3betting from small blind poker

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3betting from small blind poker how to trade binary options on nadex

3betting from small blind poker

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This situation passes the litmus test. Ask yourself if this player ever would limp the button. If so, then this raise represents uncommon strength for a button raise. So what hands should you 3-bet? I like to 3-bet small pocket pairs. And they are difficult to try to nurse to showdown if you miss a set. They are also okay hands to 5-bet shove with if your opponent might 4-bet bluff you—though that dynamic rarely manifests in a live no-limit game. I like to 3-bet big-medium and big-little suited hands like K-8 suited and A-3 suited.

These hands are good because the big card blocks some of the premium hands your opponent could be holding. Also, if called, they give you a chance to flop a flush draw to bluff with. They also give you a chance to hit an overcard against a medium pair. When you 3-bet preflop and then start checking and calling an ace- or king-high flop, many opponents will worry that you flopped top set. These doubts cause most players at the level to play these flop textures passively and straightforwardly against a preflop 3-bet.

I also 3-bet sometimes with suited connectors, though these hands also work well if you call. Obviously, I also 3-bet premium hands like or better and A-J and K-Q or better against these steal raises. These hands play well after a call, since they give you a good chance to flop top pair, catch your opponent with a second-best hand, and win a medium-sized pot.

Your opponent calls. Now what? First, ask yourself if the call was expected or unexpected. Do you think your opponent usually call? Or do you think he folds a lot? If you think he folds a lot, then you are up against a strong range. If this sounds weak or passive to you, remember that your opponent will frequently fold to the 3-bet.

So the preflop reraise play works successfully as a bluff by itself. When the bluff fails, at least you get a free shot to see a flop. You are still up against what is mostly a weak, steal-type range. Against many players, you can plow through the hand with flop and turn barrels. Your opponents are playing too many hands, and they may not realize exactly how many hands you are 3-betting against them.

They may be too quick to give you credit for hands like A-A or K-K—or they may give you easy credit for holding top pair on an ace- or king-high flop. So, say the flop comes K Against a player who I expected to call the preflop 3-bet, my Plan A would be to bet flop and then, if called, bet turn. The key observation is that players at this level who have pocket pairs like J-J on an A flop will typically be trying to get the pair to showdown and not turning it into a bluff.

So you can open with a check and see if he checks back. Or you can open with a half-pot flop bet. If called, you can check the turn and expect that an opponent with a pair smaller than an ace will check it back. More on that in tip 3.

MP calls. CO calls. Hero must call 2. The inherent positional disadvantage of the player in the small blind is a catalyst for difficult postflop spots. However, we can mitigate this disadvantage by using a 3-bet or fold strategy from the small blind when facing a raise. Plus, it takes the same play away from the player in the big blind.

Our 3-betting range from the small blind needs to be tight, as continuing with only strong hands drastically minimizes the difficulty of playing out of position. Trying to play a wide range of hands with a positional disadvantage is a recipe for losing sessions. Despite our disadvantageous position, it is still important to balance our small blind 3-betting range with bluffs — albeit relatively strong bluffs.

If we 3-bet strictly premium hands, our opponents can actually exploit us by over-folding against our 3-bets. The optimal 3-bet range depends on the position of the original raiser. You should 3-bet a wider range versus the later positions than you would against the earlier positions.

For example, here is a 3-betting range to use from the small blind when facing a cutoff raise from the Advanced Solver Ranges in the Upswing Lab :. Learn more about mixed strategies here. Calling ranges from the small blind are more viable in tournaments for two reasons: the introduction of antes and the smaller average open-raise sizes. In a 9-handed cash game, the standard open-raise size is usually around 3 blinds.

In tournaments, the standard open-raise size is usually 2. When facing a 2. With such great pot odds being offered to us, we can often times get away with having a calling range from the small blind in tournaments, especially when the big blind is a weak player who is unlikely to 3-bet. Have you ever had a really good, aggressive player sitting on your left?

It is an absolute nightmare, especially for blind vs blind play. Their constant flatting, floating and 3-betting makes it tough to play any marginal or speculative hands. You need to be mindful of tendencies like these for every player, particularly the one on your left, and adjust your strategy to counter them. As previously mentioned, you should avoid calling raises from the small blind. However, if you do find yourself calling and seeing a flop out of position…. It simply does not make sense from a theoretical perspective.

The player who raised or open-limped should almost always have the strongest range, because the player who called or over-limped would have put more chips into the pot preflop if they held a strong hand. Donk-bets are most commonly done by weaker players hence the name for value or protection when they have connected with the board in some way.

Due to their range disadvantage , they would usually be better off checking in order to protect the rest of their hands. Note that donk-betting from the small blind can make sense as an exploitative adjustment , but that is a complex topic and beyond the scope of this article. Just stay mindful of these 5 tips to keep that red number from getting bigger.


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