of the Main were annexed to the Grand Duchy of Baden , the areas to the right of the Main initially went to the state of the Prince Primate von Dalberg and the later Grand Duchy of Frankfurt and, after its dissolution in , to the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Wertheim became the seat of various administrative districts City Office, First and Second Land Office , which merged in to form the Wertheim District Office see Baden's administrative structure. In , Count Eberhard von Wertheim was granted the right to mint coins and make financial profits from them. Under Count Ludwig von Stolberg, coinage was resumed until his death in Its heirs, as the community government, again minted coins for five years around The mint was again not used during the Thirty Years' War and the time thereafter.

Subsequently, both Eucharius Casimir, who belonged to the Virneburg line , and Maximilian Karl, who belonged to the rival Rochefort line , minted coins again. The latter wanted to divide the county under both lines for administrative reasons.

A coin stamp from that period shows as an allegory a symbol juxtaposed with a strong fruit tree, which is thriving by two workers, and a second, which is depicted without fruit and threatens to be pulled in half by force. From to - both had already died at that time - coinage in Wertheim was suspended again until it was revived by Count Johann Ludwig Vollrath and Prince Karl Thomas until the end of the county in The stately mint was initially in the Wertheim Castle, then in the later court and finally in the old town building, which still bears the name Old Mint today.

In the 16th century the street on the coin was called Schulzengasse. On February Wertheim experienced the highest flood in its history to date. Between December 10 and 20, the Main froze over in various places, including in Eichel. After Christmas, rain and lots of snow alternated. When the Tauber Bridge was flooded, many residents fled to the right side of the Taubers. The Tauber Bridge collapsed on the afternoon of February 27; the water continued to rise the following night, so that it was not possible to get through either at the Main Gate or the Bridge Gate.

The only way to get into town by boat was through the Eicheltor. The level reached a level of 8. This extreme flood was probably related to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki , which led to massive storms across Europe. The bread for the poor was subsidized by the city treasury in Wertheim, and for some it was given out free of charge. There was also a municipal soup establishment. On March 2, , on the occasion of the newly acquired rights such as freedom of the press, jury courts and armament, which had been granted by the Grand Duke, a pageant through the city.

On April 4th, Wertheim residents put a black, red and gold flag on the top of the tower. It was donated with voluntary contributions and was greeted with shots of joy. In the election of the electors for the National Assembly on April 13th, the representatives of a constitutional monarchy prevailed in Wertheim. On April 1st, shortly after the law on the establishment of vigilante groups, a vigilante group was set up in Wertheim.

This was reallocated in June and comprised men on foot and 20 on horseback. Initially, the vigilante could only exercise because there was still a lack of weapons, because these had to be procured at the expense of the citizens. In Wertheim people were critical of Hecker's republican goals , a circumstance that was particularly valid in the meetings for the election of electors for the National Assembly.

In the autumn of associations were formed with the aim of shaping political life. In September the workers' education association was brought into being, later, on October 27th, the people's association in the Gasthaus Ochsen, which at the time was nicknamed "riot box" because of the violent change of opinion there.

On September 30, they asked him on behalf of 19 parishes in the former county of Wertheim to waive some old taxes. You get nothing. When Robert Blum died on November 9th, the editorial staff of the Main- und Tauberboten accepted donations for his bereaved families. The Democrats organized a memorial service on November 15th. A little later, in February , their opponents founded the Patriotic Association, but they were unable to outstrip the Volksverein, as it was popular because of the dispute over the imperial constitution.

On May 20, , the Patriotic Association organized a large popular assembly on the market square, to which, according to press reports at the time, 9, to 10, people are said to have gathered. Despite the absence of almost all the speakers announced, it was decided to recognize the provisional government in Baden, to which the army had also passed, and to support the Bavarian Franks in their fight for the imperial constitution.

He printed from to June the Main and Tauber messengers, the predecessor of today Wertheimer Zeitung , and also the Mauth sermon of Ludwig Borne. In May , after calls from the People's Association, the Gymnastics Association and the Workers' Association, a volunteer corps was founded. On June 23 and 24, there were tumults when the first contingent of the People's Army was supposed to move to Tauberbischofsheim to suppress counter-revolutionary efforts there. Two members of the Fatherland Association tried to prevent this and pointed out that the Prussians were on the march.

This action led to her arrest. September after three months the longest imprisonment came to an end. The board of the workers' association, Ernst Weimar, was also able to escape. Other punishments such as city arrest, fines and penal sentences were also imposed.

The infantry that followed this unit left a baptismal font with a canopy in the church of St. Venatius, made in neo-Gothic style. This first drinking water supply was ceremoniously put into operation on May 17, In the water pipes to the individual houses were continued. February Wertheim was surprised by a flood that was particularly violent and entered the city chronicle as the second highest of the 20th century. In addition to the already existing snow masses, more was added on February 1, so that even non-residents traveled by train with their sledges to toboggan in Wertheim.

When the temperature suddenly rose to seven to nine degrees due to a change in weather, the snow thawed. On 4 February, the reported Wertheimer Zeitung , that the defrost water "almost causing floods" ran through the streets. On February 5th, the Tauber floods, which resembled a lake until Bad Mergentheim , entered the city. In the evening, the Tauber Bridge was loaded with rails to prevent it from being washed away.

On Saturday, however, the level of the Tauber fell surprisingly again, but the Main carried more and more water into the city. On Sunday, February 7th, individual streets were then two to three meters under water. The main level was almost seven meters, and inner-city traffic was mostly handled by barges and ships. Onlookers also came by train from the higher villages around to see the flood. The newspaper reported, among other things, damage to quarry owners whose huts had been torn away.

It is true that the state commissioner came from Mannheim to get an overview of the damage; however, there were numerous complaints that the government was not offering any assistance to the victims. One house had to be demolished after the flood; the clean-up work could not be completed until the beginning of March, as severe frost had prevailed up until then.

On March 31, , a plan for a memorial was presented in the Wertheimer Zeitung , which was to be called "Reichstreue am Main". A three-arched hall of honor was envisaged, which was to be surmounted by a massive tower and thus could also have served as a lookout point - the latter in particular due to its location on today's Wartberg.

The point was intended to be m above sea level. The population was called upon in leaflets to cooperate among other things via the " Voluntary Labor Service " and to donate money. On July 12, , the municipality bought the required building site and construction work began, but did not progress very far, as most of the labor service workers logged off by the end of November and construction apparently stopped after that.

After the National Socialists came to power, the funds collected up to then were probably used for the Kreuzwertheim memorial on the Kaffelstein. Sources: Ellen Scheurich: Rise and seizure of power of National Socialism in Wertheim am Main, Wertheim as well as figures from the official announcements in the corresponding annual volumes of the Tauber-Zeitung and the Tauber- and Frankenbote as well as information from the State Statistical Office.

At the beginning of the Nazi era , the long-time mayor Hans Bardon was ousted from office in March An official medical certificate was used as the occasion, in which he was certified incapacity for work. After three unsuccessful attempts by opening criminal proceedings, the NS municipal council achieved their goal of changing mayor.

The impeachment of Bardon was preceded by a nervous breakdown in the summer of , which Bardon probably suffered as a result of the aggressive behavior of the NSDAP local council group. As a result, he had to interrupt his work several times, but this did not lead to any improvement in his condition. Bardon also led violent arguments with the representatives of the NSDAP when they demanded "to hoist the swastika flag in a prominent place" on the occasion of the Reichstag election.

Two days before the election, this application was rejected in the municipal council with seven against five votes. The demand for Hitler to be granted honorary citizenship in Wertheim was postponed until after the election. Bardon was asked to disregard the municipal council decision and to flag the town hall for March 4th and 5th, as this was in the "interest of peace and order", otherwise there was threat of "unpleasant demonstrations".

Bardon did not comply with the wish for the flag to be displayed; the threatened demonstrations did not take place. Thereupon Bardon requested his retirement on March 20, , which was approved by the local council three days later. A request by the NSDAP to only pay Bardon the remuneration that he was entitled to according to the guidelines of the municipal pay regulations from April 1, without taking into account a higher classification and an expense allowance, was accepted with six to two votes with one abstention.

At the request of the NSDAP, only Hitler was originally supposed to become an honorary citizen, but at the municipal council meeting on March 3, , von Hindenburg was also added to this demand by the other members. There was no vote. On December 7, , honorary citizenship for Hitler and von Hindenburg was declared null and void by a resolution of the local council.

In the Wertheim district office was abolished, Wertheim came to the Tauberbischofsheim district office , which was renamed the Tauberbischofsheim district in In Wertheim received a military airfield on the Reinhardshof and became a garrison town. In it it was announced that at the request of the SA the closing of all Jewish shops at 2 a.

The shops were allowed to reopen two hours after this action, as Interior Minister Frick had banned individual actions. In the ad, the Wertheim Jews were also accused of supporting the communist march of the Iron Front by donating money. The latter were removed along with the advertising after the Michaelmas Mass on October 8, This decision was reaffirmed by the Minister of the Interior on June 21, and May 8, by circular letters to district offices, police headquarters and police headquarters.

In a letter dated July 12, , it requested the pastor to be transferred. Should I be a coward! In a further letter, dated December 3, , the Archbishop's Ordinariate, however, withdrew from this request. Attached to the letter was a letter from the Catholic Board of Trustees in which full confidence was expressed in the city pastor. His loyalty to the government was also shown. It is reported about him as follows:.

One sees him all too often standing with the poor Wertheimer crooks of the Jewish race. Held muttered and Pastor Bear smiled! In response to this, the other students would have said, 'Ugh! But we say to the Wertheimer youth: 'You are right if you defend yourself against such Jewish pastors! The Karlsruhe Hitler Youth called this incident in a letter of August 12, to the Archbishop's Ordinariate in Freiburg, a case of racial uncleanliness.

In April of the same year he also had to defend himself against accusations that he had violated the national community by purchasing an excessive amount of herrings. From to Wertheim was the seat of the District Rabbinate Wertheim , after which it was co-administered by the District Rabbinate Mosbach.

In the number of Jewish residents was Until there were numerous commercial and industrial enterprises that belonged to Jewish owners. As a result of the Nazi persecution and murder of Jews, 35 of the Jewish citizens still living in Wertheim in were killed; 29 had emigrated by In the late summer of , the Jewish community under its last chairman, Sigmund Cahn, sold the synagogue building to the city.

That is why it was not burned down a few days later during the November pogrom , but the interior was devastated. The city set up a carpentry shop and warehouse in the building; it was demolished in February to widen the right-hand Tauberstrasse. At the time of the Reichspogromnacht , only 45 Jewish residents lived in Wertheim. From there they were taken to death camps in the east in Four of the Wertheimers survived the war. So-called stumbling blocks were placed in front of the former homes of the deportees , as well as in front of some of the former homes of the 37 euthanasia victims in Wertheim see also Action T4.

A memorial plaque on the city wall between Gerbergasse 18 and the Spitzen Turm has been a reminder of the deportations since In , on the initiative of the Pro Wertheim Citizens' Association, the Neuplatz memorial site was set up to commemorate the former Jewish fellow citizens.

There are several information boards on the history of the synagogue, mikveh and deportation. A mikveh is an immersion bath used to cleanse before religious acts or festivities. The bathhouse in Wertheim, first mentioned in a document in , was located in today's new location. Demolished in , the underground bath was determined in an archaeological excavation in in outline and with stairs and marked in the newly laid pavement of the square.

A symbolic shadow cast by the synagogue, which was demolished in , is also embedded in the flooring of the Neuplatz as a black plaster contour. Street signs "formerly Judengasse" mark the former Jewish quarter behind the pointed tower. In January Wertheim was to be bombed in a British air raid; however, due to the weather, the planes had to turn away.

However, on the Easter weekend of the same year, the city was confronted directly with the war. On March 24 at around 4 a. On the following Palm Sunday, the first American low-level planes flew over the city and thus disrupted an event by the Hitler Youth under NSDAP district leader Hermann Schmitt, who warned the audience with the words "Ladies and gentlemen, step back into the streets" as a precaution prompted. The flyover of enemy planes continued the next day.

On Tuesday, March 27th, the high school for boys, the former grammar school , was closed due to the war and an army command post was set up there. While the nearby Nassig was attacked by the Americans on March 30, there was a tank alarm in Wertheim in the early evening. At around 11 p. Between 3 and 4 a. The shelling of the city remained only sporadic on Saturday; In the afternoon there was a call to defend the city. On Sunday, April 1, , an attempt was made to assemble the Volkssturm to defend the city.

In the early afternoon of that day, the road bridge over the Tauber was supposed to be blown up by a demolition squad. However, it was only possible to tear a hole about two meters in size in the bridge so that traffic could continue to pass, while the tanks of the US Army had already advanced to the Wartberg and fired over the city in the direction of the Main Valley.

The fire brigade was able to limit the damage caused by a fire bomb hit to the affected building. Thereupon Anton Dinkel and Heinrich Herz asked the mayor to immediately hoist the white flag on the keep of the castle, which also happened after a discussion and the departure of the mayor at p.

A memorial plaque was placed inside the castle in to honor the efforts of spelled and hearts. The admission of many refugees led to a housing shortage in Wertheim shortly after the Second World War. To counteract this, the construction of the "glassworks settlement" began in in the neighborhood of the new glass industry in Wertheimder's district of Besteheid ; At the beginning of approx.

In the mids, the construction company Neue Heimat built a satellite town with around 1, residential units. The new district was built on the Wartberg below the former air base and, in addition to the striking high-rise buildings, also includes row houses, multi-storey blocks and row bungalows. The primary school and the ecumenical church center were also established at that time. After Mayor Scheuermann had given the promise for a youth house in , which was not redeemed, there was a squatting by young people in Wertheim in , who wanted to emphasize the desire for their own youth house, although it was clear from the start that the house was occupied had to give way to road construction.

After that, commitments were repeated until with no result, after which there was another squatting that year. The action was preceded by a signature collection with 2, signatures, a symbolic building of the wall and several general assemblies, and a solidarity demonstration also took place. The occupation ended three days later with an eviction by the police and the demolition of the house.

The alternative offered by the city afterwards was rejected by the young people because the rooms were too small and the house was dilapidated. The occupiers followed the city's request to vacate the house by March 24, at 10 p. The building was occupied again in April. March ] there was a fire in the youth center. From a total of 15 surrounding communities were incorporated into Wertheim.

During the district reform of January 1, , the Tauberbischofsheim district was incorporated into the newly formed Main-Tauber district , which was also assigned to the newly established Franconia region today Heilbronn-Franken within the newly circumscribed Stuttgart district. With this last incorporation, the population of the city of Wertheim exceeded the 20, mark.

Population figures according to the respective area. The archive of the city of Wertheim was brought into the Main-Tauber archive network as one of three sub- archives. The archive network was set up in in the former hospital of the Bronnbach monastery under the auspices of the Wertheim State Archive, which was founded in Soon afterwards, the Wertheim City Archives were added as a second archive, almost ten years before the archive network was founded.

The Wertheim dialect, which is only spoken in a very small area, belongs to the deaf-green dialect. This is attributed to the East Franconian language area. In , one year after Luther published his theses on the sale of indulgences, Count Georg had a script posted at the St. He took office in July. From , the Reformation, according to the Lutheran confession, gradually took hold in the city and was finally completed in After that, Wertheim was a Protestant city for many centuries.

No other denominations besides the Lutherans were allowed. The associated church district today includes all parishes in the city of Wertheim. The main church is the collegiate church. A second pastor's post was set up there after the Reformation, which was transferred to the Martin Luther Church in Besteheid in A third pastorate was combined with Waldenhausen in In an ecumenical community center was established in the Wartberg district, from where the Germany-wide Bible Week began in the spring of The Romanesque fortified church of St.

Jakob is in the Urphar district. Wertheim belonged with its medieval Marienkirche since the introduction of the Reformation ev. However, due to the provisions of the Peace of Westphalia , they had to leave the city again in The Capuchins celebrated masses and the Liturgy of the Hours in the choir of the collegiate church that became Protestant through the Reformation until the 19th century.

The brothers were each sent to Wertheim for about three years by their convents. With the death of the last president Venantius Arnold in , the Capuchin hospice in Wertheim went out. Father Venantius Arnold — worked for over 35 years as court chaplain and Catholic parish priest in Wertheim. Building his own church was very important to him. All Catholic parishes in the city of Wertheim belong to the pastoral care unit Wertheim in the deanery Tauberbischofsheim of the Archdiocese of Freiburg.

Apart from the two large churches, there are also free churches and other parishes in Wertheim. In addition to the free Jesus church, there is also a meeting place for the local Baptist church and a free evangelical church.

The Jewish community in Wertheim was one of the oldest Jewish communities in the Baden region. For the first time between and Jews were documented in the city. In the Wertheim District Rabbinate was established. It was one of 15 district rabbinates , also known as the district synagogue. From to the seat of the rabbinate was in Tauberbischofsheim.

A former factory building near the Main-Tauber-Stadium served the Wertheim Muslims as a mosque for several years from As early as the s, the growing glass industry in Wertheim was recruiting new workers from Turkey. The city became home to many of these guest workers, and with them the Muslim community of Wertheim grew.

After lengthy negotiations with the city of Wertheim and some disputes with citizens' groups and residents, the construction and site plans for a new mosque changed several times. The council has since the local elections in 22 honorary members 26 , who are elected for five years.

The municipal councils use the designation city council. In addition, the mayor is the municipal council chairman with voting rights. The local elections led to the following result in brackets: difference to :. Today, the mayor is elected for eight years by the eligible population. In his function he is the head of the city administration and chairman of the municipal council and various committees and supervisory boards.

His term of office began on May 1, In July , the local council decided to connect Wertheim to the Lake Constance water supply, as its own springs in the Aalbach valley had too high a nitrate load. In future, the old springs should only contribute a third to the water supply and should be mixed with the Lake Constance water to reduce the nitrate content.

A citizens' initiative was formed against this decision, which primarily wanted to see the existing wells renovated with the necessary money and therefore initiated a referendum which resulted in a referendum in May In a public meeting on July 31, , the municipal council determined the inadmissibility of the referendum on the basis of false statements in the grounds; there was also no mandatory cost recovery proposal. The group of initiators then lodged an objection and submitted an urgent application to the Stuttgart Administrative Court for an interim order.

This was rejected in February In plans were made to build a megawatt gas turbine power plant in Besteheid. The investment volume should be around million euros and the construction should create around 30 jobs. Thereupon the municipal council canceled the option contract. On July 21, the Wertheim municipal council decided to build an inclined elevator to the castle. This should run from the rose garden at the town hall on a m long route with supporting pillars and allow barrier-free access to the castle.

An operating company should be founded specifically for construction and maintenance. Thereupon the local council overturned its own resolution with 24 to one vote. At the time of reunification there were efforts to establish a town twinning with Ilmenau in Thuringia. However, these failed. Otherwise, only state and district roads lead through the urban area.

The Main is spanned by two road bridges near Wertheim, the Spessart Bridge to the west and the Main Bridge Wertheim , which was opened to traffic for the first time in Until October 1, , stagecoaches and horse-drawn buses also ran between Wertheim and Stadtprozelten. The Wertheim train station was opened in The tariffs of the Rhein-Neckar transport association apply.

Due to its location on the Main and Tauber, ship traffic has always been important in Wertheim. The first documented mentions of a ship's and fishermen's guild can be found as early as Wine, grain and cloth were shipped down the river towards Frankfurt; however, there was already a highly developed passenger shipping system back then.

On the way back, the ships were loaded with goods from Frankfurt and were treadled by horses. The transition from sailing to steamers was formed in the 19th century by the chain towing ships , called Maakuh Mainkuh in Wertheim and the surrounding area because of their steam whistle signal.

The chain shipping was stopped in July ; the chain was lifted in At the beginning of the 20th century there was also a ferry service across the Main near Besteheid; the price for a crossing in was 20 pfennigs. Due to the expansion of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in the early s, river cruise ships have increasingly moored in Wertheim in recent years. At that time there were around 60 ships a year; this number has increased to The mouth of the Tauber offered itself as a natural harbor in Wertheim.

In the second half of the 19th century a winter harbor was built there, which could then be used by ships when shipping traffic on the Main was idle due to the ice drift. The Tauberhafen was replaced by the Mainhafen in the s. In there was a record handling of 20, tons of goods by 65 ships. Before the Main Harbor went into operation, there was a siding at Wertheimer Tauberhafen via a ramp connecting track at the northeastern station area.

The Mainhafen Wertheim was completed in October Between and , the city received a military airfield with the Wertheim air base on Reinhardshof. With the Wertheim airfield located two kilometers southwest of Wertheim, the city now has a special ultralight landing field. In Wertheim, the daily newspaper " Wertheimer Zeitung " appears, a local edition of the Aschaffenburg-based " Main-Echo ". At the time of the county and the Grand Duchy of Baden, Wertheim was the seat of the following offices: Stadt- und Landamt Wertheim from district office Wertheim , Main-Tauber district directorate, district construction inspection, water and road construction inspection, tax commissioner district, tax office, sub-tax office, grand ducal forest office, railway First class station office, second class post office at the same time the Reich Telegraph Institute as well as the district court and notary's office.

The latter two offices are still in Wertheim today. In Wertheim today there is a branch of the district office of the Main-Tauber district and a city library. The city is also the seat of the church district Wertheim of the Evangelical Church in Baden. At the time of the existing county, Wertheim had a city and a district court.

The latter was also called the Centgericht and, as the higher court, was responsible for crimes such as murder, theft, rape and flowing wounds and imposed body and life sentences. The subordinate city court was responsible for all citizens within the city walls. It negotiated abuse and diatribes, insults and disregard of the rules of the authorities and imposed fines and arrest sentences.

The incumbent counts decided on appeals. In addition, there were also guild courts in Wertheim, which prosecuted disputes between guild members, non-compliance with the guild rules, the immoral behavior of guild members or the absence of guild meetings, the so-called guild laws. Today Wertheim has a district court , which belongs to the district court district Mosbach, and a notary's office. The Rotkreuzklinik Wertheim also Wertheim Hospital, formerly Spital Wertheim , previously owned by the city, is now a house of basic and standard care with beds, 13 different medical specialist clinics and three competence centers in cooperation with national hospitals.

The In den Christwiesen outdoor pool is located in the Besteheid district. It has a non-swimmer pool with a slide, a swimmer pool with diving blocks and a baby paddling pool. A baby changing room is also available. The Main-Tauber-Kreis is responsible for a cross-school vocational school center , which includes the commercial, industrial and home economics school Wertheim, including a business high school and a technical high school.

The private school for work and care for the elderly of Johanniter-Unfallhilfe e. There are also plans for a university adapted to the prevailing economy in the city with a focus on export, small and medium-sized enterprises and tourism. Teaching is to begin with 50 students each in In there were eight industrial companies in Wertheim, mainly from the wood processing and mechanical engineering sectors; Among them was the Eisenwerk AG, a large company.

After the Second World War, nine other larger companies metal processing, textile and clothing industry came to Wertheim in the years to , which together employed around workers. Five glass factories from Thuringia settled on the site of the former air base on Reinhardshof , mainly from Ilmenau , which were dissatisfied with the conditions in the Soviet occupation zone. Since they needed chemical-technical hollow glass for the production and this could not be smuggled from the former location across the inner-German border in the long term, a glassworks was built, which means that other companies in the glass processing industry settled in Wertheim, including DWK Life Sciences.

The glassworks settlement with 26 buildings was built from April to October In , the glass fiber processing and the research association for technical glass were added; In that year Wertheim had 35 glass processing companies. In there were 30 with 2, employees. For a total of 8, employees were recorded who were employed in the glass industry as well as in machine and tool construction. Shortly after the war, hydrometer manufacturers, among others, settled in the district of Besteheid.

With 6, employees, Wertheim is the largest industrial location in the Main-Tauber district. It opened in In the following years the outlet center was gradually expanded. Every year around 2. The Fischer and Schiffergenossenschaft Wertheim e. Your exact age is unknown; However, the guild already owned a large guild house in , which was destroyed in the flood of along with almost the entire inventory and all files. However, the dated foundation stone has been preserved and can be viewed today in the Grafschaftsmuseum Wertheim.

The association also has fishing rights from the mouth of the Tauber to the mill weir approx. On the initiative of Otto Langguth and Pastor Georg Kappes, the historical association Alt-Wertheim former name was founded on April 25, in the restaurant "Ketten". The association set up a museum in the former court and took care of the facilities at the current location. The tasks also include the restoration and conservation of art-historically significant grave monuments from the 16th to 19th centuries in the mountain cemetery and the preservation of the historic townscape.

The association publishes a yearbook every year. The castle ruins that dominate the city, together with the remains of the once mighty fortifications, have been preserved, as well as the well-preserved building stock from the 16th to 19th centuries. Century and the historical city plan. The core town above the mouth of the Tauber still consists of medieval streets and numerous listed half-timbered houses and other art and architectural monuments. The center is a market square rising towards the church and castle.

The Protestant collegiate church is the main church in the city. Also worth seeing are the Angel Fountain and the late Gothic Kilian's Chapel from with the "Wertheim Monkey" as an allegory of vanity. The former encircling of the old town by the city wall is still clearly visible, especially clearly on the side walls that lead up to the castle. A bridge over the Tauber has already been built several times and torn away by floods; for example, a Tauber Bridge existed from to , —, —, —, — and — In the course of the construction of the Lauda — Wertheim railway line between and , major changes were made to the townscape of the Tauber district in Wertheim.

For example, the hospital was dismantled to make room for the tracks. The biggest intervention was probably the demolition of the wooden roofed Tauber Bridge in

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Ihre Geschichten sind humorvoll, blutig, dramatisch, tragisch und immer spannend bis zum Sch l uss. Verschiedenste Gastronomen, Foodtrucks und Essenskonzepte aus aller Welt bieten den Besuchern in der Wertheimer Altstadt eine Vielzahl an leckerem und kreativem Streetfood. Bitte beachten : Das Konzert muss verschoben werden. Ein neuer Termin ist in Arbeit. Bitte beachten : Das Konzert wird auf Samstag, August, verschoben.

Der britische Superstar Phil Collins ist eine lebende Legende. Seit Mitte der er-Jahre ist der musikalische Tausendsassa in mehreren Projekten weltweit erfolgreich unterwegs. True Collins begeistern mit ihrer Liebe zum Detail. Das Trio spielt diese Songs in einer eigenen, ganz auf Gitarrenmusik und Gesang reduzierten und doch authentischen Version. Dabei verzichten die Musiker bewusst auf jegliche Showelemente und ahmen Cohen auch nicht nach. Tickets unter Reservix.

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